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Mark America: The Desperate Fraud of the Anti-Palin Left

A couple days ago, some imbecile — no doubt one of Obama’s low-information voters — at a far-left blog wrote a piece in which she claimed Governor Palin "disarmed the Alaska civil militia" when she was Alaska’s chief executive. The aforementioned hebetudinous blogger then attempts (and fails miserably) to turn this nonsense into some kind of an attack on Governor Palin’s credibility: How can the Governor criticize Obama’s attack on second amendment rights when she "disarmed" her state’s militia? Presumably the conclusion she wants her low-information readers to arrive at is that Governor Palin is secretly an anti-gun zealot and, therefore, any criticism she directs toward Obama is hypocritical. Or something. Anyway, our friend Mark America is all over this idiocy:

If you’ve ever wondered about the motive driving the anti-Palin left, sufferers of Palin Derangement Syndrome(PDS,) or other venom-laden spittle disguised as reporting, wonder no longer.  Willing to twist or omit facts, relying instead upon the absolute gullibility of their audiences, their intention is to propagandize by virtue of one-thousand easily discredited cuts, knowing that their less-than-curious audiences will buy almost anything without question or critical analysis.  In most cases, the manner in which a supporter of Sarah Palin will defend against such garbage is to first attack the fraudulent author’s  propaganda, presenting the facts that negate the false charges leveled by the propagandist involved.  The problem is that these people are so despicable that they don’t care if they’re caught lying by the sane world, as they know their Low Information Audiences won’t ever discover the truth.  I’m going to do it somewhat differently, because I want you to experience the shock value of knowing the real story before reading the propaganda.  For once, you ought to know what it must be like to be Sarah Palin, or anybody else who is attacked in this manner, because having lived reality, it must be shocking to see facts about oneself twisted into such devious propaganda.

Let’s consider a story that had appeared in the Anchorage Daily News, way back in October of 2008, as Sarah Palin was busy campaigning for the office of Vice President with Presidential candidate John McCain.  During the previous summer, before Palin had been chosen as McCain’s running mate, an investigation by authorities had concluded with a recommendation by Lt. Gen. Craig Campbell, the state’s military and veterans affairs commissioner that an all-volunteer militia led by Brig. General Thomas Westall, created to assist the Nation Guard, ought to be disarmed of state-owned and provided weapons over potential liability issues for the state.  This investigation had stemmed from a complaint filed by a member, Larry Wood, because he felt the militia commander might be issuing arbitrary orders and dismissals to members, he himself having been dismissed for unclear cause by his own account.   In short, this was a situation in which responsible Alaska State officials were heading off any potential liability situation for the state.  This sort of action is undertaken by any responsible state official who is concerned with making policies and taking decisions consistent with their official mandates.  It had been concluded by investigators that the militia had insufficient policies and procedures, such that its control and direction had come into question.  The article in the ADN had been: Defense Commander Resigns After Complaints.

If you’re at all like me, you look at the facts of the story, and conclude that the State of Alaska had been concerned there could be some sort of monkey-business going on with the force, known as the 49th Military Police Brigade since 2004, and the state rightly did not wish to take on liability for a force that had not such proper procedures and policies in place to deal with personnel matters, or much of anything.  Nobody was criminally sanctioned, or in any way prosecuted, but the state simply decided that they could not permit this force to be armed in its name any longer.  That’s not so unusual, and bluntly, no public official wants a poorly-organized force armed with State authority to carry on much of anything in an official capacity.  Who could blame either Lt. General Campbell, or Governor Sarah Palin for taking what can only be categorized as perfectly natural and responsible actions?  Well, there is somebody, and predictably, that somebody is a professional  propagandist of the organized left.

Now that you’ve read through the originating story, and are at least familiar with the facts of the case, I now wish to present to you the fantastic tale of Palin anti-gun hypocrisy cobbled together by certified PDS sufferer Sarah Jones, of Politicususa.  If ever you have wondered what it is like to be Sarah Palin, imagine if you will what one must feel when reading the following nonsensical, inane and distorted headline, knowing what you already do:

The Right Calls Obama a Dictator, but Sarah Palin Disarmed the Alaska Civil Militia

The first thing that should grab you is that the story changed title, becoming more dishonest, thereby venting more rage in Sarah Palin’s direction.  Examing the URL of the story tells the tale. Notice that the author changed the label of the disarmed group from “Defense Force” to “Civil Militia” in order to cause readers to wonder if Palin had disarmed ordinary citizens.  Titles have been:

  • Tea Party Darling Sarah Palin Disarmed Alaska State Defense Force
  • The Right Calls Obama a Dictator, but Sarah Palin Disarmed the Alaska Civil Militia

Given the nature of the website in question, we might well expect the next mutation of the title to be:

  • Palin Takes Guns from Alaska Schoolhouse Defense League While Right Wing Racist NRA Klansmen Cheer

Don’t laugh.  I expect that title to appear at any time.  Part and parcel of that site’s schtick is to paint all conservatives, but particularly Sarah Palin, with the broadly damning brushes of racism, “extremism,” violence and hypocrisy.  These are pathologically broken individuals, based on the content of their stories, but fortunately, only what must be considered a “Low Information Voter” could possibly believe the nonsense authored there.

