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It’s Time for Boehner to Go #FireBoehner; Enter Cantor?

Christmas is now behind us and we have entered a new year; and with this transition, we move from a holiday mindset to that of a workman.  And believe me, we have plenty of work to do.

Our first order of business, Speaker of the House, John Boehner.

A plethora of articles have been written about Boehner by many high caliber reporters, especially lately; and I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight the work of a few of them here: Specifically, Robert Costa of National Review, and Matthew Boyle and Mike Flynn from  I encourage you all to please click on their names above and read through their extensive documentation of Boehner’s actions so that you will thoroughly understand why I am calling for him to be replaced.

The crux of my case is this:  John Boehner has abandoned the Tea Party principles that ushered the GOP back into power in the House of Representatives and retreated and conceded the GOP into the laughingstock and embarrassment it now is.

Consider this:

In July 2010, he seemed to understand the force and power behind the Tea Party rebellion.  He referred to it as: "The tip of the iceberg." "We should listen to them, we should work with them, and we should walk amongst them," Boehner opined.

And yet, at almost every turn, where we’ve needed strength and resolve, we’ve gotten weakness and capitulation.

And hypocrisy.

Boehner promised to cut $100 Billion from the Federal Budget:

We will roll back government spending to pre-stimulus, pre-bailout levels, saving us at least $100 billion in the first year alone.

In the end, it was all smoke and mirrors.

And they put a checkmark next to the goal on their GOP Pledge site.  Think of it as our own little "Mission Accomplished" sign, if you will.

On the issue of Obamacare, many Republicans ran on it taking down.  Boehner has long promised to repeal it:

You’ll see a plan to repeal Obamacare and replace it with common-sense reforms that will lower health care costs instead of killing jobs and driving our country into bankruptcy.

He repeated the call for repeal after the Supreme Court decision in June:

There’s a lot of resolve amongst our colleagues, and amongst the American people, to stop a law that’s hurting our economy, driving up the cost of health care and making it more difficult for employers to hire new workers.  The American people want this bill repealed.  What they really want are common-sense steps that will empower them and their families to choose the doctor they want, at lower cost.

Then, after the election, Boehner changed his tune:

"It’s pretty clear that the president was re-elected," Boehner added. "Obamacare is the law of the land."

This of course had to be clarified:

A spokesman for Boehner said later the speaker and House Republicans "remain committed to repealing the law, and he said in the interview it would be on the table."

Of course this is true, but then it was almost always going to be the case. Because we didn’t elect Obama out of office and because the Senate is still in Reid’s hands, there is ZERO chance of repealing Obamacare outright.

And the symbolism of repeatedly repealing the law in the House of Representatives, is just that.  Symbolism.  Kind of like the symbolic, non-existent 100 Billion cut to the Federal Budget mentioned above.

But we don’t need symbolism.  We need results.

We need steel spines and passionate resolve and principled leadership.

Repeal is not the only power the legislative bodies hold.  The lower house holds the purse strings among other things but Boehner seems almost phobic against these powers and responsibilities.  Defunding various programs would be a real, tangible, non-symbolic step to making a difference.  But they don’t want the negative press and they don’t have a strategy to combat the liberal narratives.  So they hide behind symbolic gestures, signifying nothing.

Changing nothing.

Late November, Boehner insisted that Obamacare must be on the table for the so-called "fiscal cliff" negotiations:

Boehner’s newfound spine on Obamacare is undoubtedly a partial result of the backlash against his comments in the aftermath of the 2012 election that Obamacare was the “law of the land.” In the Enquirer he wrote, “With President Obama and his party still in control of most of Washington, stopping Obamacare will require both bold state leadership and vigorous oversight by members of the House of Representatives.”

And how long did that "newfound spine" last?  Just as long as his "support" for Tea Party principles:  If you blinked, you missed it.

Enter the Tea Party purge.

Enter Plan B.

Enter the Senate Fiscal Cliff deal, that Boehner supported.  Nancy Pelosi supported it too.

Or is it now a Tea Party/conservative principle to support $1 in Spending Cuts for Every $41 in Tax Increases?  cuts-ratio

Paul Ryan and other "Conservatives" want you to think so but tell me, if our leadership recognizes that the fiscal cliff is a result of the outrageous spending and resulting $16 trillion in debt, why didn’t they use every means at their disposal and then some to ensure spending was cut?  That entitlements were reformed?

And what of Obamacare, that absolutely had to be part of the fiscal cliff negotiations?  Hello…Bueller?

