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Congrats to the Alabama Crimson Tide for its third championship in four years.


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  • ZH100

    Good morning all.

    Excellent article about Gov.Palin’s record of accomplishments.

    ‘Who Is the Real Sarah Palin?’

    From the article:

    Executive Authority and Success

    Palin was the first female and youngest governor to be elected in Alaska, which is tied for the second most powerful governorship in the United States, according to Thad Beyle, a political scientist at the University of North Carolina.

    Budgeting and Spending

    Palin cut state spending between 2007 and 2010 by 9.5% while also reducing federal earmark requests by more than 80% during her tenure. She used her line-item veto to cut more than a quarter billion in superfluous spending in both 2007 and 2008. In 2009, she instituted a temporary hiring freeze, while at the same time reducing spending by more than 33% between FY2009 and FY2010.

    In stark contrast to President Obama and other governors whose fiscal records are dogged by credit downgrades, Palin left Alaska with an improved credit rating during and following her tenure as governor.  Standard & Poor’s raised Alaska’s credit rating from AA to AA+ in April 2008. Then in 2010, both Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s upgraded Alaska to AAA for the first time in the state’s history due to policies enacted by Palin that made the state’s finances more than solvent.  


    Under Palin’s leadership, Alaska was 2nd in job growth, and 3rd in the change in its unemployment rate, compared to the other states. Alaska also saw a record number of oil jobs in both 2008 and 2009, while natural resource and logging jobs increased 13.7% during Palin’s tenure.

    In fact, Palin’s record on jobs compared to the country as a whole was stronger than the President’s and other prominent governors’ during their respective tenures

    Business Growth

    Alaska was an opportunity society under Palin. Alaska moved up from the 4th most business tax-friendly state to the 3rd most business tax-friendly state during her tenure.

    Palin was a firm believer in tax cuts. In addition to lowering unemployment insurance tax rates, she cut business license fees in half, suspended the state motor fuel tax, and signed legislation, allowing Alaska-based businesses the same opportunities as out-of-state businesses. All of this was consistent with her record as Mayor of Wasilla, where she eliminated small business inventory taxes and cut property tax mill levies every year she was in office.


    Energy issues are Palin’s forte, and her record proves it. In 2007, Governor Palin signed ACES—Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share—a net tax on oil profits that was passed in a bipartisan and transparent manner. ACES replaced the corruption-tainted oil tax plan of the previous administration, which was passed in secret and ultimately lead to the federal indictment of several Alaskan state officials and oil company personnel. Furthermore, ACES provided oil companies with incentives to develop. The progressivity of the tax meant producers were protected when oil prices were low, but the interest of the resource owners—the people of Alaska—were appropriately protected as well to achieve a fair return for their resource.

    Most importantly, ACES led to jobs, increased development, and a huge surplus for Alaska.

    Perhaps Palin’s biggest energy achievement was spearheading the creation of the Alaska natural gas pipeline. After five decades of unsuccessful attempts by Alaskan administrations to bring a gas pipeline project into existence, Palin and her team introduced the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA) in March 2007. AGIA passed the Legislature by a vote of 57-1 in May of that year.

    Unlike the behind-closed-doors cronyism of past administrations, Palin’s AGIA legislation was conducted out in the open and made use of a genuine free-market competitive bidding process. Palin’s AGIA placed not only Alaska, but also the nation, further on the path toward energy independence.

    Palin played hardball with the big oil companies in her state. According to the Alaska state constitution, Alaskans are the resource owners in their state; and it was Palin’s duty as their CEO to get the best deal for Alaskans while at the same time partnering with these oil companies for the mutual benefit of all.

    Ethics Reform and Transparency

    Ethics reform was the hallmark of Palin’s governorship. She was swept into office on a reform message in a state with a serious corruption problem. Alaska at the time was undergoing a federal investigation that culminated in the indictment of various corrupt lawmakers. Palin had made a name for herself as an ethics crusader when she chaired the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservative Commission and blew the whistle on fellow commissioner and state GOP head Randy Ruedrich for doing party business on state time. This resulted in Ruedrich receiving a $12,000 fine—the largest civil fine for ethics in the state’s history. Alaskans respected the fact that Palin was not afraid of taking on the establishment of her own party.