There’s much more to Mark’s piece and I urge to go here and read the whole thing. When I see the Left continuing to use this kind of tortured pretzel logic and outright lies to attack Governor Palin, I can’t help but wonder why they spend so much time and effort on someone they insist is no longer relevant. Am I missing something?

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  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Thanks, Doug and Mark!!

    The Left realizes, more than many on OUR side do, that the Governor remains a living and lethal (for them) threat to their CONSOLIDATION of the gains they have made under obama.

    A Palin Administration could undo, and more than undo, the dire and doleful obama years.

    They are terrified of her .. well they should be!!

  • Isabel Matos

    :) just an awesome article.

    Edit add: I love the sequel even more ~ just in ~ on low-information Republican voters~!..Yeah! :)

  • Lakerfanalways

    Awesome article!! I dont even bother reading the stupidity the left spews anymore..they hate Sarah..we all know that, and they are OBSESSED with bringing her down..and they have failed..miserably..time after time after time..she is probably laughing at their idiocy..they hate her yet they cant stop talking about..they probably wake up in cold sweats in the middle of the night screaming her name..its a sick obsession because they know at the end of the day that Sarah is happy and they are miserable

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, Lakerfan!

    • lyndaaquarius

      I really don’t know about this but I suspect that there’s an organized, coordinated effort to deluge the web with Palin hatred and that the leaders of this effort must be on a payroll. No sane person could so vehemently despise a woman who has had no impact on their personal life. She’s harmed no one; she’s deprived no one of any rights or income. But the power brokers on both sides see her power and fearless determination to enact "sudden and relentless reform"  The unpaid Palin haters are lemmings, easily manipulated and controlled. Again,I feel that after a few more months of obama’s "fundamental transformation" and the chaos in the Mideast, lots of Americans will say " now what was so stupid about that governor from Alaska with the jaw dropping record of accomplishment and the uncanny ability to predict what was coming at us? You know the one who galvanized millions of citizens to value our freedoms? Tell me again what is so stupid about her?" And why is it that she couldn’t be elected? Can you break it down for me, please?

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, lynda!!

      • 08hayabusa

         They’ve learned their lesson from the Reagan election. They never dreamed he would be elected so he didn’t get the same viciousness that Palin received. They aren’t taking any chances with Sarah. They can see their Socialists utopia. They don’t want anymore 20 year Reagan setbacks.

      • section9

        Robert Stacy McCain uncovered the link between Jesse Griffin of Immoral Minority fame and two very, very, wealthy California Obama bundlers who owned the house he was staying in back in 2009 and 10 when he was in the midst of his most sclerotic attacks on Palin. A lot of Levi Johnston’s hijinks were also financed by the same California almond magates who gave regularly to OFA during the ’08 cycle. One of the most angry and obsessed Palin haters, who proceeds from an almost canine loathing of Palin and her family is Malia Litman from Texas. Litman is a lawyer, but she was also a Texas organizer for OFA back in the day.

        Very, very little of the efforts against Palin on the Left were either spontaneous or genuine in origin. Of all the people in Alaska, Palin knows this most of all.

        One of the reasons Palin and her people hold the news media in such contempt and scorn is that they knew about all this and covered it up.

      • Mr.L

        You are not far off in your belief that these imbeciles are getting paid. Just this week Obama’s administration went PRESTO MAGICO and turned his campaign apparatus into a non for profit 501c3.  Yes, if you’re saying to yourself, "that’s not kosher"– you are right again! While I am uncertain if it’s legal or not, what I am sure of is it is unprecedented.  Basically this fraud and hypocrite Obama wanted to take away Citizens United tax exemption rights for being accused of doing the same thing.  The Obama flying monkeys like Sarah Jones at Politics USA have been calling the private business men Koch brothers evil for using Pacs to support conservative causes but here is the president of the USA using a campaign apparatus now turned into a tax exempt non for profit to promote progressive causes. Anyone want to throw up from this? I do.

      • generictrainee

        No doubt there is , one part is professional , one part is the lunatics that they intensional wind up.

        But that tells us they know her potential. They wouldn’t waste all these resources otherwise.

    • alien4palin

      They hate her but at the same time they suffered from Sarah Palin Syndrome and only Sarah can provide them with the antidote to relieve them of their suffering.

    • seatofmars

      No. "THEY" didn’t want her as VPOTUS and now she’s not or anything else credible for that matter. If she wants to preach to the choir on FOX and sell rightwing fluff books more power to her. End of discussion. 