The list, sadly, goes on.

As the discussion shifts to the debt ceiling, gun control, green energy subsidies (which are included in the bill the House passed last night) and global warming, we must have assurance that the GOP is ready to stand firm and fight.

Perhaps there are circumstances and realities in which John Boehner would be a great Speaker of the House.

These are not those circumstances.

We need someone who can hold their ground and hold their own.

John Boehner is not that individual.

And so I call upon those serving in the House of Representatives to please take a stand for us.  Do not vote for John Boehner for Speaker of the House.

Especially now, when we appear to have a valid alternative:

 When the Washington commentariat has insisted on the need for a deal–to save the economy, to prevent default, to avoid tax hikes–Cantor has been willing, in Obama’s words, to “call my bluff.”

This article acknowledges what we already know to be true about Eric Cantor; he’s not a particularly ideological leader.

But he is a fighter.

Currently, no ideological Tea Party leaders can garner the votes to become the Speaker of the House. So, acknowledging the political realities as they are, we must play the game in order to give the opposition the best chance when fighting Obama and the left.

And that best chance right now is Eric Cantor.  At the very least, he’ll be an improvement over Boehner…not that that’s saying all that much.

So please contact your Representatives and ask them to reject John Boehner for Speaker, and to instead support Eric Cantor.

The number for the U.S. Capitol switchboard is:  (202) 224-3121. You can also go HERE and enter your zip code in the form at the top right of the screen to access your Representatives contact information.

It is time to stop cowering, retreating and capitulating.

It’s time to fight with everything we can and I believe that Eric Cantor is ready, willing and able to lead the charge.

Game on.




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  • Guest

    Sorry but Cantor is the same animal. Remember when Cantor traveled the country with Jeb Bush and Etch-a-sketch to tell us the Age of Reagan is over? Thought so.

    No sale!

    • Mary Beth House

      It’s not a matter of embracing Cantor.  As you can see in my article, I do not either.  But he is an improvement over Bendover Boehner and with that we have at least a chance to fight.  With Boehner, we go into battle entirely unarmed.

      • Argus_C4P

        Mary Beth, the Speaker doesn’t need to be and elected official. Time to ramp up the emails to your Reps and tell them you want an outsider with character. Palin would do just fine, Thanks.
        I have to agree with Mr. L, that Cantor is just the same face on another coin.

        • Mary Beth House

           I understand the constitutional standard.  My choice would obviously be Governor Palin or someone of her caliber.

          I’m talking about the political reality of who can actually garner the votes, not who we wish could garner the votes.  If we had a month or two, we could perhaps launch an intensive grassroots movement.  But we have like a day.

          • lanahi

            A month wouldn’t do it either.  It would take at least another election before we could get a conservative Speaker.

        • lanahi

          Sarah for Speaker???  C’mon, quit dreaming.  There is no way that the House will elect an outsider or a conservative, especially someone like her whose goal is to clean out the filthy swamp!  Pick your battles realistically, not expending your energies fighting windmills.

          Cantor will likely be the next Speaker and, although he isn’t any good either, voting Boehner out does put them on notice that we need someone with guts.  If this doesn’t change anything, guess we’ll have to wait for 2014 for hopefully more conservatives.  50 conservatives in a House with over 400 members just doesn’t cut it yet.  Remember, Democrats can also vote for the House Speaker, it’s not just the RINOs…we won’t end up with a conservative.  All we can hope for is maybe something a little better than Boehner.

          • Argus_C4P

            lol, It was a thought on getting someone with backbone. You’ll note I said she would do just fine, which she would, but I never really posed her as a realistic pick because the GOPe have shot the hell out of everything she has done and they are scared bone stiff of her.
            But Cantor??? He’s only a tiny step up from Boehner. They have some teaparty members that weren’t re-elected that are still in the House for a few more days. Maybe one of those could be picked, just to scare the crap out of the elitist RNC..
            I know, it’s a dream but what we have now is a nightmare. I’ve been looking for a list of elegible names to succeed Boehner other than Cantor…. pretty dismal group we have there, isn’t it?
            Nope, for all intents and purposes, I have to agree with Mary Beth House. Cantor is better than Boehner, and that’s the best I can say for him.

  • patnatasha

    the leadership has to go and that is it.

  • Isabel Matos

    Uh. Yeah. Boehner has to GO.

    And Uh. No. TO Cantor. A phony. Not trustworthy. He was part of the Fiscal Conservative Purge.

