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The First Dude is on the cover of February’s "Alaska" magazine. Here is the transcript of the interview (h/t Pamom4palin)

Paul Ryan will give this year’s keynote address to CPAC in March.

This Oprah interview may be worth watching.

So what’s the deal with Zero Dark Thirty? Is this a fair film or just propaganda from the Democrat Party?


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  • racefan3

    whats up c4p…go niners   win one for peppers!

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Hi, racefan!!

      The Niners-Pack game should be great!!

      • blueniner

        Its nervous time fo me……LOL…… I hope Justin Smiths torn tri-ceps muscle holds up, he is going to give it a go, he is a big part of their defense.Im sure Peppers will be watching, a win could help heal her ills.

        • BrianusBerkleianus

          Amen, Niner!!  A win will be great for Peppers!!

      • racefan3

        Hi, BB.. all is well I hope!!

        gonna be a good game … hope Rodgers has a bad day though!!

        • BrianusBerkleianus

          Thanks, racefan!!  I am doing well–just a little blue about the state of Raiders football and Cal Bears football (hard to believe that Rodgers was once our QB!!).  Fortunately, I am a football fan in general, not just a partisan of my teams.  We have some great games to look forward to!!

          God bless.

          • racefan3

            yep good games coming up, I plan on watching them all… as a Buc fan I understand you being a little blue,its tough to watch them play sometimes . 

            God Bless ..nite BB

            • BrianusBerkleianus

              Thanks, racefan!!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    My Dear Friends in Sarah,

    Happy Saturday to you all!!

    While we wait to hear again the Voice of the Lioness of the North, I am looking forward to the NFL playoff games today and tomorrow, and in subsequent weeks, even though I have no personal "horse" in this race, my Oakland Raiders having long since perished on the path to the playoffs of 2012/2013!

    I offer a few thoughts this morning on three splendid spirits, three great hearts from past and present, and also on that entity that we call and name a political "party."

    I shall see you again next week!!

    God bless you all always!!

    DEO VOLENTE, SARAH 2016!!!



    I would like to begin with a few thoughts this morning on Russia’s late-nineteenth-century, early-twentieth-century statesman and patriot, Pyotr Stolypin, who might have become the Father of His Country had not a dire assassin’s bullet tragically intervened a few years before the cataclysm and calamity of the Great War, World War I.

    Then I shall cite briefly our own George Washington, who did in fact become the Father of His Country, and was oftentimes miraculously–there is no other way to deem it and say it–was often miraculously shielded from the black hand of Death.

    Then I shall call to witness our own dear Governor Sarah Palin, who, The Lord willing, will become the Mother of Her Country, and will, we pray, be protected by the merciful dispositions of the Almighty Lord from all harm to her person and to her family!

    Finally, since there has been discussion of late about the idea of the Governor’s forming a "third party" and making a third-party run for the presidency for 2016, I would like to examine the etymology and meaning of the very word "party" in order to discern the uses of and limitations of the political "party."

    The late-nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century Russian statesman Pyotr Stolypin is regarded by the great writer and thinker and hero Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn as the one man who might have saved Tsarist Russia from Revolution, through the salutary reforms that he began to institute during his years as Prime Minister of the Russian government, 1906-1911. As I wrote here a few days ago, he was hated and opposed by both the Left and the Right in the Russian Empire: By the Left because his reforms were undermining the CONDITIONS for Revolution in Russia; by the Right because the same reforms were eating away at the privileges and power of the nobility of the old order. Had his life been spared, Russia might have been peacefully transformed into a CONSTITUTIONAL monarchy, and innumerable and unspeakable horrors of the sanguinary and savage twentieth century averted and avoided. But instead the great reformer was struck down in Kiev in September of 1911 by a bullet from the gun of a shadowy figure who had ties to BOTH the Social Revolutionaries and the Tsarist Secret Police. Many people wanted Stolypin out of the way.

    I see many similarities between this brave and farseeing statesman and our Sarah. Consider this quote from page 582 of Solzhenitsyn’s massive work "August 1914, the Red Wheel," 1989 REVISED edition (emphases are mine).

    "LOVING RUSSIA, he was indifferent to PARTIES, did not side with any of them, remained FREE FROM PARTY PRESSURE, and rose above them all, so that while he was in office they lost their overbearing force. The space around him was weeded clear of petty politicking. He was above trivialities and so above petty ambition. People were attracted to him because he was so obviously disinterested. HE RADIATED CHEERFUL CONFIDENCE. He grudged no effort when there was someone to be persuaded. Working with him was easy and enjoyable, and those who did acquired something of his IMPERTURBABILITY IN THE FACE OF THREATS, and his almost artistic approach to his enormous tasks. He was in his prime and at the height of his powers and he infused the whole administration with HIS OWN YOUTHFUL VIGOR. HE HID NOTHING, stood where all Russia could see him, and left no dark patches where slander might flourish. He lived up to his name, the pillar (stolp) of the Russian state. HE BECAME THE HUB OF RUSSIAN LIFE AS NO TSAR HAD EVER BEEN. (His qualities were, in truth, kingly.)" (end of Solzhenitsyn citation)

    This is the hero and patriot who was brutally cut down in the autumn of 1911, when he was at the height and springtide of his powers.

