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The Governor posted the following Facebook post about Martin Luther King, Jr.


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  • ZH100

    Good morning all.

    Excellent article about Gov.Palin’s record of accomplishments.

    ‘Who Is the Real Sarah Palin?’

    From the article:

    Executive Authority and Success

    Palin was the first female and youngest governor to be elected in Alaska, which is tied for the second most powerful governorship in the United States, according to Thad Beyle, a political scientist at the University of North Carolina.

    Budgeting and Spending

    Palin cut state spending between 2007 and 2010 by 9.5% while also reducing federal earmark requests by more than 80% during her tenure. She used her line-item veto to cut more than a quarter billion in superfluous spending in both 2007 and 2008. In 2009, she instituted a temporary hiring freeze, while at the same time reducing spending by more than 33% between FY2009 and FY2010.

    In stark contrast to President Obama and other governors whose fiscal records are dogged by credit downgrades, Palin left Alaska with an improved credit rating during and following her tenure as governor. Standard & Poor’s raised Alaska’s credit rating from AA to AA+ in April 2008. Then in 2010, both Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s upgraded Alaska to AAA for the first time in the state’s history due to policies enacted by Palin that made the state’s finances more than solvent.


    Under Palin’s leadership, Alaska was 2nd in job growth, and 3rd in the change in its unemployment rate, compared to the other states. Alaska also saw a record number of oil jobs in both 2008 and 2009, while natural resource and logging jobs increased 13.7% during Palin’s tenure.

    In fact, Palin’s record on jobs compared to the country as a whole was stronger than the President’s and other prominent governors’ during their respective tenures

    Business Growth

    Alaska was an opportunity society under Palin. Alaska moved up from the 4th most business tax-friendly state to the 3rd most business tax-friendly state during her tenure.

    Palin was a firm believer in tax cuts. In addition to lowering unemployment insurance tax rates, she cut business license fees in half, suspended the state motor fuel tax, and signed legislation, allowing Alaska-based businesses the same opportunities as out-of-state businesses. All of this was consistent with her record as Mayor of Wasilla, where she eliminated small business inventory taxes and cut property tax mill levies every year she was in office.


    Energy issubeteutiful photoses are Palin’s forte, and her record proves it. In 2007, Governor Palin signed ACES—Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share—a net tax on oil profits that was passed in a bipartisan and transparent manner. ACES replaced the corruption-tainted oil tax plan of the previous administration, which was passed in secret and ultimately lead to the federal indictment of several Alaskan state officials and oil company personnel. Furthermore, ACES provided oil companies with incentives to develop. The progressivity of the tax meant producers were protected when oil prices were low, but the interest of the resource owners—the people of Alaska—were appropriately protected as well to achieve a fair return for their resource.

    Most importantly, ACES led to jobs, increased development, and a huge surplus for Alaska.

    Perhaps Palin’s biggest energy achievement was spearheading the creation of the Alaska natural gas pipeline. After five decades of unsuccessful attempts by Alaskan administrations to bring a gas pipeline project into existence, Palin and her team introduced the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA) in March 2007. AGIA passed the Legislature by a vote of 57-1 in May of that year.

    Unlike the behind-closed-doors cronyism of past administrations, Palin’s AGIA legislation was conducted out in the open and made use of a genuine free-market competitive bidding process. Palin’s AGIA placed not only Alaska, but also the nation, further on the path toward energy independence.

    Palin played hardball with the big oil companies in her state. According to the Alaska state constitution, Alaskans are the resource owners in their state; and it was Palin’s duty as their CEO to get the best deal for Alaskans while at the same time partnering with these oil companies for the mutual benefit of all.