    Im not of political high caliber but I have been watching these people closely for over a year and NONE can be trusted. None. All I know is ordinary people have more common sense and instinct. Here’s what Breitbart also published (included in my article)

    As far as who to replace BOehner with I personally think (I know she backstabbed Palin) Michele Bachmann has tax attorney experience that would make her particularly good for this position. Again, her disloyalty may have ruined her chances, plus she IS ineffective in DC for whatever else reason. And another suggestion I would welcome: THE FOUR FISCAL CONSERVATIVES who were removed from the financial and budget committees mentioned in the article above.

    Great Summary, Mary Beth. I always like your posts.

    For a personal appeal to all GOP voters, my youtube clip: Boehner Has To GO!

    • Mary Beth House

       Primarily, I want Boehner out.  There is a real shortage of who I would be happy to actively support to replace him with.

      I don’t think that Bachmann can get the votes.  In fact to my reckoning, Cantor is the only one who probably can.

      The question becomes, can we live with that?  I’m not thrilled but I do think it’s a better situation than being stuck with Bendover Boehner.

      That said, if people are only willing to commit to the first part, calling their representatives urging them not to support Boehner, and don’t want to go further, that’s fine too.

      Heck, at that point, why not suggest Governor Palin?  I don’t think she could pull enough votes but you might feel better about making the suggestion…as long as the first point stands.

      Boehner must go.

      • Isabel Matos
        • Mary Beth House

          That’s fine.  I’m bringing Cantor up because it looks like that is who would replace him, whether we like it or not.

          I think he is a better option than Boehner, but I’m certainly not joining any Cantor fan clubs.  ;)

          • Isabel Matos

            So then there was never any real choice is what you are saying. He is the same as BOehner, just untested.  Same as Ryan.  Boehner is corrupt.  Cantor is not trustworthy. 

            • Mary Beth House

              I’m saying that at least with Cantor, we might get a fighter who will know who helped bring him to the dance.  That might be enough leverage to make him more open to working with us.  We don’t have that with Boehner.

              If you have a viable solid principled conservative leader who can get the votes for Speaker, I’m all Ross Perots. :D

              • Isabel Matos


                And Im saying dont get your hopes high.  They are all cut from the same cloth.  Cantor voted out the fiscal conservatives.  Why trust him? 

                • Mary Beth House

                  Well because of what I said above.  He at least has the sense to fight.  Boehner is a capitulator more often than not.

                  And we need a fighter, especially one who might have the sense to understand not to tick us off again like Boehner did. 

                  He’ll know he’d be installed in part because of us and know he’ll be Boehnered if he does all that Boehner did.

                  It’s a gamble, nothing else.  But otherwise we’ll be stuck with weepy one and watch as Obama, Pelosi and Reid rickroll him for the next few years.

                  • Isabel Matos

                    I know it!  And we’re stuck.  Really stuck between a rock and a hard place. It’s not an ideal scenario. I just feel that nothing will work until something really drastic takes place.

                    Maybe the entire lousy house of cards has to collapse completely before true change can take place. Until then we are fooling ourselves. Cantor is not a Conservative. He will prolong the problem by not really being horrible like BOehner, but eventually he will disappoint.  

                    We can do nothing more.  At  least the WOrst of the WOrst, Obama’s favorite idiot, is out, hopefully as early as tonight. 

                    That’s a small but symolic victory. More pressure needs to be exerted on every single Representative.

                    • Exgunman

                      Well, that Texas rep has suggested Newt…:>)..( Somewhat of an unreliable conservative, but better than a rino, and he is not afraid to  FIGHT, does not like obama, understand the job AND I THINK HE WOULD ACTUALLY LISTEN TO CONSERVATIVES, ?????? How does he get elected is a major question. What do you think????………………………………

                  • Budvarakbar

                    maybe he is just an "egger on-er"  – when he gets to the front of the line — will most likely cave also!

                  • lanahi

                    Cantor has some conservative stands.  He is pro-Israel, pro-gun, anti-gay marriage, pro-small business, and pro-life.  He has stood up for some of them.

        • Budvarakbar

          I am under the impression that Cantor DID NOT vote until the required number to pass (218?) had been reached.

  • NY59Giants

    If the GOP stay with Boehner, they will have a CINO (Conservative In Name Only). Cantor will be more of the same. The question is whether there are enough true Conservatives in the House and who they could nominate to become Speaker?? IMO, there is still too many moderates in the GOP for change to happen. 

  • palin45potus

    "Bendover Boehner"!!! LMAO!!