    As governor, Palin fought for and signed sweeping bipartisan ethics legislation, which restricted lobbyists, improved disclosure laws, and improved executive and legislative branch ethics laws. In the face of corruption, she continued to take on her own party when it was necessary. She also increased transparency by releasing her oil tax bill to her constituents 17 days prior to the special legislative session, opening up natural gas pipeline deals to all potential parties, putting the state checkbook online, and not allowing lobbyists in her office.


    Palin forward funded education to allow districts greater flexibility, supported increased vocational training and early education funding, opened up opportunity to Alaskan students to participate in regional medical schools, and increased overall funding for special needs education by 175% (before she herself became the mother of son with special needs). Believing that the best reform was close to home, Palin wisely also chose to monitor rather than participate in national standards for education.

    Health Care

    Palin introduced health care transparency legislation that established an Alaska health care information office to give consumers factual information on quality and cost to help them make better-informed health care decisions. Recognizing that health care must be market-and business-driven, rather than restricted by government, Palin proposed repeal of Certificate of Need—a layer of bureaucracy that prevents medical facility development. She established the Alaska Health Strategies Planning Council, reduced Medicaid assessments by 83%, and expanded Alaska’s SeniorCare benefits program for low-income seniors.

  • ZH100

    Whom Do You Believe? HBO or Gallup?

    From the article:

    "Despite the premise of "Game Change" – that Sarah Palin cost John McCain the 2008 presidential election – Gallup polls prove HBO’s assertion categorically false. Palin wasn’t the reason the Republicans lost the election.

    She’s the only reason they had a fighting chance up until the time McCain suspended his presidential campaign in late September.

    In the two weeks before Palin joined the McCain ticket, the Arizona senator drifted in the low 40 percentile range, mostly around 41, 42 and 43 percent, while Obama held as much as an 8 point lead at about 49 and 50 percent. Four days after Palin joined the ticket, however, McCain’s numbers climbed to 45 percent and Obama’s sank to 47 percent, narrowing the gap significantly from eight points to two.

    Between Sept. 4-6, McCain and Palin actually overshot the Obama ticket by 3 percent with the Republicans in the lead at 48 percent and the Democrats at only 45. McCain consistently held that lead until Sept. 15, and then the candidates balanced out with Obama enjoying a mere three-point lead, and no lead at all from Sept. 22-24, when the numbers were tied at 46 percent.

    So what happened?

    On Sept. 24, however, McCain shocked the country by saying that he was suspending his presidential campaign to help President George W. Bush and Congress solve the financial crisis. Although the former war hero turned senator did it for the good of the country, it was perceived as a brash, erratic act, and that’s exactly how Obama portrayed it.

    Some were intrigued as to how McCain’s decision would play out in the polls, but once he suspended his campaign in late September he never recaptured the lead he enjoyed with the breaking news of recruiting Palin. It was downhill from there.

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    My Dear Friends in Sarah,

    Happy Tuesday to you all!!

    Congratulations to the Alabama Crimson Tide on winning the BCS National Championship game last night–Dynasty!

    Maybe, just maybe, if it be the Will of the Lord, we shall witness another kind of CRIMSON TIDE on Tuesday, 8 November, 2016, one that will spread and flow not over a football gridiron, but over America’s electoral map, as SARAH ROLLS to a crushing victory in the POTUS race!!

    I hope too that you enjoyed the wild-card NFL playoff games this past weekend. We have some great pro games to look forward to this coming Saturday and Sunday.

    I present below letter "J" in the "Latin Sarah" series, which I am presenting again from last spring and summer. There is a brief explanatory preface about the use of the letter "J."

    I have also slightly edited the comments on SARAH JOCOSA, Sarah the Humorous/Witty, in view of our current situation.

    Our Governor is certainly possessed of both WIT and WITS as she shows us the way to laugh at our enemies (wit), while also sagaciously planning to confound and defeat them (wits).

    It is her sense of fun that is emphasized in the piece below!

    God bless you all always!!

    DEO VOLENTE, SARAH 2016!!!


