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Mr.L: Sarah Palin Shall Thrive While Old Media Dies

Guest post by Ron Devito:

In analyzing the media lies and spin following former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s departure from Fox News, Mr. L. said those who have maliciously impugned Gov. Palin and her family have had career ending crises, gotten sick, ended up in jail or even worse because of simple karma. He recited a list of those who predicted her political demise only to be found wrong. Ironically, many of those in the old media claiming Gov. Palin is irrelevant are themselves irrelevant, having tanked in the ratings. Piers Morgan for example is desperate to have Gov. Palin on her show, because of the ratings boost her presence would provide.

Mr. L said Fox News has become Liberal Media Lite, just as the Republican Party has become Democrat Lite. "I’m glad she left Fox," he said. He referred to False Stories Spread on Gov Palin’s Departure from Fox, in which I wrote in part,

Simply put, Fox News offered Gov. Palin a renewal contract. She declined it so she can bring her message to a larger audience. By staying with Fox, her contract would have precluded her conducting interviews with other networks, except with rare prior permission. Renewing the contract would have meant more preaching to the choir – because Fox News’ audience is Gov. Palin’s choir so to speak. Those who say that Fox “dumped her,” are telling lies, plain and simple.

He also cited Mark America’s Sarah Palin Won’t Run, in which he said Gov. Palin doesn’t run. Rather, she stands against corruption and for what is right. He said aside from Palinistas who would love for her to run in 2016, the media would love it because a Palin run would bring them excitement, ratings and revenue.

Mr. L discussed the moronic ‘Sarah Palin’s fall from media stardom’ article by Howard Kurtz for its lack of logic and hypocrisy. He also discussed some idiotic comments on HotAir by people reciting shop-worn, hackneyed 2008 anti-Palin talking points and could not even spell either "governor" or the name of their purported "more qualified" politician correctly.

He concluded that Gov. Palin has a track record of proving all such people wrong.

Mr. L in his synopsis wrote:

Sarah Palin leaves Fox News and media liberals and moderate Republicans rejoice. With knee-jerk hatred they say "she’s done, dead, over." How many times have Palin supporters heard this song? I review some distorted reports about Palin’s so called demise. Hey haters, did you hear Sloppy Joe McGinniss the lying plagiarist has terminal cancer? Yeah, karma’s a ____. If the media types want to see something truly "dead, done, over or irrelevant" they should look in a mirror. Does Palin’s decline to continue her contract with Fox News point to 2016? To Palin haters in the media and blogosphere: please keep declaring her "over, dead, done and irrelevant." Palin has a tendency succeeding in things when people tell that she can’t or shouldn’t. She has a track record of proving those people wrong.

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  • palin45potus

    Thanks Mr L and Ron DeVito.

    The cowardly turncoats like Rove and Powell are examples of useful idiots co-opted by the marxist thugs.

    When the US finally goes under, we can look back on these two as prime examples of those who helped the thugs destroy the country through their own greed, vanity, or a desire to be loved by their enemy.  And so they worked hand in hand with the enemy to do his dirty work.

    • Mr.L

       Thanks for listening and thanks to C4P for sharing.  Colin Powell went on Oreilly last night and when Bill asked him why he voted for Obama twice, Powell said Obama’s economic plan.  Now, yes, Powell could’ve gave that answer had he only voted for him for the first time and chalked it up to being duped by hope and change.  But the second time was because of Obama’s economic plan???  This is the economic plan he voted for: one that’s shrinking.  and the more that GOP moderates go out in the media and say such things, the more the moderate wing of the GOP will shrink along with the Oconomy.

      • palin45potus

        I am coming to realize how irrelevant the GOP has become.

        Here is my new take, as I examine the record of the past 8 years:

        "The notable exception to the rule of consistent GOP defeat has been Sarah Palin herself. She has disguised the weakness of the GOP because she actually was an exciting individual who emerged from the wreckage of 2006, she gave McCain’s campaign a good chance to win in 2008 singlehandedly until the stock market mysteriously crashed as it never had before with the help of Soros and his friends, and then McCain suspended his campaign in order to fly to DC and accept the complete blame for the meltdown. Then in 2010, due to her efforts, the GOP won back the House and many lost senate seats. Without Sarah Palin, the GOP would be recognized as all-but-dead right now. They haven’t won anything since 2004, and they are now willing to surrender on amnesty, which will cement them in their tombs"

        • Mr.L

           good point. and good reminder of 2006 and I think that’s another reason why they fear her. the left didn’t think that someone like her could come out of the party anymore.  for all McCain’s faults, I do thank him for putting her on the national radar.  But that’s about all I can thank him for, giving her the opportunity.  But what she has done with that initial opportunity and the success she has had is all her own. 