    I couldn’t have put it any better myself…at least without getting banned for stepping all over the third rail!!!

    As for Cantor, at least we know he can deliver the pizza for his pals Jeb and Mitt.  I regard him as an equal to the Oh-so-earnest Paul Ryan, who inexplicably felt the need to attend the Gala Opening of "Game Change" with all the lefties.  Too bad we never got to ask him why, or whether he has seen "The Undefeated".

    Keep firing away, MB!!

    (BTW- As you and I more or less shared the opinion that we had to hold our noses and vote for Mitt, especially after Sarah gave her thumbs-up, isn’t it great to be liberated from carrying water for someone you don’t believe in? I know that is the one thing that has come out of November that I can enjoy, the clarity of seeing things in DC and not feeling the need to defend the indefensible)

    • Mary Beth House

      After the election, I was entirely relieved. I felt a major burden had been lifted. lol

      We still have to do some strategic maneuvering that would not be considered ideologically pure, such as my nominal support for Cantor, but all in all I’m pleased to not have to hold my nose while thinking up articles anymore.

      I will say though that I’ve been kind of on pause, dealing with the after effects of the election as well as the holidays.  I get the sense a lot of us were. 

      But now as things get clearer, it’s time to re-enter the battle.

  • devitor

    It’s long past time for the Weeper of the House to make his ignoble exit and not let the door hit him on the way out. I agree with several others here that Cantor does not appear to be a much better alternative.

    I don’t think Gov. Palin is a realistic choice as Speaker. The establishment crowd wants nothing to do with her – well except when they need her to raise $1 million. Then, they want her. I agree that attempting to push her for this job is tilting at windmills and a strong argument could be made that she is making more of an impact right where she is now. Both parties are rat-infested swamps – even if Sarah had some title, she would be pretty much trying to stick every finger, every toe, and her nose in the dike only for leaks to keep springing elsewhere.

    I’ve also had to bear witness to my Congressman – Michael Grimm – a Palin endorsee who I busted my butt for – flipping and flopping like a halibut. He went from being Mr. Tea Party to being just another establishment clown and it didn’t take too long either.

    • blueniner

      Grimm turned on Tea Party Conservatives right after he got elected. Someone took him to task one time on FOX about that. Grimm is a traitor.

  • SteveBayrd

    Mary Beth, I agree with you on most things but can’t on this. Yes, we must dump Boehner. But Eric Cantor is POSING right now as Conservative. His record is atrocious. He helped spearhead the conservative purge with McCarthy FOR Boehner. Never Cantor! Time to force honor into the top spot. Some conservative that can get it done. No quarter to sellouts. 

    • Mary Beth House

       Okay so tell me.  Who can get the votes?  We have less than 24 hours.

      • SteveBayrd

        You’re fast, lady ;)  I understand the current situation of a possible Boehner resignation. I’d like to just pose this Machiavellian scenario: Boehner and Cantor are two peas in a pod (and they ARE). But They know Boehner is finished so they figure out a plan for the GOPe to retain control. On a spur of the moment Boehner resigns, once again making everyone HURRY UP and do something… i.e., replace him with "newly conservative" Cantor who "balked" at the cliff vote (under cover of knowing it would pass anyway).  Cantor IS Boehner but with a new face. Mission accomplished. GOPe retains power.  As for who else could have the votes. I don’t know. But I smell a huge rat(s) in this timing. And I DO love your posts!!!

        • Mary Beth House

           Yes I’ve considered that too. 

          At the very least, it sends a message that they can’t continue exactly as they had without paying a price.

        • Exgunman

          Try a monkey wrench……………………….Suggest NEWT……….:>)

          • wodiej

            I believe Rep. Louie Gohmert did awhile back.  It didn’t fly. I’d be all for it. 

        • lanahi

          I wonder why they allow the outgoing House members to vote for the new Speaker?  I thought this was supposed to be done by the incoming House.

          I think after an election and before swearing in, there should be no work done in congress.  The lame ducks have had their chance to influence lawmaking and should not be able to make one more outgoing effort at all.

    • 01_Explorer_01

      Cantor turns BO’s stomach and he outright hates, hates Cantor.  We can dream about a tea party conservative all we want as speaker of the house  but it wont be in 2013. 

      Mary Beth is just looking at the reality of the situation. 

  • 01_Explorer_01

    Here is another angle on Cantor, Mary Beth. 

