John Kass | Washington Republicans don’t know what they’re about

At least the Democrats know what they’re about. Democrats are the government party, and they’re about big, big government; big, big taxes to come on the middle class (demonizing the rich was just a prelude); redistribution of income; and making lawyers rich.

But the Republicans? What are they about?

They don’t know what they’re about, not really, and so they have a difficult time explaining what they don’t know they’re not about to the American people who don’t know either.

Obamaphones? That’s easy. That woman in Cleveland at the Romney rally explained it well, if not accurately: She’s got a phone in her hand, she thinks Obama in his kindness gave it to her, and even though he didn’t, she sings his praises as her benefactor. That’s simple enough.

Confused Republicans can’t draft simple messages. And, to be fair, it’s difficult for a nation that looks to the Kardashians for cultural guidance to embrace the subtleties of sequestration and its effects on the budget process.

Establishment Washington Republicans talk and talk about fiscal responsibility, about the need to "cut spending" on all those unsustainable entitlement programs turning the U.S. economy into a big plate of flaming Greek cheese.


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