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Mr.L: The Time To Protest The Liberal Media Is Extremely Nigh

Mr. L takes on Hollywood, the Game Change fiction, liberal hypocrisy, the "war on women" nonsense, and goes after the Democrat-Media complex in general. As usual, Mr. L minces no words.  Enjoy:

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  • Isabel Matos

    I just want to say that this is an awesome clip by MrL!~ :) 

    • indemind

       I DITTO this Post!

      SarahAmerica "Here’s to liberty!"

    • Mr.L

       thanks for your support Izzy.

  • TheFluidPusher

    Lets do it. March on CBS/ABC/NBC. End the Weapon of Mass Deception media.

    • Mr.L

      WMD! LOL! I love that. Hey forgot in this clip to add that pro life groups could join this protest as well.  they’ve taken a lot of hits from the media over the years.

  • DocBarry1

    Mr. L. Tavern hits it "out of the park" – Congratulations for remaining true to your convictions – thanks for always standing up for Gov Palin and her family –

    I stand with Governor Pallin, The Great One, Mr. Levin and Mr. L. Tavern!!!!!

    • Mr.L

       Thanks. Honored to be standing with Levin Palin & C4P.

      • DocBarry1

        U R THE BEST!!!!

  • chuckjr

    Thanks Mr. L. You’re right. I imagine packing the front of Rockefeller Center for a week would get their attention. 

    • Mr.L

       You’re welcome Chuck! It would definitely turn some heads. 

  • TeflonWarrior

    Tea party round 2, let it be so..

    • Mr.L

       I agree. The media is declaring the tea party and the conservative message dead after Obama’s second win.

  • blueniner

    Another great podcast from the real truth detector. It would be nice if Mr. L had a bigger footprint, and could he heard by more people. Maybe someone could send his podcasts to Breitbart. Thanks for your loyality to Sarah Palin. Your idea of protesting the media is a great idea, they are in on the compliance of this destruction of this Country.

    • Mr.L

       Thank you blueliner. For me loyalty to Sarah Palin is a virtue. The media is tied to everything that is going wrong with this country.

  • $7566967

    I wish EVERYONE online would listen to Mr. L. Just brilliant and speaks to the common man.

  • PAWatcher

    IMHO Mr. L is absolutely wrong about any large protests, the progressives are just waiting for this to be done by the conservatives, any march will be infiltrated and turned into a riot. They were unawares with the first TEA party protests and the grass roots numbers. They are now ready to discredit and fight the protesters. Homeland security is ready to have any excuse to confront TEA conservatives, riots in NYC would be right up their alley.
     Write letters, send emails, don’t spend your money on cable, movies or music, that is you perogative. Boycots can back fire so easy if screamed to the rafters.
     But please think long and hard about mass protests right now, it does not bode well to get out the masses right now IMHO.

    • ernst1776

      So, business as usual?  Consequences be damned… it’s time to be heard and seen!

      • Mr.L

         I agree. PAW you’re wrong. So we should be afraid and not have a protest because a bunch of left wingers are going to attack us and say bad things about us?  that’s absurd.  I’m not going to be feared into being pussified.

        • PAWatcher

          I may be wrong Mr. L and 1776, but, I don’t think the time is right for large public protests. IMHO that is the reaction the progressives have been goading conservatives into, poke, poke, prod, prod, push, push. They want their portrayal of the TEA conservatives to come true with violent outbreaks and will in my mind instigate violence at any conservative gathering right now.
          Strategy and maneuvering never pussified a warrior as far as I know, but I guess I fight like a girl-  not out of fear, but the intent to win the battle.
          And I do get frustrated and outraged with the situation the US is in right now and have moments of doubt that anything I do will help, so, you may have the answer- large protests and boycot………. time will tell. 

          • Mr.L


        • Sue Lynn

          I stand with Mrl….

    • blueniner

      OK lets just cower and let the brown shirts dictate the demise of our Freedoms, no way, there has been too much silence. Its time to stand up!

      • PAWatcher

        I’m not cowering, I’m standing …………right behind you blue, but not at any protest at this time.

  • xthred

    I’m the #1 Mr L fan!

  • section9

    Mr. L exposes the Propaganda Ministry! Thanks L!

    Todays mainstream media have become the greatest collection of scum and villainy since Geobbels strapped on leoderhosen and danced around the Berghof with Magda.