    Ethics Reform and Transparency

    Ethics reform was the hallmark of Palin’s governorship. She was swept into office on a reform message in a state with a serious corruption problem. Alaska at the time was undergoing a federal investigation that culminated in the indictment of various corrupt lawmakers. Palin had made a name for herself as an ethics crusader when she chaired the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservative Commission and blew the whistle on fellow commissioner and state GOP head Randy Ruedrich for doing party business on state time. This resulted in Ruedrich receiving a $12,000 fine—the largest civil fine for ethics in the state’s history. Alaskans respected the fact that Palin was not afraid of taking on the establishment of her own party.

    As governor, Palin fought for and signed sweeping bipartisan ethics legislation, which restricted lobbyists, improved disclosure laws, and improved executive and legislative branch ethics laws. In the face of corruption, she continued to take on her own party when it was necessary. She also increased transparency by releasing her oil tax bill to her constituents 17 days prior to the special legislative session, opening up natural gas pipeline deals to all potential parties, putting the state checkbook online, and not allowing lobbyists in her office.


    Palin forward funded education to allow districts greater flexibility, supported increased vocational training and early education funding, opened up opportunity to Alaskan students to participate in regional medical schools, and increased overall funding for special needs education by 175% (before she herself became the mother of son with special needs). Believing that the best reform was close to home, Palin wisely also chose to monitor rather than participate in national standards for education.

    Health Care

    Palin introduced health care transparency legislation that established an Alaska health care information office to give consumers factual information on quality and cost to help them make better-informed health care decisions. Recognizing that health care must be market-and business driven, rather than restricted by government, Palin proposed repeal of Certificate of Need—a layer of bureaucracy that prevents medical facility development. She established the Alaska Health Strategies Planning Council, reduced Medicaid assessments by 83%, and expanded Alaska’s SeniorCare benefits program for low-income seniors.

  • ZH100

     Excellent read!

    ‘Governor Palin Used Her Executive Authority to Make Government Smaller and More Ethical’

    From the article:

    "Executives at any level of government could use their power to grow government spending and power and to reward cronies or those who donated to their campaign.

    Governor Palin is the only one who has a proven record of using her power to make the government smaller and less powerful.  Governor Palin used her power to reduce government spending and state reliance on the federal funding. She desired to increase individual choice, not create individual mandates.  

    She used her executive authority to make government more ethical and transparent while removing cronyism rather than perpetuating it."

  • ZH100

     ‘Setting the Record Straight – Sarah Palin and Sex Education’

    From the article:

    "NPR got it wrong back in 2008. As did the The Washington Post, MSNBC, ABC News and The Wallstreet Journal .  Unfortunately, many feminists have followed the misinformation of the mainstream media."

  • ZH100

    ‘Poll: Americans Reject Crony Capitalism, 3-1′

    From the article:

    "In a recent Boston Herald column, pollster Scott Rasmussen of Rasmussen Reports cited poll findings that show strong bipartisan opposition to cronyism and its effects on free markets."


    Long before "crony capitalism" became a topic of national debate Gov. Palin has fought against corruption and crony capitalism.

    Taking on corruption and crony capitalism has always been a cornerstone of Gov. Palin’s agenda.

    Here are some links with information about Gov.Palin’s consistent fight against corruption and crony capitalism.

    ‘Institutionalizing Crony Capitalism’   (by Governor Palin)  

    From the article:
    "We need to be on our guard against such crony capitalism. We fought against distortion of the market in Alaska when we confronted “Big Oil,” or more specifically some of the players in the industry and in political office, who were taking the 49th state for a ride.
    My administration challenged lax rules that seemed to allow corruption, and we even challenged the largest corporation in the world at the time for not abiding by provisions in contracts it held with the state. When it came time to craft a plan for a natural gas pipeline, we insisted on transparency and a level playing field to ensure fair competition.

    Our reforms helped reduce politicians’ ability to play favorites and helped clean up corruption. We set up stricter oversight offices and ushered through a bi-partisan ethics reform bill. Far from being against necessary reform, I embrace it. "

    ‘Crony Capitalism on Steroids from GE to Solyndra’ (by Governor Palin)

    From the article:

    "This crony capitalism and government waste is at the heart of our economic problems. It will destroy us if we don’t root it out. It’s not just a Democrat problem or a Republican problem. It’s a problem of our permanent political class."