  • wodiej

    Hate blocks all rational thinking thus the reasoning of PDS.  

  • John_Frank

    Doug, thanks for bringing Mark America’s article to people’s attention.

  • nkthgreek

    Doug, the only thing that’s missing is honesty, the lefts.

    • alien4palin

      Agree!!! Although I suspect they wouldn’t know honesty if it smacked them between their eyes. They are morally bankrupt.

  • alien4palin

    Great article!!! Thanks Doug & Mark.

    She has been living permanently rent free inside their heads since 2008. So much for their claim that she is history and totally irrelevant. They wish. LOL!!!

  • section9

    Sarah Jones of Politics USA, who wrote this trash that Mark America is complaining about, reminds me of an old story about Mr. Churchill at one of Lady Astor’s parties. He struck up a conversation with a woman who happened support the Liberals. Their conversation eventually got ’round to the subject of public morals."

    "Madam," asked Mr. Churchill, "would you sleep with me if I offered you a million pounds?"

    The woman, taken aback for a moment, thought for a second, then answered, "I might do so for a million pounds."

    "Madam" he then asked, "would you sleep with me for five pounds?"

    "Certainly not! What kind of woman do you take me for!?" The woman was genuinely shocked.

    Churchill smiled, "Madam, what you are has already been established. We are now haggling over price!"

  • Harvey Tarkmule

    Is there more than what meets the eye here?

  • Kat
  • Scotty

    Doug Brady misses the point.  The left is not criticizing Sarah Palin for disarming the state militia.  The left is correctly pointing out the hypocrisy of many progun people who hysterically call President Obama a dictator when he merely tries to open a dialogue on regulating firearms and presents some proposals.  Imagine the outcry against Obama if he had disbanded and disarmed a militia under the circumstances that Gov. Palin did.  That’s the point Doug.    

    • generictrainee


    • paul

      "regulating firearms"…..hmmmmm, like what in particular? You make it sound like he wants to do no harm.
      It starts with registration…knowing who has what……then it ends with confiscation.
      You are sooo naive if you think that this "could never happen in America"……that’s what they said in Germany and Russia and even our own fore-fathers were petrified enough to make it our 2nd amendment.

      You need to get your head out of your a$$ and wise up.

    • socon

      No, the point is Obama is untrustworthy.  Guess YOU missed it.

      Obama’s many Executive Orders are more than mere "proposals."

    • Mark America

      Scotty, I think you’ve missed the point.  There is a rather unambiguous difference between a governor deciding that a military unit at the disposal of the state must be reorganized, or otherwise regulated for the good of the state, and the notion of taking arms from or forbidding the purchase of arms by the average, ordinary citizens.  You seek a false equivalence for the purpose of noting the hypocrisy of either Gov. Palin, or those who would support her, or both, but failing to note this critical distinction between the entirely dissimilar situations suggests a rather unambiguous motive, as well.  The two scenarios are apples and oranges, and every person not afflicted by PDS ought to be able to see this much plainly.

  • patnatasha

    that’s because she is not irrevelant.

  • posercom

    In responce to Secular Atheist Immoral Liberal in reply to BrianusBerkle…
     Sarah Palin did not impose gun control laws on Alaskan civilians, you lame brained Obama zombie.  It was the 49th Military Police Brigade, which was created to assist the National Guard that displayed problems and needed to be disarmed to avoid liability and the posible endangerment of the National Guard. Obama and the left would love to arm a Military Police Brigade and Obama even mentioned an armed civilian army in some of his speeches to brain dead leftist high on what ever dope they can get their hands on.  But none of this matters to people like you. You hate Sarah Palin becuase she is not what leftist dudes want women to be. They want women to be people they can knock up and thn march off to the abortion clinic to protect themselves for the tyranny of child support.
    Sandra Fluck,  Ann Dunham, these are the kind of women you want all American women to be like.
    What self loathing lossers!

    • socon

      Truth is irrelevant to human garbage like secularatheist.  Sarah doesn’t even know the little bottom-feeder exists.

  • moemoll

    Our side is equally guilty? For example?

  • 08hayabusa

     Typical Lefty. Demagogue, Demagogue, Demagogue but no facts or figures.

  • John_Frank

    Oh please.

    First comment and it is an attack.

    Troll, the exit is that way ——————————->

  • blueniner

    A troll…..

  • socon

     It’s too stupid and dishonest to argue in good faith.

  • socon


  • socon

     Ugly troll.

  • Independantminded

    After being a Denocrat for many years he is actually correct, Democrats would love a Palin run, it is the Republicans who are scared to death of her running

  • socon


  • socon

     It’s ridicule, loser.  You should be used to it by now.

  • socon

    Crawl back under your rock, slimeball.   Get a job.

    There’s no conversing with a Nazi liar like you–brute force is all you understand.

    Good riddance to your loser stench; it’s smells better already.


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