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Mark America: Governor Palin won’t run, she will stand

An excellent piece from Mark America. Here’s an excerpt:

I’m accustomed to being the odd man out when it comes to political opinions, and I’ve become accustomed to taking some flak on that basis.  I’ve read a number of very good articles offering the reasons why Sarah Palin should run for President, and given her departure from Fox News, there are many who are already speculating about a 2016 Palin run for high office.  Various writers have mentioned her blue-collar appeal, her record of fighting corruption, and her ability to stand apart from her party when doing that which is right had demanded it.  As a campaigner, she’s an undeniable  phenomenon and her record of endorsements turns out to have been much better than those who claimed her endorsement wasn’t “worth snot”(as Steve Flesher reminds us,) but with all of that in mind, there’s something that has bothered me about the idea that she would run.  You see, even as I watched her deliver a barn-burner of a speech in Indianola, Iowa in the September of 2011, and again as I watched CPAC 2012 via C-Span, while each crowd broke out into chants of “Run Sarah, Run,” I looked at the humble but forthright soul standing alone before the multitudes, thinking to myself that despite her fitness regimen, she isn’t really the running type. In my mind on both occasions, the words echoed: “She won’t run.  When the time comes, she will do as she’s always done: Sarah Palin will stand.”

Politicians talk a good deal about running for this office or that, and since the election of 2012, I’ve noticed a number of politicians making some noise about running in 2016.  Running is something politicians seem to do quite well, but in evaluating Governor Palin’s record, what I’ve noticed is that she stands.  It might seem to be a trivial distinction, but I believe there’s something to be said for the difference.  She stood against corruption from her earliest days in politics until the day she left public office in 2009, but even out of office, her stance on such matters has not changed. She stood on her record of opposing corruption when she decided to stand for election in her state’s gubernatorial race.

It was Sarah Palin on a field in Iowa who raised the issue of “crony capitalism” that rattled the primary season’s entrants as they all scurried to avoid branding with that label. The corrupt President also felt the heat on the issue as the Solyndra scandal, along with others related to his phony “green jobs initiatives” were exposed.  She still warns of the corruption that seems to multiply where governmental power and money intersect, but as much as that may mean to we conservatives, having stood firmly against corruption on both sides of the political divide, she hasn’t earned so many friends in Washington.  That hasn’t deterred her,as stand she does, irrespective of her detractors, even when it has meant standing alone.

Many politicians love to talk about compassion, but when it comes to acting it out, they employ the coercion of government as the means to their allegedly compassionate ends.  Governor Palin is one of the very rare politicians who has said on numerous occasions that it is the voluntary compassion of Americans that she favors.  Thinking about the difference inherent in this notion, permit yourself to wonder at what a better world it would be if compassion in America was once again restored to the province of personal choices made by millions upon millions of individuals acting out of love, rather than coerced by statist goons at the point of a gun.

Some politicians run on notions of “compassion” that rely in the first instance upon a government boot on the necks of all Americans, irrespective of their personal travails of the moment, or the strains under which individuals find themselves in the pursuit of their daily lives.  Instead, Sarah Palin stands for a compassion that is real, and unifying, but against the fraudulent “compassion” that divides so much of our society. She speaks to the true compassion in the hearts of conservatives, a form of generosity that rings like Reagan’s message that compassion isn’t measured by the number of people languishing on government programs, but instead by the number who no longer need them.

Read Mark’s entire piece here.

(h/t Timothy Jacques)


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  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    "I looked at the humble but forthright soul standing alone before the multitudes, thinking to myself that despite her fitness regimen, she isn’t really the running type. In my mind on both occasions, the words echoed: “She won’t run.  When the time comes, she will do as she’s always done: Sarah Palin will stand.”

    For someone who doesn’t "run" for office, she sure has won a lot of elections standing for the good and the right, as she sees it.

    I’ll take it.

    • socon

       Rara Avis:  A rare or unique person or thing.   Sums up Sarah for me. 

    • Independantminded

      Totally agree, I’ve always thought she could more from outside Washington then from within that place.

      • DocBarry1

        Disagree – look what she has done since 2oo8 and look at the damage Obama has done – she needs to be President

        • socon

           I agree.  What are we going to do about it?

          • lyndaaquarius

            donate, pray earnestly, speak up , constantly hit back against the lies that the Leftist media has created to keep her from power. Try to reach the hearts and mind of our duped friends and patiently explain the true reality of governor Palin. Try to correct their false impressions. Don’t argue or insult. Unite, fight and win.  Governor Palin has said "do whatever you can. Every little bit adds up"

            • socon

               All excellent advice; but soon we must do more.