    ‘How Congress Occupied Wall Street’  (by Governor Palin)

    ‘Palin: Congress, it’s time to stop lining your pockets’ (by Governor Palin)

    ‘Governor Palin’s Consistent Fight against Corruption and Crony Capitalism’  (by Whitney Pitcher)

    From the article:

    "Governor Palin’s strong stance against crony capitalism, bureaucrats picking winners and losers, and a lack of transparency is not just words; it’s action.

    Citizen candidates do indeed bring a fresh perspective to a campaign and even to public office. However, there is something to be said for someone who took on corruption while in elected office. Such an individual has governed or legislated in an atmosphere of corruption, back room deals, and cronyism and has not only weathered such an atmosphere, but has effected change for the better. It is one thing to act as a citizen watchdog; it is another to make sure that legislation and projects are transparent and are void of back room deals and crony capitalism. Governor Palin is such a person."

    ‘Some of Sarah Palin’s Ideas Cross the Political Divide’ (by Anand Giridharadas)

    From the article:

    "But something curious happened when Ms. Palin strode onto the stage last weekend at a Tea Party event in Indianola, Iowa. Along with her familiar and predictable swipes at President Barack Obama and the “far left,” she delivered a devastating indictment of the entire U.S. political establishment — left, right and center — and pointed toward a way of transcending the presently unbridgeable political divide. "

    ‘How Governor Palin Reformed Alaska’s Ethics Laws and Made Crony Capitalism a Crime’ (by Gary P)

    From the article:

    "With all of the talk of corruption and crony capitalism these days, this is a great time to talk about some of the things Sarah Palin did to reform Alaska politics. She worked with the Alaska Legislature to pass tough, sweeping ethics reform "

    ‘Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute praises Sarah Palin for highlighting Washington’s rampant crony capitalism ‘

    ‘How Palin Beat Alaska’s Establishment’ (WSJ)

    From the article:

    "If you’ve read the press coverage of Sarah Palin, chances are you’ve heard plenty about her religious views and private family matters. If you want to know what drives Gov. Palin’s politics, and has intrigued America, read this."

    ‘Sarah takes on Big Oil: The compelling story of Governor Sarah Palin’s battle with Alaska’s
    ‘Big 3′ oil companies’
    (by Kay Cashman and Kristen Nelson)

    Gov. Palin’s successful efforts to stop the cronyism and reform the energy business in Alaska were so impressive Kay Cashman, the publisher and executive editor of Petroleum News, wrote the book entitled: “Sarah Takes On Big Oil” .

    This is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the leadership Sarah Palin has exhibited in the area of reforming government and industry.

  • qtdb7

    About ‘DEBT man walking’ Obama’s second inauguration:
    The NIGHTMARE continues for 4 more years.

  • ZH100

    Some interesting videos.

    CNN finding that Palin was hard-working governor

    Jonathan Strong discusses LSM Plot to tear Palin Down (July ,2010)

    Sarah Palin Visits Troops at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo (2009)

    Women in American Politics – Governor Sarah Palin

    Happy 21st Wedding Anniversary Todd and Sarah (August 29, 1988)

    Governor Palin Dines With Prime Minister Netanyahu (March ,2011)

    Governor Palin “On the Couch with Koel” in India (March ,2011)

    Full speech at the 2008 Republican National Convention!

    Samaritan’s Purse – Sarah Palin – Birmingham Tornado Relief

    Governor Palin in Haiti.

    Opinion Journal: Palin vs. Bernanke

    Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska (FULL MOVIE)

    Sarah Palin Outside Fox News

    Rush – McCain Staffers Trying to Destroy Sarah Palin – Nov 6, 2008

    PJTV: Bill Whittle on the Sarah Palin Haters.