    While the June, 1914 assassination of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand at Sarajevo is more widely known, and is regarded as the proximate event that triggered the bloody disaster of the First World War, the Great War, it may be that the 1911 murder of Pyotr Stolypin actually contributed more to the cataclysm that followed for Russia and for the world–see Solzhenitsyn, op. cit. p. 606 (emphases mine), "A fatal pistol shot was no new event in Russian history. BUT THERE WAS NEVER ONE SO FRAUGHT WITH CONSEQUENCES–FOR THE WHOLE OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY."

    Now let us briefly consider our George Washington’s view of political parties. Since someone cited him a few days ago here at C4P on this matter, there is no need for me to repeat the citation–it may be looked up easily enough by anyone who missed the open thread from a few days ago. Suffice it to say that the Father of Our Country had grave reservations, to say the least, about the utility of such parties. There is a clear similarity between Washington’s and Stolypin’s views of such entities.

    Now let us consider the etymology of the word "party."

    It is derived from the Latin verb PARTIO, "to divide," which, in turn, comes from PARS, PARTIS, "a part."

    Therefore, I think that it is fair to say that political parties, from their very nature, are DIVISIVE, and do not in themselves pertain to the WHOLE of a State and its interests.

    They may have a limited utility; they can never constitute an end and purpose in themselves.

    Now, as we keep the above citation of Solzhenitsyn on Stolypin in mind, let us think of Sarah Palin of Alaska.

    There are, I believe, some individuals that are too bright, too brilliant, too nation- and world-encompassing to be confined within the petty and particular constraints and boundaries and limits of "party" definitions or affiliations.

    George Washington, the Father of the United States of America, was such a person; Pyotr Stolypin, who could have been the Father of Constitutional Russia, was such a person; our dear Sarah, who may become the Mother of the United States of America, is, I believe, such a person.

    The immediate and radiant effect that she exercised upon tens of millions of Americans during the glory of those fateful hours and days from Sarah Palin Day, 29 August, 2008 to her RNC "Lipstick" speech on 3 September of the same year is a witness to this!

    Then, then, the whole wicked Establishment, "Left" and "Right," struck mercilessly, in their fear of and terror at a brave and principled and truthful woman, in an attempt to smother and confine to odious oblivion this dawning new Alaskan and American light.

    "When we get through with her, no one will even remember that there ever was a Sarah Palin," these monsters and masters of mendacity must have said in their wicked little souls.

    HELL NO, traitors and cowards!!!!!!!

    Yes, yes it is quite and unfortunately true that their countless and filthy dollars and their legions of lies have delivered to them a temporary and ephemeral success; however, millions of Americans who would love Sarah as we do if they knew her real story, her real record, the limpid and lovely truth about her–millions of such people can readily be summoned to and enlisted under her American and Constitutional battle standard!!

    The TRUTH will out: MAGNA EST VERITAS ET PRAEVALEBIT: Great is Truth and She Shall Prevail!!

    Now I return to the theme and subject of political parties.

    Like Washington, like Stolypin, Sarah of Alaska, in spite of her petite physical stature, is too much of a colossus of our time and age, too much of a giant in her golden personal and political genius, to be CONFINED WITHIN THE PETTY AND PINCHING AND PALTRY vestures of a PARTicular PARTy label!!!

    Therefore, I would humbly suggest something like the following.

    I suggest that she launch not so much an "American Party" as an "American Movement." Such a "Movement" can serve as a versatile and mobile attack unit, gathering puissance and power as she strides confidently through the halls of the weeks and months of 2013 and 2014. It can prepare her to strike forth in either one of two possible directions.

    One, she can eventually constitute a formal and new "Party," which would not be a "THIRD" Party at all, but rather an American and Constitutional alternative to the Establishment Party of Big Government, to the Democratic-Republican Party that is composed of GOP and Dem factions that have become increasingly indistinguishable from each other on many issues. However, and very importantly, the purpose, the "teleology," of the new "Party" would not be to make a new Party per se and in itself, but to save and resuscitate and resurrect America!! It would be a means to an end, not a goal and end in itself.

    Two, in her growing and unconquerable strength with the American People, she can eventually reach forth a powerful hand to reclaim the GOP from the current batch of RINO leaders, following the path and pattern of her hero, Ronald Reagan.

    Her American Movement will be like a mighty ARTILLERY piece, whose righteous fury and faithful fire she can turn and direct, at the critical hour and minute and moment, in any of several directions. Meanwhile, America’s enemies will not know when and where and how she is going to strike.

    Let me conclude these remarks with an exhortation that we take all means and manners and modes of battle into our hands.

    Yes, outward political action we must have; writings are needed, speeches are needed, money is needed, organizing is needed.