          • blueniner

            For months now, since the election, all we have heard on talk radio, and by pundits on FOX who is the leader of the GOP, we need a Conservative leader, we need a Conservative leader, well, we have a leader and she is right here, Sarah Palin.

            • alien4palin

              But we must accept and face the reality that they do not really meant nor want a true Conservative Leader like Sarah Palin who had proven track records of a true Reformer. They need their kind of Conservative Leader who will keep the Status Quo

              • Timothy Jacques

                 The GOP said the same thing about Regan too.

                • alien4palin

                  I agree they did!!!

                  President Reagan is of the male gender. He is already widely known on the National Stage, a long Career in radio, film and television & 33rd Governor of California

                  He was president in the 20TH CENTURY (January 20, 1981 – January 20, 1989) in a very vastly different political landscape.He was 70 years old (short of a month) He has been around longer to accumulate alliances & credits from others who are loyal to him. The voters of his era were not the same as today. The systemic indoctrination and dumbing down of our children in the education system by the left has been highly successful, especially in inner cities. No shortage of help from the UN. The Republican Party of his days does not EXISTS any more in this 21ST Century, in name only. They no longer represent the Conservative Values.

                  The Republic Party had been usurped during Bush Sr. term in office and been sliding left wards ever since and became one with the Democrats. The Democrat Party and the left had made enormous progress since then with no lack of assistance from Republicans in name only. The Republic Party establishment of the 21st century will never accept Sarah as their leader.They do not share Main Street’s Americans & Sarah’s values. They have more in common with the Democrats. Presidential Election of 2008 and 2012 were very clear indications.

                  IMHO, Presidential Election of 2008 and 2012 were TACIT battle of the Republican and Democrat establishments and elites verses SARAH PALIN, "THE UNDEFEATED". The heavy big bullies behind the scene in combination with their Numpties doing their public threats, spins, lies & vile defiling of her person, her family and friends to destroy her impeccable character and records for American (as well as Global) public consumption to create doubts and confusion for We, The People. Goes without saying, of course, the Pseudo Leaders will continue to keep up the pretence and appearances for Americans and world consumption. They have decades of practice and can do it in their sleep.

                  President Reagan in the 20th century have to climb Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895 m elevation) to get there. Today, Sarah had to climb Mount Everest (8,848 m elevation) and still face oppositions on arrival. We,The People have to recognize the Republican Party establishment for what they are and what they stand for in the 21st century. Sarah Palin does.

                  2 options…usurp & take over the Republican Party or 3rd Party.

          • alien4palin


        • patnatasha

          they don’t know how irrelevant they are the gop and the media are both irrelevant.

        • alien4palin

          Totally agree!!!

          The change occurred much longer than the past 8 years. The Republic Party had been usurped during Bush Sr. term in office and been sliding left ward ever since and became one with the Democrats.

          After the impeachment trial of B.Clinton, there was a concerted effort to purge & destroy those in the Republic Party who are most vocal, in positions of power who are not fully on board and could potentially put obstacles to their agenda. Examples: Speaker Gingrich and Chief Whip Tom Delay….

          The Bush Sr and his loyalists are for a "New World Order" and the Left is for "One World Order"
          No disrespect intended, reminds me of the joke on Irishmen, " Put 2 spades against the wall and ask him to take his pick."  USA being the major obstacle and the last frontier to their agenda needs her Eagle wings clipped. If they succeed in doing this to the USA, the rest will be history.

          Why settle for being President of the USA to 300 plus millions when you can become Emperor of Planet Earth of billions.

        • WSPISFA

          Sarah owes NOTHING to the GOP:  the campaign team including Juan McLame bought her (ugly) clothes then let her take the fall for the extravagance, they threw her to the wolves every chance they got and did nothing to defend her, and by rolling over and playing dead, handed the most important election in history to an unvetted afromative-action marxist with sealed records who never did have to explain just HOW he planned to "fundamentally transform" America.  Well now we know don’t we?   In fact I cannot think of a single time that the GOP ever — not once then or since — treated her as the rockstar she is, and the ONLY one in 2008 with ANY executive experience.