    ESPN Outside the Lines: Wasilla Warrior Sarah Palin .

    Alaska Journey via ANWR & Valdez

    Gov. Sarah Palin Biography Video

    The Wardrobe Saga

    • jester2939

      I’d like to see SarahPAC post these videos too!!!

  • devitor
  • technopeasant

    I have always claimed "one and done", the sudden death formula used by the NFL in its playoff format is extremely cruel, especially when it is unexpected. Here are 10 analogies to indicate how cruel it can be:

    1) A woman who is married to the same man for two decades is told by him he no longer loves her.

    2) A highly touted track and field runner trains years to run in a specific Olympics event (held over 4 years) only to be beaten by a runner who although considered inferior had the best run of his life and won the event in an upset.

    3) A student has done well throughout high school flunks his SAT test to get into a specific college.

    4) A PGA golfer has led a golf tournament since day one and on the 17th hole of the final round (71st hole of the tournament) loses the lead and ends up losing the golf tournament.

    5) A woman does everything right in her nine months of being pregnant and then just a few days before she is to deliver she has a serious fall and the baby is delivered dead

    6) On the Survivor series you have managed through persuasion and guile to remain on the island but finally are voted off it in the last episode.

    7) A woman obtains her first major Broadway role, is given rave reviews when it conducts its tryout outside of NYC (not as common anymore than it was in the first half of the 20th century), but the play is given terrible reviews when it hits Broadway and closes shortly after, putting her out of a job.

    8) A man has a successful political career only to be denied the Presidency in the election (in modern times one and done is now the vogue–you don’t get another chance to run if you are nominated and lose).

    9) A head coach in the NFL goes 14-2 in the regular season, loses his first playoff game in the divisional round and then a day or two later fired. (This happened to Marty Schottenheimer, head coach of the San Diego Chargers in the 2006 season).

    10) General Lee won most of the battles leading up to Gettysburg but then as history shows was routed, which in the opinion of most historians was the turning point of the Civil War. Figuratively Gettysburg may have been "a bridge too far", as in the NFL playoffs advancing up the food chain may be a bridge too far for certain teams because they can’t handle the pressure or simply are not good enough to compete at a higher level.

  • jerseymark

    Today’s passage comes from one of Mr. Lewis’ books that we have not referred to very much at all – “The Great Divorce” – which is primarily concerned with the Fall and Mankind and the separation from God that resulted. This passage also reflects a different approach and format as it is in the name of “The Teacher” instructing a student as he deals with the issue presented
    in the last reading”:

    “The Teacher exposes the blackmail scheme:

    ‘What some people say on Earth is that the final loss of one soul gives the lie to all the joy of those who are saved.’
    ‘Ye see it does not.’
    ‘I feel in a way that it ought to.’
    ‘That sounds very merciful: but see what lurks behind it.’
    ‘The demand of the loveless and the self-imprisoned that they should be allowed to blackmail the universe: that till they consent to be happy (on their own terms) no else shall taste joy: that theirs should be the final power; that Hell should be able to veto Heaven.’
    ‘I don’t know what I want, Sir.’
    ‘Son, son, it must be one way or the other. Either the day must come when joy prevails and all the makers of misery are no longer able to infect it: or else for ever and ever the makers of misery can destroy in others the happiness they reject for themselves. I know it has a grand sound to say ye’ll accept no salvation which leaves even one creature in the dark outside. But
    watch that sophistry or ye’ll make a Dog in a manger the tyrant of the universe.’”