    However, I am a great believer in the quiet but unconquerable power of hidden and hushed actions too, in the power of sacrifice and prayer and love. Let us then, as the Governor’s "Spiritual Secret Service Agents," as her spiritual Guards Regiments, let us pray and sacrifice ceaselessly that a Merciful Heaven will spare her and protect her as George Washington was shielded, and not permit the fate of Stolypin of Russia to befall her.

    If the Lord stands with her and so wills it, NOTHING can touch even "a hair on her head"!!!


    • epm54338

      Like Errol Flynn’s Robin Hood at the archery competition, you not only hit a bullseye, you split the arrow in the bullseye — every time!

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        I LOVE that classic movie; thanks, epm!!

        Have a great weekend!!

        • TexS2012

          One of my favorite movies and his humor always charmed and delighted me. A wonderful actor.

          • BrianusBerkleianus

            Yes!!  Thanks, TexS!!

  • ZH100

    Good morning all.

    Excellent article about Gov.Palin’s record of accomplishments.

    ‘Who Is the Real Sarah Palin?’

    From the article:

    Executive Authority and Success

    Palin was the first female and youngest governor to be elected in Alaska, which is tied for the second most powerful governorship in the United States, according to Thad Beyle, a political scientist at the University of North Carolina.

    Budgeting and Spending

    Palin cut state spending between 2007 and 2010 by 9.5% while also reducing federal earmark requests by more than 80% during her tenure. She used her line-item veto to cut more than a quarter billion in superfluous spending in both 2007 and 2008. In 2009, she instituted a temporary hiring freeze, while at the same time reducing spending by more than 33% between FY2009 and FY2010.

    In stark contrast to President Obama and other governors whose fiscal records are dogged by credit downgrades, Palin left Alaska with an improved credit rating during and following her tenure as governor. Standard & Poor’s raised Alaska’s credit rating from AA to AA+ in April 2008. Then in 2010, both Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s upgraded Alaska to AAA for the first time in the state’s history due to policies enacted by Palin that made the state’s finances more than solvent.


    Under Palin’s leadership, Alaska was 2nd in job growth, and 3rd in the change in its unemployment rate, compared to the other states. Alaska also saw a record number of oil jobs in both 2008 and 2009, while natural resource and logging jobs increased 13.7% during Palin’s tenure.

    In fact, Palin’s record on jobs compared to the country as a whole was stronger than the President’s and other prominent governors’ during their respective tenures

    Business Growth

    Alaska was an opportunity society under Palin. Alaska moved up from the 4th most business tax-friendly state to the 3rd most business tax-friendly state during her tenure.

    Palin was a firm believer in tax cuts. In addition to lowering unemployment insurance tax rates, she cut business license fees in half, suspended the state motor fuel tax, and signed legislation, allowing Alaska-based businesses the same opportunities as out-of-state businesses. All of this was consistent with her record as Mayor of Wasilla, where she eliminated small business inventory taxes and cut property tax mill levies every year she was in office.


    Energy issues are Palin’s forte, and her record proves it. In 2007, Governor Palin signed ACES—Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share—a net tax on oil profits that was passed in a bipartisan and transparent manner. ACES replaced the corruption-tainted oil tax plan of the previous administration, which was passed in secret and ultimately lead to the federal indictment of several Alaskan state officials and oil company personnel. Furthermore, ACES provided oil companies with incentives to develop. The progressivity of the tax meant producers were protected when oil prices were low, but the interest of the resource owners—the people of Alaska—were appropriately protected as well to achieve a fair return for their resource.

    Most importantly, ACES led to jobs, increased development, and a huge surplus for Alaska.

    Perhaps Palin’s biggest energy achievement was spearheading the creation of the Alaska natural gas pipeline. After five decades of unsuccessful attempts by Alaskan administrations to bring a gas pipeline project into existence, Palin and her team introduced the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA) in March 2007. AGIA passed the Legislature by a vote of 57-1 in May of that year.

    Unlike the behind-closed-doors cronyism of past administrations, Palin’s AGIA legislation was conducted out in the open and made use of a genuine free-market competitive bidding process. Palin’s AGIA placed not only Alaska, but also the nation, further on the path toward energy independence.

    Palin played hardball with the big oil companies in her state. According to the Alaska state constitution, Alaskans are the resource owners in their state; and it was Palin’s duty as their CEO to get the best deal for Alaskans while at the same time partnering with these oil companies for the mutual benefit of all.

    Ethics Reform and Transparency

    Ethics reform was the hallmark of Palin’s governorship. She was swept into office on a reform message in a state with a serious corruption problem. Alaska at the time was undergoing a federal investigation that culminated in the indictment of various corrupt lawmakers. Palin had made a name for herself as an ethics crusader when she chaired the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservative Commission and blew the whistle on fellow commissioner and state GOP head Randy Ruedrich for doing party business on state time. This resulted in Ruedrich receiving a $12,000 fine—the largest civil fine for ethics in the state’s history. Alaskans respected the fact that Palin was not afraid of taking on the establishment of her own party.