          I’ve been praying since 2008 that she would run for POTUS as a 3rd party and landslide the hell over the GOP (and Democrats too).  With the right Veep pick (no way would or should she play 2nd fiddle again), and completely bypassing the enemedia to instead take her message directly to We The People and on her own terms — she COULD easily pick up the TEA party base, the Reagan Dems, the Hillary PUMAs (unless the election is girl-on-girl), the youth vote that have been screwed by 8 yrs of O’care, the middle class (see youth vote), definitely the gun owners, and probably enough other groups in addition to put her over the top.  

          If anyone could, or deserves!, to single-handedly put the indistinguishable Dem-Rep socialist establishment and the state-run media out of business in one fell swoop, that would be Sarah.  Just wind her up and let her go!

      • alien4palin

        Mr.L, I just listened to your radio broadcast, I meant podcast. Absolutely Brilliant!!! Bravo!!! Thank you so much it made my week. Please keep them coming

        I usually read all articles on stolen minutes. I habitually save watching and listening to videos or Audios postings when I can give my undivided attention. As my beautiful daughter always said she is saving the very best for last to fully savour the moment it deserves.

      • goldenprez

        Mr. L … An excellent piece.

        Once again I want to call your attention to something I have trying very hard to convey, and to ask your help in that attempt.

        This leaving of Fox is the first step in what I have been predicting, since the 2012 election cycle ended, as Mrs. Palin moving "out of the box." In her interview she even quoted something I had previously posted concerning "preaching to the choir." Her message, as she states, has to go to all of "We The People," who have always responded to her, across all demographic lines.

        We all need to start thinking, and to become ready to act, in "unconventional" political ways. It appears to me that Mrs. Palin is setting the stage to elect House and Senate candidates who will not be beholden to the existing establishment Parties. Citizen candidates who will go to D.C. and begin the "sudden and relentless" reform, in the name of We The People,  that is going to be required to "fundamentally restore" the U.S.A.

        There is no doubt in my mind that she will simultaneously be setting the stage for a Presidential run in 2016, and definitely not as a Republican.

        We need to start coming up with ideas to help neutralize the establishment Ministry of Propaganda, on both sides.

        One of the ideas that I brought forth was the use of broadcast television. I outlined a few ideas as to how Mrs. Palin could make excellent use of the existing media. Ross Perot purchased time on broadcast television, and was extremely successful in getting his message across. He had excellent ratings, reached tens of millions more people than he could have otherwise, and vaulted into the lead against both Clinton and Bush.

        Mrs. Palin’s ratings would dwarf those of Mr. Perot. She is a proven "ratings winner." Something of this nature would extend her reach to tens of millions at once. The fact that she has television "charisma" is already well established. As a television producer, I can tell you that she reads "extremely warm," and that the camera unequivocally loves her.

        Mrs. Palin, and all grassroots conservative organizations for that matter, can make excellent use of the internet digital tools offered by such organizations as American Majority and Ned Ryun. It is imperative that We The People become familiar with these tools, train in their use, and volunteer to put them into play when Mrs. Palin gives the signal.

        Please look into this, and try and give some information about it on your podcasts.

        Looking for your help here to get the conversation going on more "out of the box" and unconventional ideas that will work, not only for Mrs. Palin in 2016, but for replacing the existing Permanent Political Class rulers in 2014, as a first step in marginalizing the existing two Government Parties.

        Looking forward to hearing from you.

        P.S. – Love your accent. It always reminds me of "home."

        Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

        Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

        Illegitimi non carborundum.

        Barracudas Maximus.

  • Timothy Jacques

    This is one the best blog postings by Mr. L  (IMHO)

    • lyndaaquarius

      It was fantastic! Mr. L is so funny and smart . That ARB bit was so good. He really made Mrs. Clinton seem so foolish and corrupt. He is a very important voice in the Restoration of our American Republic and a most effective supporter of Governor Palin. Thank You Mr. L

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    She will emerge bigger than ever in 2014. Her critics really have absolutely no clue how the people hunger for someone, anyone, to come clean on the rampant corruption that dominates our political life.

    They have in Sarah Palin, not just "someone," but a leader of unquestioned integrity, sterling character, with a devotion to public service, and with a record of outstanding accomplishment.

    Not only is that not irrelevant, it is the rarest combination of attributes among both the political careerists and the jackasses that populate the media pack braying at each other, as if their braying signified anything more meaningful than their shared jackassedness.

    Hee Haw!