    • Mr.L


  • MarkRNY


    As I’ve been posting here (and elsewhere) till I’m blue in the…fingers–if we don’t take the media down, we’ve taken nothing back.

    Obama, no Leftist (see Rubber Room Reid/Pelosi/Rangle, etc) and no Leftist issue is possible without them. Going after congress in DC is going after the tail, not the dog.

    This goes for the TP, the Pro-Life March/Movement–everything–if the rallies don’t end at and focus on the networks, the Leftist rags, etc, you’ve missed the target! Focusing on congress and/or O is like taking out an enemy bowling alley instead of leveling their WMD facility next door.

    Here’s a good, upcoming test case to prove this point–

    No matter where you stand on Life, watch the "coverage" (read silence) by the Networks on the Life march. There’ll be a few hundred thousand, mostly young marchers in DC, and if it’s covered at all it’ll be limited to a 10 second segment at the bottom of the news, where they use a small angle lens to focus on the few old people they find and give most of the coverage to the 15 Pro Abort counter demonstrators. Then REALLY think about what you just saw them do! Now name an issue, event or person where they can’t do it! 

    Then imagine if it were a few hundred thousand "Gulag All Gun Owners" Rent-a-Mobsters marching on DC. It would be wall to wall, 24/7 coverage for weeks. This is Tyranny! This is the head of the snake! This is–The End. 

    Look at O! Look at Reid/Pelosi! Would they be possible in your wildest dreams without the media?

    Now look at Sarah…Case fricken closed!

    THANKS for this Mr L!

    • Mr.L

       Thanks Mark.  You’re correct a lunatic pill head like Nancy Pelosi would never have risen to the ranks of power that she did without help from the media. And the media would never allow an Obama on the right side of the aisle, who had very little experience, who spoke in platitudes and promises, to rise to the office of the presidency.  the media, like so many other people in his life, greased the skids for Obama into the White House. 

      • MarkRNY

        I can’t think of a single issue that the Left has rammed through that would have been possible without the media–not one. That goes for a majority of Dems who hold office too. Most would be ambulance chasing lawyers or rich white kid "social workers" without the media. A psuedo-Black, head case Marxist rich kid who attended a church that screamed "God damn America" wouldn’t have gotten within a hundred miles of the WH either.

        I’m from the "Take them apart piece by piece" school, and if that sounds "radical" it’s because our lives and our nation are at stake. They’ll scream "Freedom of the press", but THEY’VE destroyed a free press, and that’s an objective fact. We’re the ones who want to restore it. No one should know better that the people on this site about how truly dangerous they are.

        • Mr.L

          I’m from that same school Mark. I cannot comprehend folks in the republican party or even some good conservatives who believe that making nice with the left is the way to go.  Leftists like Obama want to get the right to give away all of their principles until we have no more to give away.  At the end of the day, we become like the left or left lite. That’s the ultimate goal they have in mind.  I refuse to compromise with ass clowns who say nasty things about Trig Palin or anyone in the Palin family. Or those who while George HW Bush is lying in a hospital they’re dancing around like Islamic children after 911. No I do not believe such folk need to be compromised with.  They must be destroyed.
          Yes, the GOP and it’s establishment apparatus are bad.  But as a political party, if the Democrats did not have the media to spin, bail out, fawn over them or their candidates over the years, the party would have been put into the ash heap of political history a long long time ago.

  • Sue Lynn

    Mrl Tavern has wonderful reporting skills …great job…they will not get a dime from me!!!!

  • dmac8889

    Mr. L.,  Great Stuff!   NYC, I’ll be there.

  • lyndaaquarius

    how would this strategy be applied to the leftist media "pick the target,freeze it, personalize it, polarize it, identify a responsible individual[s]" ? So much of their crap can be turned against them. A constant drumbeat exposing the hypocrisy would be a good start. Exposing the emptiness of their policies in debates would be effective. A Fox journalist debating any Leftist journalist. Think diminishing and ridiculing the Leftist media constantly. We need hundreds of Steven Crowders. There is so much to mock about the Leftist media.s tactics. Take them on in the public sphere . Openly challenge "the right wants to poison the air and kill your children, they’re not compassionate" stupidity. 

  • AmazedOne1


  • AmazedOne1


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