    As governor, Palin fought for and signed sweeping bipartisan ethics legislation, which restricted lobbyists, improved disclosure laws, and improved executive and legislative branch ethics laws. In the face of corruption, she continued to take on her own party when it was necessary. She also increased transparency by releasing her oil tax bill to her constituents 17 days prior to the special legislative session, opening up natural gas pipeline deals to all potential parties, putting the state checkbook online, and not allowing lobbyists in her office.


    Palin forward funded education to allow districts greater flexibility, supported increased vocational training and early education funding, opened up opportunity to Alaskan students to participate in regional medical schools, and increased overall funding for special needs education by 175% (before she herself became the mother of son with special needs). Believing that the best reform was close to home, Palin wisely also chose to monitor rather than participate in national standards for education.

    Health Care

    Palin introduced health care transparency legislation that established an Alaska health care information office to give consumers factual information on quality and cost to help them make better-informed health care decisions. Recognizing that health care must be market-and business driven, rather than restricted by government, Palin proposed repeal of Certificate of Need—a layer of bureaucracy that prevents medical facility development. She established the Alaska Health Strategies Planning Council, reduced Medicaid assessments by 83%, and expanded Alaska’s SeniorCare benefits program for low-income seniors.

  • ZH100

     ‘Setting the Record Straight – Sarah Palin and Sex Education’

    From the article:

    "NPR got it wrong back in 2008. As did the The Washington Post, MSNBC, ABC News and The Wallstreet Journal .Unfortunately, many feminists have followed the misinformation of the mainstream media."

  • DannydeGracia2

    Hope all of you are blessed and doing well tonight. With all that’s been going on in the world these days I just wanted to share a speech Reagan gave in 1984 at a prayer breakfast, I think you might appreciate watching it:

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thank you so much, Danny!!

      God bless!

      • DannydeGracia2

        God bless you also!

  • ZH100

     Some interesting videos.

    CNN finding that Palin was hard-working governor

    Jonathan Strong discusses LSM Plot to tear Palin Down  (July ,2010)

    Sarah Palin Visits Troops at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo (2009)

    Governor Palin Dines With Prime Minister Netanyahu  (March ,2011)

    Governor Palin “On the Couch with Koel” in India (March ,2011)

    Samaritan’s Purse – Sarah Palin – Birmingham Tornado Relief

    Governor Palin in Haiti.

    Opinion Journal: Palin vs. Bernanke

    Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska (FULL MOVIE)

    Sarah Palin Outside Fox News

    Rush – McCain Staffers Trying to Destroy Sarah Palin – Nov 6, 2008

    PJTV: Bill Whittle on the Sarah Palin Haters.

    ESPN Outside the Lines: Wasilla Warrior Sarah Palin .

    Alaska Journey via ANWR & Valdez

    The Wardrobe Saga

  • Crueladev Smith

    To understand the left…You must first understand…"the bright shiny object."
     With Gun Control…they will dangle the word "CONFISCATION" in front of you and make you fearful. Then they will capitulate and only take away your high capacity magazines or the guns they deem to be scary in order to make you feel better. It’s what they do…and they are good at it because we have become tolerant of one crisis after another. Beware of the word "Confiscation"…it is the "bright shiny object." Watch this documentary! Then pass it forward! Is your family, your God, and your Country worth 90 minutes of your time?

    • indemind

       Soooooooo very NICE to see Pat………… missed you ;-))) *_*

      SarahAmerica "Here’s to Liberty!"

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    Good morning, Palinistas!  A "get well" for Speppers.  You are missed.

    Jose Rodriguez, former head of counter-terrorism, and then of clandestine ops, at the CIA, wrote an op-ed in the WaPo on "Zero Dark Thirty."  Here is a link:

    Poor Paul Ryan.  His keynote speech will be compared to Sarah’s rousing barn-burner from last year’s CPAC convention.  Ryan could not even carry his home town last November, let alone his home state.  But he is one of the boys, so he gets his moment to underwhelm, one more time.

    Very sad about Lance Armstrong.

    But Todd Palin saves the day.  Hollywood chooses to slander the interrogation methods (and the interrogators) of the CIA, CPAC goes GOPe for their keynoter, and Lance has been lying through his teeth for most of his adult life, besides being a cheater.  

    We still have one authentic and honest person in today’s news, Todd Palin.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Good morning, Laddie, and a big AMEN re our friend, Speppers!!

      Have a great weekend.

  • Pete Petretich

    CORRUPTION ALERT (a retrospective)

    "Hear for the first time FBI wiretaps of Jimmy Dimora, Ferris Kleem and others in the county corruption case"

    The FBI nailed a bunch of these jokers in Cleveland/ Cuyahoga County over the past several years. Now some of the wiretaps are posted online. Similar things happened in Chicago and Obama never objected.

