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Julie Mehegan | Taxachusetts, here we go again

Well, well — it turns out Charlie Baker was right after all!

In the heat of his 2010 campaign for re-election Gov. Deval Patrick — whose record at the time included signing a 25 percent sales tax hike into law, OK’ing tax increases on restaurant meals, proposing a gas tax increase, and routinely pitching new taxes on candy and soda — denied any interest in raising the state’s income tax. In fact, Patrick’s spokesman at the time accused Baker of resorting to “distortion and demagoguery” by even suggesting Patrick would raise income taxes in a second term.

“You’ve never heard that proposal from me,” the governor huffed during a debate a week before the election.

Well, now we have.

The lame duck governor has stopped pretending that he could be satisfied with baby tax increases and has embraced a $2 billion raid on taxpayer earnings — part of yet another campaign to cement his legacy.


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