    • lyndaaquarius

      wow you really laid it out!! If thousands of us take responsibility to get the truth out about her record and her character, then the truth about her record and her character will become known to millions . Let’s go after the "stupid" meme. "how" and"why" is she so stupid? What incredible evil has she committed to earn such widespread and vicious hatred? People who have been intentionally duped by the Leftist media need to look at and confront their supposed hatred. Never in all of American history has one woman been so vilified. Why??  People must be shown how and why they’ve been duped.  I’d love to see cool,young celebrities on the right come out and endorse "the Undefeated"  Let’s shake up all the misconceptions about Governor Palin.

      • alien4palin

        Outstanding advice!!! This is the battle of the entrenched establishments (Republican Party & Democrat Party) & their enablers against We,The People.

        Unity of We,The People is absolutely vital to win the Battle for America. Spreading the Message of Truth is empowerment.

    • conservativemama

      "shared jackassedness"

      That is great!

    • alien4palin

      Let’s hope they continue to be real Numpties and clueless. Unfortunately their ulterior motive is more sinister and dangerous for America.

  • cbenoistd

    The Joe McGinniss revelation reminded me that the greatly admired hockey coach Badger Bob Johnson contracted fatal brain cancer, and he didn’t have an enemy in the world. McGinniss might believe on his deathbed that he performed the "heroic brave operation" that executive producer Tom Hanks engineered with "Game Change." I’m hoping that by the time Sarah Palin’s last days come, her career and reputation will be the least of her concerns.

    • Mr.L

      If you recall the picture I used in the clip when I was talking about Sloppy Joe, it was a screen shot of a CNN report on his book.  The headline was his statement that he’s "sick of Sarah Palin".  I do find it ironic how he’s now literally sick.  What Sloppy Joe did was neither brave or heroic.  It was down right disgusting and he would’ve never had done that to any prominent liberal female politician or figure due to the backlash he would get.  Soon, God will be the one straightening him out.

      • patnatasha

        Mr. L he got what he wished on her.

    • Jthom26837

      Hear, hear. Joe McGinniss, your Judgement Day is Nigh. Not only for the perverted mistreatment of Sarah Palin and her Family, but sir, that Green Beret friend you betrayed almost a half a century ago, condemning him for a murder he possibly didn’t commit. Condemning an inocent man. How cold and unforgiving is this?

    • alien4palin

      Those who lie and obfuscate the truth will continue to lie to shore up past lies. They will always be looking over their shoulders.

      Sarah Palin will always be at peace with herself till the end of time.

  • sodakhic

    MrL, Love your defense and offense in that Ambinder article.

  • Jthom26837

     Get ‘em Mr.L!! Way togo defending Sarah Palin on not re-newing the ‘FOX News’ contract. You scamps over at The LSM created her. Mr. L, you hit it on the head there again. She’s very relevant. She’ll always be with all of us Americans. For those of you cowardly clowns who think Sarah Palin doesn’t have ambition. or knows what it is, BAM! taste her knight stick on this:
     "Ambition drives; purpose beckons, purpose calls"– Sarah Palin, "Going Rogue: An American Life.’ Page 103.
    SARAH PALIN ROCKS!!!   THE PALIN FAMILY ROCKS!!!   WE PALINISTAS ROCK!!!   GOD BLESS THE U.S.A!!!   Thank you, Mr. L. I’ll be seeing you back at your Tavern soon.

  • blueniner

    Mr. L hits another homerun! I love the point about since 2008 many of Sarahs harshest critics have had their own careers tank or are sick or diseased….These critics trash Sarah Palin at their own risk. Like the book by "Edgar Allen Poe" there have been many "Premature  Burials" of Sarah Palin !
    What goes around, comes around.

    • Mr.L

       It would seem so.  And I just want to repeat something I said in that clip, I do not wish it on them, she does not and I don’t say that anyone of us should, but sometimes in life, karma comes back around.  So while I don’t wish these sickos harm, when harm comes to them after the harm they’ve inflicted, I go for the popcorn and watch the show.

      • WSPISFA

        The harm that came/comes to Sarah’s haters is no one’s fault except their own:  rabid hate does that to a person, seriously, it literally eats away the insides.

        In other words, PDS causes suicide

  • MJScanlonOH

    I stand with Sarah Palin….The Arctic Fox will once again triumph against all the haters.

    • Jthom26837


  • Mr.L

    Thanks for the shout.

  • Mr.L

    Thanks @ Jthom26837 and I also recall her many times using the adage "preparation plus opportunity equals success"  and it’s a credo she lives by.   When I say monster I mean that the left see her as a frankstein monster.  but they created that monster for themselves.  Imagine if you will, had the media and the far left not follow and harass her back up in Alaska. I often wonder if they had just left her alone, would she be as effective as she is now?  Would she have inspired millions at many tea party rallies across the USA? I just don’t think so.  They messed with her and her state and the blow back for that since then is that she just keeps coming back.  The woman that the left sees as a monster– just doesn’t go away.