    I think they were all Democrats because they "care about the people"…

  • ZH100

     ‘America’s European moment’

    The troubling similarities between the fiscal mismanagement in Washington and the mess in the euro zone

    From the article:

    "FOR the past three years America’s leaders have looked on Europe’s management of the euro crisis with barely disguised contempt. In the White House and on Capitol Hill there has been incredulity that Europe’s politicians could be so incompetent at handling an economic problem; so addicted to last-minute, short-term fixes; and so incapable of agreeing on a long-term strategy for the single currency.

    Those criticisms were all valid, but now those who made them should take the planks from their own eyes. America’s economy may not be in as bad a state as Europe’s, but the failures of its politicians—epitomised by this week’s 11th-hour deal to avoid the calamity of the “fiscal cliff”—suggest that Washington’s pattern of dysfunction is disturbingly similar to the euro zone’s in three depressing ways.

    The saddest thing about this week’s deal is how unaware Messrs Obama and Boehner seem to be of the wider damage their petty partisanship is doing to their country. National security is not just about the number of tanks or rockets you have. As it has failed to deal with the single currency, Europe’s standing has crumbled in the world. Why should developing countries trust American leadership, when it seems incapable of solving anything at home? And while the West’s foremost democracy stays paralysed, China is making decisions and forging ahead.

    This week Mr Obama boasted that he had fulfilled his mandate by raising taxes on the rich. In fact, by failing once again to clear up America’s fundamental fiscal trouble, he and Republican leaders are building Brussels on the Potomac."

    • ZH100

      Long before "public spending" became a topic of national debate Gov. Palin has fought to reduce spending and to enforce fiscal discipline as governor of Alaska.

      Gov.Palin has drastically reduced the growth of the state budget, which has helped to produce a record budget surplus.
      Alaska had its bond rating raised to AAA for the first time in the state’s history, largely due to fiscal improvements brought about by Sarah Palin while she was governor.

      Some links with information about Gov.Palin’s (impressive) fiscal record.

      ‘Palin’s Jobs Record Beats All Others in the GOP Field’

      From the article:

      "In terms of bringing down state unemployment rates versus the national average, Palin leads all other governors and former governors in the GOP field"

      ‘Governor Palin–Leading the Fight on Debt and Liabilities ; comparing and contrasting the records of Governors Palin, Perry, Pawlenty, Romney, and Huntsman in dealing with state debt and liabilities’

      Sarah Palin: A Record of Fiscal Conservatism (Part 1)

      From the article:

      "Sarah Palin served as Mayor/City Manager of Wasilla, Alaska from October 14, 1996 to October 14, 2002. As such, Palin was responsible for preparing, submitting, and executing the City’s annual budget for fiscal years 1997 through 2003. During this seven-year period, the City’s General Fund averaged an annual surplus of roughly $2.5 million, as illustrated in the chart below. Palin inherited a surplus of just $350,000 from her predecessor John Stein (fiscal year 1996). By 2003 she had grown the surplus to almost $3 million, with a 22.4% increase in revenue and a 15.6% reduction in spending."

      Sarah Palin: A Record of Fiscal Conservatism (Part 2)

      From the article:

      "Sarah Palin served as Governor of the State of Alaska from December 4, 2006 to July 26, 2009. As such, Palin exercised authority over the State’s annual budget for fiscal years 2008, 2009, and 2010. At the end of fiscal year 2007, Gov. Frank Murkowski, Palin’s immediate predecessor (whom she defeated in the 2006 Republican gubernatorial primary), left the State’s General Fund with a balance of roughly $7.6 billion. During the three fiscal years for which Gov. Palin oversaw the budget, the General Fund averaged an annual surplus of more than $2.6 billion, resulting in a total increase of $7.9 billion ? more than 100% ? over the fiscal year 2007 balance."

      Sarah Palin: A Record of Fiscal Conservatism (Part 3)

      From the article:

      "Requests for federal earmarks declined dramatically in each of the fiscal years for which Sarah Palin exercised budgetary authority for the State of Alaska. In FY2007, Gov. Frank Murkowski requested $350 million in federal appropriations, which Gov. Palin reduced to $256 million in FY2008, $198 million in FY2009, and $69 million in FY2010. Overall, Palin cut earmark requests by more than 80% during her tenure as Governor."

      ‘Governor Palin on the Issues: Monetary Policy’

      From the article:

      "Governor Palin stands firmly against the actions of the federal government in policies which simultaneously devalue our dollar, drive up our debt and leave us dependent on foreign sources of energy. She also stands against the actions of the Fed which inflate prices at a time when Americans are already on tight budgets and do nothing to aid employment."

      Another credit rating agency, Standard and Poor’s upgraded Alaska’s credit rating to its highest possible rating of AAA. The agency gives several reasons why it felt confident enough in Alaska’s fiscal climate to make such an upgrade. A few of these reasons are due directly to the policies implemented by Governor Palin.