    As I said – different approach and format, but the point comes across loud and clear. The point raised that not one person, or “creature” as referred to can be left “outside the gate” in other words, and still have joy experienced by those inside is a perfect example of a heart speaking with no connection to the brain, a bleeding heart at that. This happens a lot in a society such as ours with its high standard of living as those bleeding hearts turn their attention to what makes them feel good and the mere idea that there would be someone in Hell does NOT make them feel good. When folks don’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from or if they might enjoy a warm, comfortable bed, it is easy to think such “merciful” thoughts without giving a second thought to what they are really suggesting and what the ramifications and consequences would be – known to us an “unintended consequences”. In this case, such a position as expressed would completely destroy any basis for judgment, responsibility or happiness as it would mean that “anything goes” and in chaos there is no peace, no tranquility, no safety. That is just from a purely secular viewpoint. From a Christian point of view, such a result would make God a liar, a fool and certainly not deserving of any respect whatsoever, let alone worship. As the saying goes “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”.

    Again, inasmuch as those who never hear the Gospel cannot “ask Jesus into their life” and we do not know how God in His mercy and wisdom will handle them, I shall address this issue with regard to all those folks who have heard the Gospel and for whatever reason, rejected Jesus unto death. Their position is quite clear as the rejection of Jesus is the focus of judgment against them. You would think that the path to salvation is very difficult and under the Law of the Mosaic Covenant, it was not only very difficult, but impossible except for Jesus. So even though Mankind, a category that includes all of us, fell into rebellion against God as a race and as individuals and as such, deserve the same fate as the rebellious angels (consider that one-third of the angels thought Satan had a good chance of winning the battle and joined his rebellion), because of His love for us, God made provision for each of us by taking upon Himself the consequences of our
    rebellion by Jesus being tortured and killed by crucifixion. All each of us has to do is simply recognize this act of love, respond in kind by surrendering to Him and receive the gift He has offered by simply believing that Jesus is God, that He was raised from the dead bodily and declaring allegiance to Him confessing with the mouth that Jesus is Lord. I know – that is really too much to ask, right? Well for those who insist on continuing their rebellion against God, it is and as a result of their refusal to simply accept what is freely offered them out of love, they consign themselves to Hell. It is their choice and as Christianity is a faith based upon personal responsibility, they will accept the consequences of their choice, all bleeding hearts aside.

  • wodiej

    Giving-One of life’s greatest rules…."You cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening your own."

  • wodiej

    "For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them." Ephesians 2:10

  • James A. Tyler

    Meeting Tim Crawford today… so excited

    • RefudiateGOPe

       Please tell him that whoever has the responsibility to run the SarahPAC website should be fired.  Ask him why he continues to solicit funds, yet thumbs his nose at those who contribute by not keeping the website current.  If he tells you it’s lack of manpower, tell him he’s an idiot.  There are plenty of people on C4P or P4A who would gladly volunteer their time and expertise to that website.

      • john norton

        TC is more thn likely under the same circumstance as we all are and have ben since last oct…! I wldnt be to hard on him hes doing wht he can like the rest of us until ‘S’ gives us all more to go on … : )

    • section9

      Yes, please tell Tim Crawford that the SarahPAC website is an insult to the Governor. If he’s going to continue to draw a salary from the Governor, he needs to butch up the site.

      • jester2939

        Yes, it’s a pretty useless site. This doesn’t fit with the Governor who is technologically savvy in getting her message out.

    • Pete Petretich

      Does he still work for Sarah PAC? Does he still work for She PAC?

    • jester2939

      Give us an update later.

      • James A. Tyler

        I don’t know if Mr. Crawford frequents these boards (I sort of doubt it), so I’m going to be careful, but I’ll say he definitely is loyal to Palin. I accidentally brought up Tucson as a possible reason for her not running and he seemed to think I was blaming her and jumped to her defense (I tried to clarify, but I suspect he still thinks that I believe she shot Gabby Giffords point blank). I asked him about the Game Change movie and, its already common knowledge to begin with, he didn’t hesitate to blast the film and, although he didn’t call Schmidt and Wallace out by name, did say that it was two staffers blatantly throwing her under the bus.

