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IBD | North Korea One Example Of Obama Diplomacy’s Failure

The flare-up in North Korea is a reminder that the U.S. is no longer  effectively diffusing hostile world trends. From Pyongyang to Tehran, America  has become a hapless bystander.

‘Settling accounts with the U.S. must be done with force, not with words, as  it regards jungle law as the rule of its survival."

Obama’s foreign policy is "jungle law"? Wasn’t President Bush the  practitioner of cowboy diplomacy?

This fresh declaration from North Korea bears little resemblance to the  expected fruits of the engaged, effective diplomacy that was supposed to be  personally conducted by a charismatic president whose heart was big, but whose  brain was even bigger.

In a much-touted 2007 Foreign Affairs article, candidate Obama promised to  "develop a strong international coalition to … eliminate North Korea’s nuclear  weapons program."

In doing so, "our first measure must be sustained, direct, and aggressive  diplomacy — the kind that the Bush administration has been unable and unwilling  to use."


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