      Paul Gigot: Governor Palin “Leading the Pack” on Monetary Policy (November ,2010)

      From the article:

      "In a Wall Street Journal editorial  the editors noted the degree of sophistication Governor Palin is bringing to the table as she attempts to focus the nation’s attention on the disastrous repercussions which must result from a further inflating of the currency.

      Specifically, she referred to QE2, the Fed’s plan to pump another $600 billion to as much as $1 trillion into the economy via the purchase of U.S. government securities. Paul Gigot, editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page, discusses the editorial and Governor Palin in the video."

      Palin v. Bernanke.
      Her Warning To the Fed Chairman Puts Her Out in Front on the Debate on the Dollar

      From the article:

      "One of the questions in respect of 2012 is how it has happened that the only major Republican figure, aside from Congressman Ron Paul, to stand up and be counted on the dollar is Sarah Palin."

    • Pete Petretich

      If that is what official Washington is doing (and they can’t stop, apparently) then who is leading the way out of this mess?

    • narciso

       I pointed up thread, how they endorsed Obama, over Romney, so they don’t get to complain.

  • wodiej

    "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter."  Isaiah 5:20

  • n4cerinc

    Paul Ryan is the keynote at CPAC, huh. Well get those overflow rooms ready. He will be explaining why he voted for the Fiscal Cliff.

    • Ceejay

      Real RINO, Ryan did not learn from the Nov 2012 election, people want a true conservative, come on Ryan, give me evidence that you can prove that you are a conservative, you know , smaller government, less spending, not voting for higher taxes, and we are not yet at the debt ceiling…where is evidence?

      Come on CPAC, we want a true conservative…..can you top keynote speaker CPAC 2012… (crickets), I did not think so.

  • narciso
  • RedDaveR

    Good morning to all.  A good article on the GOP’s problems by Scott Rasmussen:

      Rasmussen may be pro-establishment, but at least he seems to understand the problem: The Beltway elite is simply not listening to the grassroots.

    • Polarbearpapa

      These paragraph’s  say it all …

      "Then mature party leaders would chart a realistic course to address these concerns and share those plans with the voters. To succeed, this course would have to include some painful medicine for the establishment, such as giving up corporate welfare programs that benefit their friends and allies. It also would require helping Republican voters identify primary candidates who challenge the establishment but could be effective on the campaign trail.
      This is a much tougher course to follow; one that would benefit the party and the nation. Unfortunately, by seeking to protect the insiders from the voters, all indications are that most establishment Republicans would rather blame the voters and keep their perks."

      • wisetrog

        Rasmussen is a Bushie. As is Arthur Brooks. All of the Bush cabal has latched onto the crony capitalism as the theme to push. "It also w.ould require helping Republican voters identify primary candidates who challenge the establishment but could be effective on the campaign trail." He means more Marco Rubios

    • generictrainee

      Clear eyed piece. Not a single talking point .

      Rasmussen is probably a much better candidate than Paul Ryan 2016.

  • Polarbearpapa

    Madison Rising – The Star Spangled Banner

  • Polarbearpapa

    I would rather be exposed to the inconveniencies attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it.

    Thomas Jefferson

  • TheresaAK

    Abortion Of Unwanted Girls Suspected in UK

    Real war on women.

    Andrew Lansley, the former health secretary, last year criticised the “illegal and morally wrong” practice following a Daily Telegraph investigation into the issue.

    After this newspaper received information that the procedures were becoming increasingly common for cultural and social reasons, undercover reporters filmed doctors offering women terminations based on gender.

    • golfmom3

      "Cultural and social reasons" = euphemism for Indians and Asians across the globe.

    • SusanWo4p

      Thanks for posting this article.

      Here is an excerpt from the article:

      "A Department of Health spokesman said any abortion based on sex selection is
      “illegal and morally wrong”.

      And yet killing a human because she is going to be "inconvenient" for the mother to carry in her womb for nine months, is considered moral?????

      Except in the case where the mother’s life is at risk, EVERY ABORTION is performed because "Mommy" has some personal agenda behind wanting to kill her child.

      How is sex selection any different than any of the other reasons that women use to justify the killing of their own child?

      • TheresaAK

        The Great Deception, the father of Lies, has convinced even those "of Faith" that it is all about them….

        God help these souls when their eyes are opened and the Truth is laid bare.

        Many will not be able to face what they have done….

        I despise the Prince of Darkness who has deceived …but I am appalled at those "of Faith" who fell for his lies, hook, line and sinker.

        Yes, there is forgiveness, for those who have remorse…and I pray for them….I pray when their eyes are opened, they will be able to go to the Cross, and accept His forgiveness….and become Advocates for the future generations the Prince of Darkness wants to destroy.

        • SusanWo4p

          The Left wants to SET THE TERMS over who is worthy to live and who deserves to die (a lot like Mengele making his selections at Auschwitz.)

          If you kill your child for accepted Western/European/American cultural "reasons" (not convenient, not ready for a baby, child is disabled…) the baby is labeled a FETUS and the abortion is considered just BASIC WOMEN’S HEALTH MAINTENANCE.

