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Mark Levin Rips Into Joe Scarborough and "MSLSD" for Attacking Gov. Palin

You can always count on Mark Levin to tell it like it is. Here, he calls out Joe Scarborough–and "MSLSD"–for going after Governor Palin:

(Video courtesy of Ray at SarahNET)

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    Mark Levin ?

    I’m also very happy that his eyes are opening to the true Marco Rooobio. 

  • willegge

    Love ya Mark . Simply awesome cause it is simply truth.

  • ProudAmerican247

    joe scumborough is a moron.

  • c4pfan

    Great pic of Mark and he is spot on!  I really don’t even get what is Joe’s problem.  What is wrong with people having a different view than him and  not kissing up to DC and corruption?

  • Founders1791

    "she has more people show up at an event than watch him on tv" —Mark Levin


  • socon

    The "Great One."

  • Mr.L

    Morning Blow.

  • blueniner

    New wanted posters who have weighed in with PDS,……. Howie Kurtz, Lawrence O Donnell, Joe Scumborogh. I am sure by tommorow there will be more subjects to post, the disease is spreading.

    • Val

      Scarborough was sure singing a different tune last summer when he called Sarah the only political star in the Rep party. I can’t remember all the particulars, but he talked about how charming she was and that everyone at the ’08 convention immediately recognized her star power and were blown away by her speech. Mika Brzezinski was just fuming as Joe continued to praise Sarah and argue that she should be given a prime time slot at the convention in Tampa.

  • angeleno

    PALIN 2016

    Scarborough is a make-believe conservative who surrendered his honor for a job in the communist nuthouse known as MSNBC. 

    PALIN 2016

  • Guest

    Mark rocks……xoxoxo !!

    Bring it on Sarah!! 

  • blackbird

    They’re so scared of the Governor, they getting a head start before 2015 comes around. Slow Blow is a puppet.

  • wodiej

    I’m certain Gov. Palin could give a whit what JS thinks nor do I.  People who sit around and slander others to promote themselves will be judged by God.

  • Val

    Scarborough must have been really feeling the heat after this article was posted in regards to Sarah speaking at the convention last August. 
    "Joe made the answer like a no-brainer given Palin’s success promoting Republican senatorial candidates and her highly praised 2008 convention speech, despite the skepticism from his ‘Morning Joe’ panel." Scarborough said, "Hey guess what — if Sarah Palin goes up and speaks, guess who is going to get the loudest ovation of any speaker all week? It will be Sarah Palin. She will burn the place down, in a positive way. Say what you want about Sarah Palin, criticize Sarah Palin all you want. Let me tell you something, man — and we were there — when she gave her speech in 2008, we sat there going, ‘Oh my God, she’s the natural."
    "Why wouldn’t you have this women, who is by the way helping one candidate after another candidate after another candidate after another candidate win Senate races? Why wouldn’t you let her speak at the convention in prime time? I think it would be the moment a lot of people would be talking about. It would be extraordinary. The bottom line is, Chuck [Todd], she wins — she helps launch Republican candidates. She has real impact.”

    • Mountain

      Yep, Joe has drunk the Kool Aid!
      Wish he were a sleeper when drunk…..

  • James A. Tyler

    I don’t think I could stomatch actually listening what Scarborough has to say… so what exactly was this shot he took at Palin. He’s taken so many its hard to keep track, much less difficult to imagine that this could be any worse.

  • sarahhasmyvote

    Mark, thank you for defending truth. Sarah and you are in the same league. 

  • jgrimes

    Thank you Mark Levin.

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    We will see which political figure dominates the 2014 election cycle.  It will not be Joe Scarborough.

  • WEL2

    Please post comments at the positive Palin article at Breitbart.  Put the number of comments over 4,000 ! 

    • 56Survivor

      I just made a post over there and the count is up to 3938.  Palin Power for sure! 

  • 2C714

    Thank you……Mark Levin!!!!
    God Bless!

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    "Freaks, Misfits and Half wits". "He shoots spitballs! " Look at Mika! You are the best Mr. Levin. Can’t wait till you come around on the Third Party agenda.

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