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Jonah Goldberg | Don’t Tread on the Six-Toed Cats

I gather folks at NRHQ are on something of a vacation, which may explain why my latest column didn’t get posted. You can read it here or here instead.

Basically, it’s part of what I plan to be a series of columns over the coming year pushing federalism as a priority for the GOP — and the Democrats. Here’s the first installment from a couple weeks ago.

Today’s column is on the lunacy of the federal government’s effort to regulate the Hemingway Museum and Home in Key West, Fla. Ernest Hemingway allegedly had a six-toed cat named Snowball. Snowball’s very well-cared-for descendants lounge around his home and tourists take pictures of them. The USDA is forcing the museum to either comply with the Animal Welfare Act — which is aimed at zoos and circuses — or it will confiscate the cats. The whole ten-year debacle began because a cat lady down the street was annoyed because the street cats she feeds — and which the feds don’t care about — were getting bullied by a six-toed “macho” feline named Ivan. The cat lady got mad and called in the G-Men.


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