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IBD | CBS’ Dickerson Crosses The Line Into Political Advocacy

John Dickerson is the political director at CBS News. It’s an important and  prestigious position because the political director’s observations — on the air  and in internal conversations with correspondents and producers — influence how  political events, like presidential elections, are covered.

The political director at a mainstream news organization like CBS News has to  be impartial, fair and objective.

But John Dickerson has another job. This one is at the liberal on-line  magazine Slate, where his title "chief political correspondent."

In that role, he can write columns and offer opinions, which in the news  business often masquerade as "analysis." Whatever you call it, it’s not down the  middle, just the facts ma’am reporting.

The other day Dickerson wrote a piece for Slate under the catchy headline,  "Go for the Throat!" The subheadline was more explicit. It read: "Why if he  wants to transform American politics, Obama must declare war on the Republican  Party."



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