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New York Post | The jobs scare

One-fifth of small-business owners expect to lay off workers this year, according to a recent index taken by Gallup. In fact, their overall outlook on hiring and firing is worse now than at any time since the depths of the recession.

For good reason.

For the past four years, President Obama has blamed everybody but himself for the stubbornly high unemployment that has accompanied his time in office.

So if you own a business, what would you see ahead? New taxes and regulations from ObamaCare; quarterly scares over the national debt ceiling; a military sequester that will slow down the defense industry, and an energy and environmental policy that is strangling the very industries that hold the most promise for new jobs, such as oil and gas exploration.

At times the Obama camp has even intimated that companies are holding back on hiring and spending as a way of getting back at the president. The truth is that businesses are afraid to commit to spend and hire because they don’t know what the president has in store for them.


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  • TomMikele

    What a pathetic website this is. Chock full of lies and distortions designed to jerk the chain of contards. While their is room for big improvement, the economy is in better shape with better prospects than at any time since Bush and his criminal cohorts finished pillaging it. Any gov’t action taken that harms the economy is taken by Congress, not Obama. Only Congress can authorize spending and enact legislation.

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