          If you kill your child because of the influence of "foreign culture" (Muslims, Hindus…Chinese culture) you are KILLING A CHILD and the abortion is considered SEXIST GENDERCIDE!!! 

          It’s all Infanticide no matter what your reason is.

          A baby is a baby is a baby…

          • palin45potus

            It’s not just babies anymore!

            See Teri Schiavo…it’s the fate for more than 80% of us if the more radical leftists get their way.  They’ll move any obstacle they can to get in and smother a dying person before they get to expire naturally.

            • virginiagentleman1

              Then I am in real trouble!

              • colint

                Don’t think so. With your boss around you are good for a 100  years.

            • colint

              As I have said before Schiavo was brain dead  (no cognative function possible) as detemined by an MRI and later autopsey. She was atificially kept alive either by a tube in her arm or down her gullet. She was not like a baby capable of sucking nourishment or eating from a spoon. For years she was not allowed to expire naturally. "They will smother a dying person" are you NUTS. Ask Dr Gelston, who seems to have a practice caring for the elderley, if any of his colleagues are smothering their patients./

              • CBDenver

                Sorry, but your claim that Schiavo was determined to be "brain dead" is not correct.  Here is an example of the nexus of clinical observations of brain death  A simple MRI is not enough. 

              • golfmom3

                CBD is right.  You should do more research — Michelle Malkin posted a lot of information (depositions by physicians on the MRI you reference, autopsy, etc.)  before you make declarations that are erroneous.  You are just as religious in your beliefs on abortion as those Christians you criticize here.  Research and facts make a difference.



                • colint

                  Rubbish. Malkin babbles on about that there were no original injuries etc. which has no relevance.  READ the WIKIPEDIA article. It has full detail of all the RELEVANT medical opinions. It includes a CAT scan picture of Schiavo brain with a Catscan picture of a normal brain for comparison. It shows a ‘black" area that is said to contain water which took atleast 50% of Schiavo’s brain area which is not present in the comparison normal brain. Also says that the autopsy weight of Schiavo brasin was HALF that of a nolrmal brain. YOU should do some more research.

                  • lanahi

                    When water is pressing on a brain, it appears on a CAT scan that the brain is smaller, because it is compressed.  This may or may not have been true in Schiavo’s case.

                  • golfmom3

                    Wikipedia??? Wow!  You are a hard core academic researcher! /s  Check any university syllabus — ANY student that cites wikipedia as a reference is in immediate danger of failing a course.  Come on, you can’t be that silly.

                    Malkin links to *.pdf of the original documents.  Read the full autopsy here (linked to by Malkin)
                    Since the expert neurologist could not reach a verdict, you CANNOT know whether she had some consciousness at the time of her death.

                    How many years of medical school, residency and radiology fellowship have you completed?  You think you can read a digitized CTscan of the brain and give us an opinion??? You realize that a CT scan slices across the brain — and you’re seeing one image out of the multiple images and confirming a diagnosis???

                    Leave Mrs. Schiavo in peace.  No one has the right to castigate her parents or family.  You may have your wishes on what needs not be done for you.  What was done for her was done in a complex family situation.  Dying of dehydration is very painful, and I would not wish that end on anyone.  I would not want that decision on my conscience and her parents certainly didn’t either.

                    "When I conducted research on this question in preparation for writing my book Forced Exit, I asked
                    St. Louis neurologist William Burke these very questions. Here is what he told me: "A conscious [cognitively disabled] person would feel it just as you or I would. They will go into seizures. Their skin cracks, their tongue cracks, their lips crack. They may have nosebleeds because of the drying of the mucus membranes, and heaving and vomiting might ensue because of the drying out of the stomach lining. They feel the pangs of hunger and thirst. Imagine going one day without a glass of water! Death by dehydration takes ten to fourteen days. It is an extremely agonizing death.""

                • lanahi

                  There is a real mystery as to what caused her problem in the first place.  Michael Schiavo claimed it was caused by potassium imbalance from bulemia, but lab tests showed there to be no potassium imbalance, and autopsy showed no signs of either bulemia or heart injury.  What is true is that she had several episodes of life-threatening low blood sugar without explanation.  Cause of "death" after autopsy was "undetermined".

                  Up to the final stages, this is a fairly complete article about her case:

                  This is a very dramatic video of Terry Schiavo’s response to her mother and some interesting philosophical questions.  It does not show anyone in a "vegetative state".  She was conscious. Her eyes were responsive and tracked her mother normally, she tried to talk, she smiled and laughed.  Vegetables don’t do any of that:

                  Autopsy did reveal significant brain injury.  But many times, other parts of the brain can compensate for destroyed brain cells.  She would never have been normal, but could she have been rehabilitated to any degree?  We’ll never know, of course.

                  What we do know is that she did not have to die. Her parents were willing to care for her for the rest of her life. There was no reason to kill her.

        • 2C714

          Thank you both, Theresa and Susan.