    Here is letter J in the "LATIN SARAH" series. I shall add a word of explanation as to why I am going ahead with a "J," even though in some printed editions of Latin authors the letter J is not used.

    From the open thread of a few days ago:

    "Thanks, NMM. In some Latin texts, all "J"s are spelled with "I". It is a question of consonantal vs. vocalic "I". Sometimes "I", when it is a consonant, not a vowel, can be spelled "J". Hence, I was going to go ahead and do a "J" for the Sarah series!! Then I will go to "L", since, except for a few words like the "Kalends"–Kalendae (1st of each month), we do not really have a "K" in Latin!!"

    So, for example, the Latin word for "justice" may be spelled JUSTITIA or IUSTITIA in our printed editions!!


    Our dear Sarah is truly full of fun and wit and humor, even in the midst of–no, I ought to say, ESPECIALLY in the midst of the deadly and grim war in which are presently engaged for the survival of our country!! When we have to descend into the Hell of Mordor to battle the Dark Lord, it is well to keep the sweet and salutary memory of the Shire of the Hobbits or of Lothlorien of the Elves close to our hearts and spirits, lest we become transformed, through hatred, into the image of the very forces we are combatting. The crystal-ringing drops of laughter that trip and dance from a clean spirit are a marvelous antidote to the poison of the nefarious nether regions.

    The Governor is often clothed with a beautiful smile. And the smile does not merely perch loosely on her lips, but wells up from all the springs and depths of her "deep heart’s core." When she laughs, it is her soul, it is her whole being, that laughs.

    Remember the words of Hamlet about his murderous uncle, the usurping King Claudius of Denmark … they go something like this (I am citing from memory, so it is probably a bit off) "Damnable, smiling devil … a man can smile and smile and smile and still be a devil; at least I know that it is so in Denmark." Sarah’s smile, by contrast, is the veritable, soul-deep grace of a lady who rejoices and trusts in her Lord!! And her soul-smile and wit have a generative power: How many millions of us has she not inspired to keep on fighting in the JOY OF OUR CONVICTIONS through her own beautiful spirit!!

    From the very first days, with the "lipstick" and "Styrofoam Greek columns" remarks in her RNC speech in September of ’08 up to these very hours, she has continued to light up these grim years of the deadly and dangerous obama "administration" with her bright, luminous, radiant, LAUGHING spirit.


  • ZH100

    Gov.Palin played a central role during the 2010 election; she basically spearheaded the 2010 victory with her endorsements and rallies all over the country.

    ‘2010 Elections: The Palin Effect ‘ (By: bbila ,2010)

    From the article:

    "With that being said, Palin’s 71% endorsement success rate thus far—52 wins out of 73 declared races featuring Palin-endorsed candidates (eight additional races are undecided as of 1:30 p.m. on November 4)—is impressive, especially considering that she embraced a number of underdogs in traditionally blue states.

    Of particular importance is the fact that eighteen of the twenty candidates backed in Palin’s Take Back the 20 initiative have won their races (one race is undecided as of 1:30 p.m. on November 4). That’s a 90% success rate.

    When Mediaite, CBS, and NBC—despite some incomplete stats—are all in agreement that Palin had a great night, it just may be one for the books."

  • ZH100

    ‘America’s European moment’

    The troubling similarities between the fiscal mismanagement in Washington and the mess in the euro zone

    From the article:

    "FOR the past three years America’s leaders have looked on Europe’s management of the euro crisis with barely disguised contempt. In the White House and on Capitol Hill there has been incredulity that Europe’s politicians could be so incompetent at handling an economic problem; so addicted to last-minute, short-term fixes; and so incapable of agreeing on a long-term strategy for the single currency.

    Those criticisms were all valid, but now those who made them should take the planks from their own eyes. America’s economy may not be in as bad a state as Europe’s, but the failures of its politicians—epitomised by this week’s 11th-hour deal to avoid the calamity of the “fiscal cliff”—suggest that Washington’s pattern of dysfunction is disturbingly similar to the euro zone’s in three depressing ways.