    • travelingon

       Mr.L do you happen to offer transcripts of your podcast?

      • Mr.L

         I do not, sorry. 

        • travelingon

           ok, thanks.

    • Jthom26837

      Anytime, Sir.

      I Stand With Sarah Palin!!

    • Christopher H Fromme

      The unintended consequences of an insane liberal left that without knowing it cause Sarah Palin to rise up and STAND for America in 2010.  But then the GOPe did not even send her a thank you card.

      • Freempg

        Beauregard Mittens Romney stood up from hiding behind the Little General’s skirt while she took the slings and arrows leading the Republicans to a House Majority in 2010. Mittens shoved her out of the way, tugged on his lapels, bristling with metals, flashed his pearly whites like Dudley Dooright, and claimed he was now in charge and ready to lead the GOP to victory.

  • DocBarry1

    Mr. L is right on the mark again- I really appreciate your insight – Thank you so much, I admire you so much!

    I am just thrilled that she is free of Fox News, I do not care why she left I am just excited for the next chapter.

    • Mr.L

       You’re welcome and I appreciate it.  Me too.  I’m glad she’s out of there too.  Especially after I saw Colin Powell’s interview on O’Reilly in where Bill O said Sarah Palin’s reason for using the "shuck and jive" comment on Obama that she was doing that "because she’s a performer."  He’s a schmuck.   I do not know what the exact details of Sarah’s contract with Fox was, but I would have to believe that it Ailes wanted her there and only there exclusively and she wasn’t allowed to move around to other networks.  While I believe some contributors agree to be on Fox, they also get to move around and do other news shows. If I’m not mistaken she did have to get special approval to do the Today show last year.  She was able to get around it though during the bus tour as she couldn’t stop reporters from other networks asking her questions while going around the country on the bus, but no long sit down interviews were allowed except for Hannity at the State Fair in Iowa.  I think it’s great and the possibilities are as well.  I’d like to see her mixing it up again on CNN or even 60 mins, that is if they have courage to have her on a show like that. 

      • DocBarry1

        I wrote to Bo and told him that he owesher an apology – he goes bamlustic when the meft blogs/sites that say things against him – he is a blow hard

      • Freempg

        Great work, Mr L.

        CNN has one-third the audience of Fox News . The Governor spoke of wanting to reach out to more people, which would mean one of the Big Three, if any. Be nice to see her floating like a butterfly on all three. Have you noticed the three of them have been on their best behavior?

        I mentioned this before but I think it bears repeating because it doesn’t hurt to ask. I would like to see her on Giada’s cooking show, showing Giada how to cook spaghetti and moose-meat meatballs, and while stirring the sauce, talk a little politics, throw in a few double entendre’s in about GOPe eunuchs.

      • blueniner

        You noticed that as well, BOR calling her an entertainer, I also think that was a stealth swipe at Sarah to drag he name in when asking COLON about racism in the GOP. he could have said the/some "Governors" like others have done, but the schmuck cant resist a shot at Sarah.

        • Mr.L

           Yeah that’s exactly why he did it.  But COLON did not like being accused of calling people racist which is exactly what he did in the past few weeks.  Its a perfect example of what Breitbart preached in his book.  When someone calls you a racist and you’re clearly not you should not back down.  it’s a serious accusation.  you should confront people head on and they’ll usually back down as COLON did.  When BOR did have to bring her name into it, he shouldve mentioned the democrats who have used that term as well. 

  • Argus_C4P

    Every politician in the USA could only hope that they were as irrelevant as Sarah Palin. There are so many words being printed each day about her that the ink companies would be having orgies if only the print media and leftwing news organizations were as relevant as they think they are. Sarah is driving the left further over the brink, talk about living large and rent free in their collective minds!

    As always, Mr. L is right on the money. I think her timing was impecible when she turned down the new contract with Fox. I can’t wait to see what she has in mind for the left and the wreckers of America.

  • Dan C

    Good job Mr. L. I really enjoy your stuff. Keep it coming.

  • Dan C

    Double post, sorry.

  • n4cerinc

    Excellent points on Karma for her haters, Mr. L. 

