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Obama Inaugural Rewind: Rhetoric vs Reality

This is fun. On the day of King Obama’s inauguration, Reason’s Meredith Bragg thought it would be useful to go back four years to Obama’s first inaugural speech and contrast what he promised to what he actually did. Enjoy:

Does anyone seriously doubt that the country won’t be worse off in four years than we are today? One only has to look at the past four to see where we’re headed. Social Security and Medicare will be four years closer to bankruptcy, the national debt will exceed a staggering $20 trillion, and college graduates will increasingly be forced to live with their parents due to a lack of full-time jobs in the new Obamacare economy. But hey, at least they’ll have "free" birth control pills. Remind me again: what’s the definition of insanity?

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  • Lennart Bilén

    Entitlements, budget, and yes – sequestration.
    Obama is fooling a half of this nation
    But not “we the people”
    We are not just sheeple.
    We know it’s not squander – it’s wealth generation.

  • Harvey Tarkmule

    An old saying I heard, "You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time."

    • blackbird

      So now we see the light
      We gonna stand up for our right

      Hi Harvey, they are also the words in Bob Marley’s song Get Up Stand Up.

  • Christopher H Fromme

    This is a friends summary

    “I am the President, deal with it.”
    There was no reaching out to the “other side.” There was no interest in compromise. In fact he did exactly the opposite. Obama declared today in his inauguration address that he intends to “fundamentally transform” America into the land of big government that will right all wrongs. He in effect said “hands off entitlements” and more needs to be done to ensure equality of outcomes. This assumes that some very wise people — like themselves —- need to take decisions out of the hands of lesser people —- like the rest of us — and impose those decisions by government fiat. Regardless of how well it is dressed in rhetoric it is tyranny by the administrative state. History makes it clear how this will end up.
    Remember that just days ago Organizing for America was changed to Organizing for Action. In his address he stated more than once that “now is the time for action.” Is goal is to split the Republican party and win back control of the house so that he can finish the destruction of the country by 2016
    The next four years will separate the Patriots from the “sunshine patriots”.

    • 1776er

      As I have mentioned many times here at C4P the word ACTION has a particular meaning for Marxist radicals.  It is is the most oft used word in Saul Alinsky’s handbook Rules for Radicals.

      Marxists know that Power is the ability to act.  In Marxist-speak Organizing for Action translates to Organizing for Power.  

      Alinsky’s second most used word is CHANGE.  Alinsky professed to be non-ideological.  He argued that he was a perpetual change agent.  His problem, and Obama’s problem, is that they both were on a journey to nowhere.  Alinsky was and Obama is now both and the same chasing their tails.  

      Alinsky saw history as a never ending dialectic — a push and pull–between the Haves and Have Nots.  Alinsky realized that those two opposing forces would simply change places over time and the struggle would go on and on and on with no terminal place of rest.  Alinsky always aligned with the Have Nots whoever they might be.  Today the Have Nots are Conservative Americans.  As absurd as this may seem, today Alinsky would be working to organize Conservative Have Nots  to seize Power from the Marxist Obamaist Haves who now control society.  Chasing his tail in a never ending circle of change for change sake.   An empty man of no fixed convictions, values, ethics or morals.  An evil man.  

      Conservatives should take note.  Alinsky’s brutal polarizing , demonizing, fear mongering, character assassination tactics just won the 2012 election.  Whatever else you can say about Alinsky his tactics work.

      Obama in his Second Inaugural Speech clearly telegraphed the path of the next four years.  Collectivism is our future.  His next four years will be devoted largely to cementing the moral superiority of collectivism as the "new norm" superseeding individual liberty as the American standard world view.  That’s where the propaganda machine of the LSM will come more and more into play selling the superior morality of collectivism over individualism in America.  Punishing wealth and prosperity is the only "right, just, fair and moral" thing to do.  It’s going to turn your stomach as you are pounded with it every night by Brian Willians and NBC News.  Tonight’s morality play about the superiority of COLLECTIVE ACTION to meet America’s needs.

      It will be sort of like replacing the Marlboro Man riding alone into the sunset with a butt hanging from his lips with the gang in the Choom Wagon collectively getting high and  sucking on a common bong.  Obama’s salvation is not an individual salvation.  He finds his salvation in the "collective".  So, will we all as he gets his way.  See Obamcare.

      Obama’s second administration will be about erecting more and more blocks in the wall of the Collectivist Castle he is building to withstand the forces of reaction which all Marxists anticipate and fear.  That would be you and me.  The goal is to make Marxism in America unassailable in the future and safe for all time to come.  See North Korea.  