          I agree Theresa, the father of lies HAS deceived many of those in the faith.

      • Polarbearpapa

        ..There is no difference, murder is murder, the prince of this world has convinced many that the death of the unborn is okay as they are just a blob of flesh…

         Psalm 106
        35 but they mingled with the nationsand adopted their customs.
        36 They worshiped their idols,which became a snare to them.
        37 They sacrificed their sonsand their daughters to demons.
        38 They shed innocent blood,the blood of their sons and daughters,whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan,and the land was desecrated by their blood.
        39 they defiled themselves by what they did;by their deeds they prostituted themselves. 

      • colint

        Not that you will accept it abortion based on sex selection IS different. While the state will NOT ban abortion based your objective in imposing your religious beliefs on ALL,  the state could ban sex selection abortions because it is bad for society as this practice would cause an artificial disparity between the ratio of males and females born. I believe the state could and should ban release of the result of a sex identifying test until after the time the woman can chose to have an abortion.

        While I don’t like abortion, like many who are (in the personal lives) pro-life, I  believe that women should have this choice in the first trimester. After that abortions should only occur when approved by a medical panel for defined medical reasons. I don’t know what these reasons would be. Sarah was told 90% of women chose to abort a DS fetus which indicates 80% of pro-life women will chose to terminate a DS pregnancy.

        By your intransigence in wanting all abortions to be illegal you prevent laws that could reduce abortions. Don’t bother to reply. Nothing you say would get me to accept your position.

        • barracuda43

          And nothing you would say would change most peoples views here also on the subject. Why does it seem when abortion topic pops up you pounce on anybody that supports life of the unborn.It amazes me that life is something you are fine with just throwing away like a old toy that a child doesn’t want to play with anymore. You make such a big deal about the right to abort if you want. Your missing the whole boat. The choice is not when you find out you are pregnent but when you are contemplating having sexual intercourse and you know what the outcome may be. That is where the decision is!

          • TheresaAK

            Amen barracuda43….wonderful response.

        • SusanWo4p

          I am not proposing a ban on abortion. 

           I am proposing that pro-Abortion folks stop trying to twist themselves into non-sensical, subjective, philosophical knots to "explain" of how abortion is not the taking of another human’s life.

          Anyone could philosophically sit around and justify why some innocent human deserve to die in service to some random idea of what is "best for society." 

          The Nazis did that too (Jews, homosexuals, the disabled, gypsies…the Nazis believed it was "best" to rid society of them too.)  Others were placed as worthy (it served society for "aryans" to be birthed.)

          Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood thought it was best for black babies to die in order to serve what was "best" for society (or her perverted view of it.)

          Abortion based upon what other’s think is "best for society" leads to Genocide. 
          A human life is a human life…. 

          Call it a woman’s right to self defense (defending herself from an unwanted intruder to her womb)…call it an ACT OF WAR that a woman declares against her own child…call it giving the child the DEATH PENALTY for the crime of being conceived…

          It’s killing, no matter what the reason.  Please be honest and admit that much.

        • lindaroof

          I have but one question for you:  why are you on this site?

  • Dan C

    I haven’t seen it, but I have been told from people who have that Zero Dark Thirty is actually not a pro left wing movie at all, so that is interesting to me. As always, I will make my own determination when I see it at some point down the road.

    • narciso

       It exaggerates the interrogation scenes, re the Rodriguez review down thread, but it treats the interrogators as having to do a difficult job, and it makes Obama look like a fool or a knave, hence the about face.

    • golfmom3

      My military person said "It is too soon.  Remember, all the Seals involved died and the intelligence leak that brought them down is a question. No civilian should have the information from the CIA to attempt this film.  Is this a way for the government to push its official story and coverup any other threads?  Buying tickets supports the Obama administration in its actions relative to the event."

      See Laddie BlahBlah’s post downthread.

  • Jthom26837

    Good Morning Fellow Palinistas,

    I said this once and I’ll say it again:
      GOD BLESS THE U.S.A!!!
     Hey, Ann Coulter, Karl Rove, Dick Morris, The GOPe, etc. Read this and weep!!!!

  • Polarbearpapa

    Micah 2  
    Man’s Plans and God’s

    1 Woe to those who plan iniquity,
    to those who plot evil on their beds!
    At morning’s light they carry it out
    because it is in their power to do it.

    2 They covet fields and seize them,
    and houses, and take them.
    They defraud a man of his home,
    a fellowman of his inheritance.

    3 Therefore, the Lord says:
    “I am planning disaster against this people,
    from which you cannot save yourselves.
    You will no longer walk proudly,
    for it will be a time of calamity.

    4 In that day men will ridicule you;
    they will taunt you with this mournful song:
    ‘We are utterly ruined;
    my people’s possession is divided up.
    He takes it from me!
    He assigns our fields to traitors.’”

    • TheresaAK

      Our Government.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        … and thanks, Theresa!!

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, Polarbearpapa!!

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