     I am thinking like you.  Not a Cantor fan either like you but I know Cantor rubs Obama  wrong (that does not sound right, LOL!)  more than Boehner and just to that reason alone is good enough that BO can’t stand Cantor. That would be the tie breaker to pick Cantor.  BO hates Cantor strongly while Boehner golfs with BO.

  • John_Frank

    Yes John Boehner needs to go as Speaker.

    If he remains as Speaker, it is quite possible that the Democrats may win back control of the House in the 2014 mid-terms.

    Since the election, Obama’s agenda has been and will remain the same. Divide and damage Republicans with a view to helping Democrats win back control of the House and keep the Senate so that the Democrat Socialists can pursue their agenda in 2015.

    As to Cantor, meh … Suspect Kevin McCarthy would be better.

    P.S. MBH, thanks for this op-ed.

  • c4pfan

    I read an article that there isn’t anyone who has the guts to even do the job, so Boehner will most likely get the job again!  Then what?  I really want to know what the heck we can do, if the GOP ignores people again!

  • Pete Petretich


  • nkthgreek

    It’s time for the GOPe to drink the tea.

  • wisetrog

    Why am I not surprised that MBH goes on her own agenda while pushing for a necessary item ? After 2012 have we not learned anything? This is a Palin advocacy site so lets not push for any specific candidate until they get explicit backibg from Gov. Palin herself.

    • Mary Beth House

      My own agenda is that I think Boehner should be removed from the Speakership.

      Beyond that, I’m open to any strategies that are valid that will make that happen.  If you have a good strategy or idea to make this happen, I’m all ears.

      And while I’d love to wait for the Governor to speak her opinion on this, this is happening tomorrow.

      We are an advocacy site for Governor Palin and for the principles she espouses, but we’re not puppets, nor are we going to sit still and do and say nothing should the Governor not weigh in on an issue we think is important. 

      You’re welcome to your own opinions and strategies, but I’ll thank you not to chide me for expressing my opinion in an OpEd I write.

      • TENCOLE

         Mary Beth….I think 99.99% of the people here would love to see Boehner out on his ass.

      • wisetrog

        You know as well as I do that we want Boehner out. What I object is your pushing of Cantor.

        • wodiej

          It is just her opinion.  If she can’t express hers, than how can we expect to express ours?

    • lanahi

      Do you really think it would matter to the RINOs and libs who Sarah would back?  They’d probably pick the opposite of what she said, if she said anything at all.

      If they remove Boehner, it will be Cantor, very likely.  We don’t have anything to say about it.  They will give it to another senior member of the House, if not Cantor…a good old boy in any case.

      This is like the whole Romney thing again…you hope for the lesser of two evils.  I don’t know if Cantor would be better or not, but we can hope.  At least a shake-up is interesting.

  • Isabel Matos

    Mark Levin:  I’m told Cantor’s office is leaking all over Boehner today, hoping to replace him as speaker.As far as I am concerned, Boehner, Cantor,& McCarthy need to go.All 3 of them


       That’s my guy. ?

    • Jean_A

      He forgot Paul Ryan.

  • $7566967

    Having to choose between Boehner and Cantor is like having to choose between an ointment or a suppository.  Either way, it’s not going to be pleasant experience.

    • Argus_C4P

      Couldn’t help but laugh at your description after Mary Beth called him "Bendover Boehner.

  • friskyness

    Nothing will change until all rino’s are removed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    "Or is it now a Tea Party/conservative principle to support $1 in Spending Cuts for Every $41 in Tax Increases?  cuts-ratio."

    No, but it was a K Street imperative, and they wrote the legislation all the way back in August, biding their time, and waiting for their chance:

    "The "fiscal cliff" legislation passed this week included $76 billion in special-interest tax credits for the likes of General Electric, Hollywood and even Captain Morgan. But these subsidies weren’t the fruit of eleventh-hour lobbying conducted on the cliff’s edge — they were crafted back in August in a Senate committee, and they sat dormant until the White House reportedly insisted on them this week.

    ‘The Family and Business Tax Cut Certainty Act of 2012, which passed through the Senate Finance Committee in August, was copied and pasted into the fiscal cliff legislation, yielding a victory for biotech companies, wind-turbine-makers, biodiesel producers, film studios — and their lobbyists. So, if you’re wondering how algae subsidies became part of a must-pass package to avert the dreaded fiscal cliff, credit the Biotechnology Industry Organization’s lobbying last summer…

    "Here’s what happened: In late July, Finance Chairman Max Baucus announced the committee would soon convene to craft a bill extending many expiring tax credits. This attracted lobbyists like a raw steak attracts wolves.