        He doesn’t seem to think family was a reason for her not running, which surprised me. That being said, he sort of implied that she only takes his advice half of the time, although he respects her for that (he apparently advised her that she could win the nomination but not the Presidency). That comment led me to believe they may have butted heads on at least one occasion, but then Palin has never been known to trust any "political" pundit or advisor. He seems to think that she just didn’t want to run again, although he said that he wouldn’t underestimate her popularity in 2016 (he didn’t really bring her name out as a potential candidate, although he didn’t name anyone).

         I didn’t ask about SarahPAC, although I will say that, after meeting him, it doesn’t surprise me that he would ask for money on the pretense that Palin is running (or leaning towards running) when he likely was pretty aware that she wasn’t. And it wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t give a damn what I thought about it. He’s highly intelligent, albeit a crusty fellow who doesn’t seem to bits what anyone thinks of him. Definitely interesting to talk to, I could sort of see him having a spirited debate with Palin about some random elecoral politics subject  (although they honestly seem to agree on the main issues).

        I’ve said too much, already, but his talk was fairly straight-forward otherwise, nothing really mind-shattering. He only talked about Palin when I asked about her, and I honestly believe he thought of me as some kind of nut for my curiosity. He doesn’t seem aware of the great mystery surrounding exactly what the next four years holds for her with people like me. This was such an exciting meeting, and the funny thing is that no one else in the room seemed to give a damn about who they were talking to. I was hanging on his every word with my jaw hanging which might have made him uncomfortable (I suspect he was looking at me and thinking "oh, one of THOSE people"), but its not every day you meet an advisor to someone who very well could have been the first female VP. But, yeah, I’ve already said too much, lol.

  • John_Frank

    Good morning,

    Study: "Debt Problem Began Four Decades Ago"

    A new report from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis reminds Americans that, contrary to the narrative that huge deficits and debt are merely a recent product of the Great Recession, the problem began over forty years ago.

    The new study confirms that what’s been driving the increases in spending hasn’t been that old liberal boogeyman defense spending. It’s entitlement programs – Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and other transfer and welfare programs.

    The U.S. Deficit/Debt Problem:
    A Longer-Run Perspective

    With the national debt now exceeding 100% of GDP, and driving this are increased spending on entitlement and transfer programs, the solution is …

    House GOP to shift gears, pressure Senate Dems with new debt ceiling plan

    What is going on is straight forward. The House wants the Senate to pass a budget before any discussions take place. The rider? If not we will withhold your pay..

    Having previously argued in support of this approach, now that one see’s it in print, the response is … really?

    That written, Senator Schumer says the Senate will pass a budget by April 15, along with legislation to call for further tax increases.

    What say you Minority Leader McConnell?

    Obama’s Anti-Zionism


    We Told You So

    As the Affordable Care Act–otherwise known as ObamaCare–begins to be implemented, we are seeing its first big consequence: it is making care less affordable.

    The author warned this would happen in 2009 describing the legislation as follows:

    "It is an attempt to turn health insurance into what the left really wants: another welfare program in which everyone is entitled to free benefits, mandated by the government."

    "But this would wreck private health insurance, making the whole industry financially unsustainable….

    "This bill so comprehensively wrecks private health insurance that pretty soon a ‘public option’ will seem like the only alternative, and they will already have put into place one of the new taxes needed to pay for it. If the left’s goal is to impose socialized medicine in America, this bill does it in the most callous and destructive way possible. It smashes private health care–then leaves us stranded in the rubble, at which point we will be expected to come crawling back to the same people who caused the disaster and ask them to save us."

    The first half of our predictions from 2009 are already coming true. I am afraid that we’re going to have to come back in another few years, after the second half has come to fruition, and say once again: we told you so.

    Will the House Republicans use the budget process and the debt ceiling, the sequestration legislation deadline or the need for a continuing budget resolution to defund the implementation of Obamacare or require its repeal, given the deleterious impact?