    The saddest thing about this week’s deal is how unaware Messrs Obama and Boehner seem to be of the wider damage their petty partisanship is doing to their country. National security is not just about the number of tanks or rockets you have. As it has failed to deal with the single currency, Europe’s standing has crumbled in the world. Why should developing countries trust American leadership, when it seems incapable of solving anything at home? And while the West’s foremost democracy stays paralysed, China is making decisions and forging ahead.

    This week Mr Obama boasted that he had fulfilled his mandate by raising taxes on the rich. In fact, by failing once again to clear up America’s fundamental fiscal trouble, he and Republican leaders are building Brussels on the Potomac."

  • ZH100

    Some interesting videos.

    CNN finding that Palin was hard-working governor

    Jonathan Strong discusses LSM Plot to tear Palin Down  (July ,2010)

    Sarah Palin Visits Troops at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo (2009)

    Governor Palin Dines With Prime Minister Netanyahu  (March ,2011)

    Governor Palin “On the Couch with Koel” in India (March ,2011)

    Samaritan’s Purse – Sarah Palin – Birmingham Tornado Relief

    Governor Palin in Haiti.

    Opinion Journal: Palin vs. Bernanke

    Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska (FULL MOVIE)

    Sarah Palin Outside Fox News

    Rush – McCain Staffers Trying to Destroy Sarah Palin – Nov 6, 2008

    PJTV: Bill Whittle on the Sarah Palin Haters.

    ESPN Outside the Lines: Wasilla Warrior Sarah Palin .

    Alaska Journey via ANWR & Valdez

    The Wardrobe Saga

    • wodiej

      wow, never saw the Gov. Palin Alaska movie…yowsa!! Thank you ZH!

      • ZH100

         You are welcome, wodiej.

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    And thanks to all of you for your comments on the Chuck, Jr./American Party thread.

    ONLY THE GOVERNOR, IMHO, can lead a movement either to retake the GOP, or to launch a new "American Party."

    AND, the very silence that was imposed upon her by the GOP Establishment last year, their very rejection of her, could make her all the more powerful now.


    Because when a great voice has been temporarily muted or silenced, its triumphant reappearance stirs minds and hearts to battle even more than before–it is like a Divine Symphony wherein a slow or quiet "movement" is followed by the contrasting thunder of the battle drums and the fair and blood-stirring cry of the war trumpet!!

    She, and we, have suffered for a time in the desolate valley of silence.

    Now comes the hour of the LION’S ROAR–God willing!


  • wodiej

    "The Lord is my portion," says my soul, "therefore I hope in Him."  Lamentations 3:24

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thank you, wodiej, and good morning!

      • wodiej

        Good Morning Brian…yw

  • palintologist

    According to this radio interview, NC gained a Repube governor, but also the head of martial law for Obama:

    Scary stuff.

    • c4pfan

      What do you mean?

  • Pete Petretich

    Down with the Bush Clan!

    (Sorry, I just had to say it…)

    • bedr1

      don’t be sorry

  • TexS2012
    • c4pfan

      Does that make any sense?

      • TexS2012

        I think what is happening is Obama is funneling money to certain police departments. Does Chicago and others come to mind? So of course he will be using them.

    • bedr1

      It does if the government is in cahoots to take your guns away in the first place.

      What better way than to arrest kid from one’s own task force team for to make it look on the up and up.

      • TexS2012

        See my reply to c4pfan. Obama has some police in his pocket.

  • TexS2012

    Indiana is Considering a Bill of Nullification of Obamacare!!!

    • Christopher H Fromme

      The cool thing is that Indiana has a conservative governor  Mike Pence that will sign it

  • section9


    Alabama just scored again, btw. As a Canes fan, it’s nice to see ND exposed for playing that cupcake schedule (yes, they kicked Miami’s ass, but that’s beside the point-the Canes are weak this year). When the Irish played an SEC team stacked with NFL talent that had to play OTHER SEC teams, also stacked with NFL talent,  you all saw what happened. No better football is played than in the SEC, period.

    Still waiting on Palin. Wonder what she is up to?

    Totally disgusted at the goings on in D.C., like everyone else. Nice to see the Obamii all surprised that their taxes went up.


    • c4pfan

      Sure did!


       "Wonder what she’s up to" sure is THE question of the hour, isn’t it?