    ‘Former Sens. John Breaux, D-La., and Trent Lott, R-Miss., a pair of rainmaker lobbyists, pleaded for extensions on behalf of a powerful lineup of clients.

    ‘General Electric and Citigroup, for instance, hired Breaux and Lott to extend a tax provision that allows multinational corporations to defer U.S. taxes by moving profits into offshore financial subsidiaries. This provision — known as the "active financing exception" — is the main tool GE uses to avoid nearly all U.S. corporate income tax.

    ‘Liquor giant Diageo also retained Breaux and Lott to win extensions on two provisions benefitting rum-making in Puerto Rico.

    ‘The K Street firm Capitol Tax Partners, led by Treasury Department alumni from the Clinton administration, represented an even more impressive list of tax clients, who paid CTP more than $1.68 million in the third quarter.

    ‘Besides financial clients like Citi, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, CTP represented green energy companies like GE and the American Wind Energy Association. These companies won extension and expansion of the production tax credit for wind energy.

    ‘Hollywood hired CTP, too: The Motion Picture Association of America won an extension on tax credits for film production…

    ‘A Republican Senate aide familiar with the cliff negotiations tells me the White House wanted permanent extensions of a whole slew of corporate tax credits. When Senate Republicans said no, "the White House insisted that the exact language" of the Baucus bill be included in the fiscal cliff deal. "They were absolutely insistent," another aide tells me. (The White House did not return requests for comment.)

    ‘Sure enough, Title II of the fiscal cliff legislation is nearly a word-for-word replication of the Family and Business Tax Cut Certainty Act of 2012."

    Any names sound familiar?  Goldnan Sachs, Citi, Morgan Stanley?  Weren’t they bailed out after the 2008 housing meltdown that brought down the big city banks?

    The Motion Picture Association of America?  Gee, what a coincidence.

    General Electric?  Didn’t they used to own MSNBC?  And didn’t Jeffrey Immelt, GE’s then-CEO, chair Obi Wanna’s Jobs Council?

    Add to them Barf Vader’s green energy faves, like wind turbines, solar energy boondoggles, algae growing subsidies, and Captain Morgan (Diageo distills and markets Captain Morgan – appropriately named for a pirate).

    And lest we forget, Trent Lott and John Breaux as primary fixers.  K St. is where former Senators and Congressmen go to prosper and write the country’s "laws" so those they left behind on Capitol Hill have something to pass.

    Does anyone really think the Tea Party is out of touch with reality? Will anyone ever give credit to Sarah Palin for her seminal speech on "corporate crony capitalism" at Indianola on Labor Day weekend, 2010? Sarah nailed it back then, and absolutely nothing has changed.

    • wodiej

      thanks for posting.  I have not been buying into this anger some have about raising taxes on the wealthy because it’s all BS.  The wealthy don’t pay taxes-we do.  These companies are just a drop in the bucket.  

  • Jean_A

    I can’t believe this bullcrap is going on.  The republicans control the House and the purse strings.  All Boehner had to do was stick to the bill that was already passed or modified the one the senate sent to him and get all the crap out and send it back to the senate. 

    Boehner is not the one to carry the message to the American people. He doesn’t fit the profile. Sorry to say this but he’s a white man with a tan that sounds like a drunk.

    Leave him as the speaker because they are all liars and backstabbers but hire or find somebody in The House that fits the profile to be the spokeperson.  Maybe one of the newcomers if there are any.

    Bachmann sounds to crazy at times to be the spokeperson.  Cantor and Ryan are boring and not believable especially Cantor.  That voice of his would be a turnoff after a minute.

    It’s all about power and title to these people.

    • 01_Explorer_01

      I am glad your finding waking up to it.  Welcome aboard.

    • lanahi

      It will be a "good old boy".

      Most of those tea party newcomers vote right but I don’t hear much from them, do you?  We need more backup for them so they are bolder on the House floor.  Hope 2014 is better.

  • John_Frank

    Mary Beth, you may want to update your article:

    Rep. Tom Price: We Need ‘Red State Leadership’ in House

    Cantor may have made a move, but someone else may emerge as the new Speaker, if John Boehner is defeated.

    • Christopher H Fromme

      I just added Tom Price to the top of my list of offices to stop at this morning

  • John_Frank

    Who Will Stop Bully Obama on Debt Ceiling?

    Does anyone believe that John Beohner has what it takes?

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