          • DocBarry1

            Pray and hope a lot – let he know in many ways that we are with her – respond to the false accusations and ask politicians to stand up for her or risk being thrown out of office etc.

            • socon

               I don’t think Sarah will run unless she sees a real chance of success.  No thanks to 2012 redux.

              • DocBarry1

                it also depends on what is happening inside the GOP – if it stays the same as now – I pray and hope that she realizes that we deserve a real choice in 2016 and she would be our only hope!!!

                • socon

                   I think WE are our only hope.

                  • DocBarry1

                    WE have been around all of this time and obama continues to try to ruin this Country – she is our hope re politics – we agree that she will not be successful without us – but we can’t be successful without her

                    • socon

                      All I know is we have to do things differently this time or we will lose again.  I hope we can find the strength to do so or we will lose our country.

                    • DocBarry1

                      I agree but we don’t just want another RINO to get the nomination – we haven’t had a true conservative to run since RR

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, Laddie!!

  • Reynolds88

    Nice piece, Mark America.  You know standing can be an action verb, like having your feet on the ground when the others have their feet firmly planted in mid-air!  I do feel the momemtum here though and it’s good!

  • Jthom26837

     I love it!!! Sarah Palin won’t run: She’ll stand.

     I Stand with Sarah Palin!!!    *_*

  • TheresaAK

    I am thrilled with the moderators posting Mark America’s beautiful posts on our Country and Sarah Palin.

    Thank you….

    Mark has ALWAYS had Sarah’s back and Stood with her and our beloved Country…

  • Timothy Jacques

    I loved MA’s posting the moment I put eyes on it.

  • RedDaveR

    Thanks for posting.  Mark America gets it.

  • jon

    Yes 2016 is far off … But Mark is wrong … Palin will run for President if our country is not destroyed by then — It’s her destiny with history

    • socon

      I believe there’s going to have to be a huge groundswell of support for Sarah Palin for her to run again.  Her burden was too great and it was terribly unfair to her in the last election cycle.

      If it’s destiny that Sarah runs for POTUS, we’re going to have to fight the left and the GOP, and we better start mobilizing.

      Ultimately, it’s OUR country and we have a destiny , too.

  • socon

    Thank you for such a beautiful, heartfelt post. It perfectly captures my feelings about the Governor.

    Whatever Sarah chooses to do is alright with me–I will stand with Sarah Palin.

    God bless you, Sarah.

  • DocBarry1


  • MarkRNY

    This is a great piece and it’s possibly THE nutshell way to describe support of Sarah for those who support her–"She Stands"–and she does stand for true compassion, the true dignity of the individual, true commitment and what America truly means, both on a personal and on a national level.

    As the culture (by mandate) drools "What is Truth?", the reply?-"There She Stands"

    And I’d add as another reason that I support her–"She’s Feared"–feared by all the right people in all the right places.

    Thanks for this.

  • Isabel Matos

    Establishment candidates run. Sarah does not "run". She stands. She stands for principles. She stands against corruption. She stands up for us. I still stand with Sarah, no matter what.

  • Guest

    Awesome post ….Thank you Mark America!.

    so excited…I Stand with Sarah Palin!!

  • alien4palin

    Doug, thank you for posting this excellent article by Mark.
    Sarah is truly one in a billion. Always and consistently stood up for what is right & truth.

  • $7566967

    I understand the point of this article, but I’d rather see Sarah stand and RUN!

    I fail to understand why she cannot do both. Reagan did. Sarah is the new Reagan, so why can’t she do both? Besides, 2012 was the year of the GOPe.  Sarah couldn’t have run.  We didn’t know that then, but do know.

    By 2016, I’d be amazed if the GOP still exists.

    • nkthgreek


  • Shane Ladd

    Finally freed from the fetters of faltering FOX, Gov.  Sarah Palin can revamp, reload, and share resoundingly  her message of defiance to the Establishment, defense of the Constitution, and devotion to Christian ideals with millions of dejected, disillusioned, disenfranchised voters who yearn for a competent, compassionate,  courageous & charismatic leader.

  • AmazedOne1

    Hear hear!!!

  • Timothy Jacques

    3,490,467 Facebook fans and growing

  • angeleno

    PALIN 2016.   Repeat it everywhere.   2016.

    Anyone out there own any billboards or know a good American who does? 

    • socon

      Good idea!   All over the country.

    • Carolyn Dixon

       we need bumper stickers now.  Palin/Paul 2016.  or  Palin4President 2016/ Sarah Palin 2016 or Sarah4President 2016  any other ideas welcome.

      • bedr1

        Palin/Paul 2016 or Sarah2016 for the primaries

  • Guest

    I Stand. Breezy

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    OutSTANDing :-) –thank you, Mark!!

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