    • narciso

       And you have to give props, to Saban, you don’t know how hard that is to say, although why didn’t Notre Dame show up till the second half,

      • section9

        The Miami Hurricanes are about 5 years away from being as good as Bama.

    • Ory Hebert

      It’s so funny to keep hearing ND called one of the best defenses in the league and that they just couldn’t hit their tackles last night.

      When will the SEC championship become the national championship?

  • c4pfan

    Too bad that game was on a Monday and not a Fri/Sat to be able to rest the next day!

  • wodiej

    Wendy’s cutting employees to part time to avoid obamacare mandate….gee, really?


       My friend’s niece works at Olive Garden….same thing.

  • wodiej

    obama supporters shocked over tax increase in paychecks.  Duh.


    I, like many are clinging to the hope that Sarah is making careful plans — wherever she is !
    In regards to last night’s game, ND started out un-ranked & went 12 & 0 & they are still a great team.
    If you want to diss their schedule, this was the Tide’s schedule this year :

    2012-2013 SCHEDULE
    Date     Opponent / Event     Location     Time / Result
    09/01/12     vs. Michigan TV     Arlington, Texas (Cowboys Stadium)     W, 41-14
    09/08/12     vs. Western Kentucky TV     Tuscaloosa, Ala.     W, 35-0
    09/15/12     at Arkansas * TV     Fayetteville, Ark.     W, 52-0
    09/22/12     vs. Florida Atlantic TV     Tuscaloosa, Ala.     W, 40-7
    09/29/12     vs. Ole Miss * TV     Tuscaloosa, Ala.     W, 33-14
    10/13/12     at Missouri * TV     Columbia, Mo.     W, 42-10
    10/20/12     at Tennessee * TV     Knoxville, Tenn.     W, 44-13
    10/27/12     vs. Mississippi State * TV     Tuscaloosa, Ala.     W, 38-7
    11/03/12     at LSU * TV     Baton Rouge, La.     W, 21-17
    11/10/12     vs. Texas A&M * TV     Tuscaloosa, Ala.     L, 29-24
    11/17/12     vs. Western Carolina TV     Tuscaloosa, Ala.     W, 49-0
    11/24/12     vs. Auburn * TV     Tuscaloosa, Ala.     W, 49-0
    SEC Championship
    12/01/12     vs. Georgia TV     Atlanta, Ga.     W, 32-28
    BCS National Championship
    01/07/13     vs. Notre Dame TV     Miami, Fla.     W, 42-14
    Next Event
    There Are No Upcoming Events

      As far as I’m concerned, when a team from Western Carolina goes in to play Alabama, for them it’s the Superbowl & they will play their hearts out — the same with any secondary team who plays ND.
    The Alabama team was established in 1892 & has a total of 15 national titles.
    Notre Dame football was established in 1887 & has a total of 13 national titles.
    When it comes down to it, this is still only a game.

    • bedr1

      ND fan here, any team can beat another team on any given day. Great year for Bama and ND.

      • Guest

         I went to ND. That said, they have been playing over their head for much of the season AND, Alabama has a much superior team. Truth be told we all know the Irish never had a chance.

  • Polarbearpapa

    Madison Rising – The Star Spangled Banner

    • TexS2012

      thanks! Love listening to these guys and the photo’s make this video super special!

  • Polarbearpapa

     Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the
    people, who have a right, from the frame of their nature, to knowledge,
    as their great Creator, who does nothing in vain, has given them
    understandings, and a desire to know; but besides this, they have a
    right, an indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that
    most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge; I mean, of the characters and
    conduct of their rulers.

    John Adams

  • Polarbearpapa

    Psalm 19

    1 The heavens declare the glory of God;
    the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

    2 Day after day they pour forth speech;
    night after night they display knowledge.

    3 There is no speech or language
    where their voice is not heard.

    4 Their voice goes out into all the earth,
    their words to the ends of the world.
    In the heavens he has pitched a tent for the sun,

    5 which is like a bridegroom coming forth from his pavilion,
    like a champion rejoicing to run his course.

    6 It rises at one end of the heavens
    and makes its circuit to the other;
    nothing is hidden from its heat.

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