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Nick Gillespie | 3 Incredibly Outrageous Evasions by Hillary Clinton

During a long day of testifying before House and Senate panels, outgoing Secretary of State – and presumptive Democratic Party candidate for the presidency in 2016 – Hillary Clinton batted away contentious questions from Republicans like Ted Williams at a Little League game. She also soaked up extreme adulation from Democrats (including a a not-so-coded call to run for president by Sen. Barbara Boxer, who said, "You will be missed, but I for one hope for not too long").

The scene reminded me of nothing so much as Oliver North’s appearance before a joint Congressional committee investigating Iran-Contra back in the 1980s. Not because of anything Clinton said but the way that she carried herself and the ease with which she wrapped herself in the flag and tragedy to obscure the simple fact that she wasn’t going to answer anything. North famously showed up to testify in a military uniform that had nothing to do with his day job of subverting the U.S. Constitution from the basement of the Reagan White House. Clinton couldn’t repeat that fashion statement but she was able to pound the table and choke up at all the right moments to evade serious discussion not simply of major screw-ups, but major screw-ups that will go unaccounted for.

Three major evasions from her appearances yesterday include:


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  • ConservativeJoy

    Americans still need to know why the NYT, after covering the Abu Grabiq (sp?) Iraq prison incident where no one was killed or injured on its Front Page for 35+ days, is refusing to ask the Administration such questions as:
    1.  Did the President really issue an order that everything possible be done to save the four Americans in America?  If so, was that order issued in a timely manner?
    2.  If he did issue a timely order, then who in his Administration countermanded his order?
    3.  Why did the President and Hillary lie for over two weeks about the video’s being the cause of the deaths?
    4.  Why did the President tell the UN that the video was behind the Benghazi killings when he knew it was terrorists?  
    5.  What is the Administration doing to prevent another fiasco such as Benghazi?
    6.  Why is our Government providing guns and/or money to buy guns to terrorists in the Middle East? 

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