  • lyndaaquarius

    to Mr. L,  A few others who have cruelly maligned Gov. Palin: Sandra Bernhart[really vicious] ,Steve Schmidt and his wife Nicole Wallace{who could ever trust them again as political consultants?] ,John Ziegler{what’s happened to his career?] ,Julianne Moore[ who will certainly live to regret being used as a useful idiot to slander a good and decent woman]. And also what has happened to Mike Tyson? His rants on line were ugly and criminal. The fool never met Gov. Palin. She never did a thing to harm his life. No one who has ever set out to harm Sarah Palin has prospered. Julianne moore’s "success" is going to be short lived. Kathy Griffin ‘s star is fading rapidly. You’re so right about the "karma fairy"

    • Mr.L

       LOL…well Sandra Bernhard was over before she started.  But yes, she is nowhere and still stuck on the D list.  Wallace and Shyte have been called out by some very influential media people, one in particular Joe Curl of WaTimes did a scathing piece shunning them and defending Palin when Game Change came out.  In another segment I mentioned that J Moore’s next film will be the re-re-remake of the 70s B horror film "Carrie" so those globes are paying off…sarc. Karma Fairy has a long list….give her time.

    • cbenoistd

      Nicole Wallace was the wife of Mark Wallace, not Steve Schmidt. Maher, Sullivan, David Brooks, David Frum, Letterman, Maureen … Dowd, Madonna. But Rahm Emanuel didn’t say anything bad. He just tried to bankrupt her.

      • Mr.L

         I believe Madonna’s last record bombed severely.

  • alien4palin

    Mr L and Ron Devito, thank you. TRUTH is a beautiful stubborn commodity. TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH!!!

  • willegge

    Thank You Mr. L, God bless

    • Mr.L

       Ur welcome. God bless you as well.

  • daisy_mae

    Thank you so much for submitting this Ron!  So thankful for you and Mr. L :)

  • MarkRNY

    This is great Mr L, but I have to disagree with the title to a point–the Leftist Media won’t die unless it’s killed.

    Individuals can tank, whole networks can tank, but there’s no organized conservative outlet to which people can turn. You can basically limit consistent, coherent, effective airwaves opposition to Levin and Rush. The rest are "backbenchers"–and the media dead always rise again–like Dracula in their case, because they’re Death personified.

    When an MSLSD  Leftist tanks for example, where are their former viewers going? Where is there to go? CNN? The Alphabets? FOX? FOX might have been the single biggest factor in getting O re-elected in a squeaker–so where? The Internet? Aside from a few sites, where? Red State and Erickson? Hot Air and AP?

    If a Leftist outlet tanks, another replaces it. It’s that bad. It’s that far gone. Look at who/what dominates search engines and IP’s! Think a constant stream of far Left propaganda isn’t having an effect? If nothing else, they’re blockading stories and facts harmful to O and the Left (i.e. the Truth), whether the "average" American believes the crap they print as "news" or not. They’re made to believe they’re alone, and they lose heart.

    Everything you said about Sarah’s true though!–and THAT’s their potential Doom. They CANNOT destroy her–Left or GOPe. The appocolyptic aspect of Sarah to the Left/Beltway is that she doesn’t just gin up political junkies. She appeals to and is able to engage the disengaged who comprise a large majority of the American public. She can cut through the blockade more effectively than anyone since Reagan–even more so! This threatens the whole ponzi scheme–the whole tyranny–from Kurtz to Krauthammer–from Leftist to GOPe to Erickson to bufoons like O’Reilly.

    The Leftist/Beltway media can be taken down by this woman–and if they lose the media they lose the culture. If they lose the culture, they lose it all. In this battle against the Maoist Left and the Crony GOPe, this woman is a walking, ticking H-Bomb. If she takes them on consistently and relentlessly, people could rise. Their eyes could be opened. If that happens, the Restoration is here.

    As hyperbolic as this sounds, I mean every word of it–the media as it exists today is destroying this Republic almost single handedly. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Academia and the rest are just its arms, legs and members. The media gives them "life" and sustains that "life". The media must be completely dismantled–top to bottom–root and branch. That wouldn’t be a violation of freedom of the press because we have no free press. We have an Information Tyranny. It would be the restoration of a free press, without which (as Sarah’s said) we can’t survive. 

    No more head wagging "Can you believe them?"s and waiting for them to die! They’ve gotta go, and they’ve gotta go pretty damned quick. The way to do this is to relentlessly expose them, and the way to relentlessly expose them begins with a person who can cut through their blockade like a knife and get throngs to join her. Guess who?

    Sorry for the long post, but I know this in my bones. Life or death is right here.

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