      Obama’s second term will also be about addressing his inner fears and basic paranoia.  To him America has always been an evil place full of forces determined to keep him down, deny him, and oppress him because of his skin color and his muslim heritage and upbringing in Indonesia.  The whole colonial American "system" from the Constitution on up is designed to oppress people like him.   This would include especially the "rich" who are stuck in pre-Civil War days of the slave holding South..  He both envies and fears these oppressive "rich" and secretly longs to be one of them as his personal habits, relaxations and hobbies indicate.  He wants everything "they" have in order to shove it in "their" faces. A $4 million golf and surfing vacation in Hawaii while the nation teetered on the Fiscal Cliff is but one manifestation of this arrogant defiant attitude toward the American world.   The way to get "it" is to take "it" away from "them".  

      Obama’s handlers and sellers have sold him as an extraordinarily brilliant man.  Yet we may not see his college transcripts.  His curious and humorous dependence on teleprompters for even the most mundane of appearances led to suspicions about his capacity.  His first debate performance with Romney destroyed the illusion forever.  He has been carried along every step of the way by "mentors" and backers and facilitators paving and paying his way and grooming him for Marxist service in some capacity perhaps high public office.  

      Obama is a prickly, skin deep personality quick to perceive insult reflecting a profound insecurity about his own limitations.  He is a pathological, sociopathic liar who lies even when he doesn’t have to.  The Lie is his first option.  A dead giveaway. His life is a made up composite lie to include his place of birth, his citizenship, what his father was,  what his mother was, what his stepfather was, what his grandparents were, his girlfriends, his religion, his Chicago associations,  and his political ideology.  He lives in a surreal half-world of reality and fiction.  Truth be told he probably doesn’t quite remember which part is real and which part is made up. Maybe that girlfriend really did exist.  Maybe her name was Julia.   Similarly, Obama makes up his own world of forces out to do him in. These would be the strawmen who inhabit and haunt his rhetoric–"on the one hand there are those who would…." You fill in the blank of of the fictional made up half real/ half fake oppressive actors and their evil actions.  

      Obama’s defense against that made-up-in-his-own-mind oppressive American world that threatens to expose his half real half made up life?  Surround himself in a protective "collective" of manipulated minds that are taken in and fully hornswoggled by his lies and charming personality and who enable him to continue in his fantasy world without consequences. (See his second term cabinet of yes men).  There are millions of them in America and they just voted him his second term in office. That envy/fear/hate/revenge was the central theme of his campaign is no mistake.  It is a reflection of Obama’s personality and his world view, such as it is.  

      We are seeing the mind of the Marxist in Obama and the mind of the Marxist movement and philosophy.  It, too, lies.  It, too, deceives.  It, too, weaves a half real/ half fake pipe dream world. Marxism perceives oppressive enemies on all sides which must be ruthlessly eliminated to "keep the dream alive". That includes not only the pernicious "rich" and the Bourgeousie but also the Church and God Himself.  

      The Middle Class in America is about to wake up and find that the enemies list of Obama and Marxism also includes the Petite Bourgeoisie as well.  Don’t know what the Petite Bourgeoisie is?  Well most of you would define yourself as Petite Bourgeoisie.  It is Middle America.  Look it up.

       That enemy of the Orwellian Marxist state was polarized and Emmanuel Goldsteined into the face of George W. Bush masquerading as Mitt Romney in the last election.

      Obama’s second term will be a Policy expression of that paranoia. Alinsky pinpointed the objective of power—"Policy follows Power".  As his Second Inaugural Address fully implied, Second Obama will be a marathon of socialist  policy proposals designed to grow the circle of protective "collecivist" fat –that  core of sycophants, crony capitalists, permanent political class, dimwitted media, Hollywood useful idiots  and especially state-dependent low information voters– which insulates Obama’s and the Marxist pipe dream world from the consequences of the real world. Fully taken in and hornswoggled enablers and defenders of the Lie.  A Collectivist Castle built to last.  

      That was the message of Obama’s Second Inaugural address.  Game on.  Forward Collectivist Masses!  Build the Castle.  Time is of the essence. The time for ACTION is now.   Enemies abound.  The Truth is at the door.

      • cbenoistd

        This is so obsessive. Sometimes it’s good not to publish all you think. You may think like a free man, but you write like a Marxist. That’s an unhappy situation.

        • 1776er

          Know your enemy.  Study your enemy.  Study what he thinks.  Study how he thinks. Study what motivates him. Study his objectives. Study his tactics.  Study how he acts. Read what he reads.  Read what he writes. Listen carefully to  what he speaks and learn to interpret what he says.  Be prepared. 

           Otherwise come to the gunfight as a naif armed with……nothing.  That would be an unhappy situation.   

  • HuntingMoose

    after today’s insanity I really need some sanity medication from Sarah to compensate for this .

    any ETA on a next dose from her on Fox or somewhere else?

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