    Early this morning I wrote a lengthy comment concerning the third party option:

    Since posting the comment, I have edited it.

    My revised conclusion is that if this Congress does not produce the best solution to our looming fiscal crisis in the near and long term, as the national debt now exceeds 100% if GDP, both political parties will have failed the American public.

    At that juncture we will have no choice but to opt for a third party to save the Republic.

    That written, one can easily conclude that the better course remains to take control of the Republican party.

    Either way, the task of preserving and protecting our liberty, while ensuring that America continues as a free and prosperous nation is daunting.

    With that in mind, may the rest of your day be blessed.

    P.S. I stand with Sarah Palin.

  • technopeasant

    In American history there are certain facts or events that have occurred which the Left and historical revisionists has either obscured, downplayed, misrepresented or has sought to bury to serve their agenda. Here are 10 examples from history that if more light could be shed on them would provide a better balance on historical events:
    1) A great deal of time and effort has gone into excoriating many of the Founding Fathers for being slaveholders but little or no attention has been given to manumission efforts right after the American Revolutionary War.
    From Wikipedia:
    "In the first two decades after the American Revolution, many of the new states passed laws allowing slaveholders to declare slaves free by filing papers, and numerous manumissios were made in the idealism of war. The percentage of free blacks as a proportion of the total black population increased in the Upper South (Virginia, NC, the area now known as West Virginia and Tennessee)  from less than 1% to nearly 10% in this period. Together with several northern states abolishing slavery during this period, the percentage of free blacks nationally increased to 13.5% of the total black population."
    2) The Left spreading the idea that the USA literally stole many south-western states from Mexico in the 19th century. Especially when it comes to Texas. Due to the Mexican-American War which they claim was simply a land grab by white American evildoers.
    In terms of Texas it was the citizens of Texas themselves who broke away from Mexican rule and established their own autonomous republic in 1836. It was not until ten years later that Texas was annexed to the USA.
    And historians cite the fact that Mexico did not recognize Texas independence as a cause of the Mexican-American War. But that did not arise from the time of the annexation but from 1836.
    As for the other states brought into the Union it is a historical fact to the victor goes the spoils throughout history. Mexico and the USA fought a war and Mexico lost. The USA did not steal California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Utah from Mexico. In fact according to Wikipedia:
    In addition exchange for receiving the above states, Mexico received US $18,250,000 ($490,223,077 today) and the USA agreed to assume $3.25 million ($87,300,000 today) in debts that the Mexican govt owed to US citizens at the time. This provision was clearly outlined in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848.
    Using the Left’s argument any victor in a war who signs a peace treaty "steals" from the loser. So taking that analogy back to the American Revolutionary War, the 13 Colonies by virtue of the Treaty of Paris "stole" these colonies from the British, with the British still the real owners of these colonies which are now states. How ridiculous is that! Just as ridiculous as the argument makes about the land (states) that the USA obtained through treaty in 1848 should still be property of Mexico.
    And in addition due to the Spanish-American War, the USA stole Hawaii as well.
    3) The Left (with the acquiescence by too many on our side) love to focus on how terrible life was like in the 1920’s which led to the Great Depression triggered by the Stock Market crash of 1929 and that FDR like the Lone Ranger rode in and saved America.
    Three points rarely get discussed:
    a) That during the years Calvin Coolidge was President of the USA (1923-March 1929) there was a unprecedented growth of production and middle class wealth and a vast improvement in lifestyle that was a product of a low tax regime and non-government intervention in the economy.
    Our side has clearly failed to defend one of its greatest presidents. He was in office for about 5 and 1/2 years. Instead Coolidge is virtually ignored or the modern America is left with the idea he was a complete failure.
    b) From Milton Friedman–Hoover’s mismanagement of the money supply exacerbated the Depression. He argues (and many other economists as well) that the Great Depression would not have been as long or pronounced if not for Hoover’s decisions.
    c) Amity Shlaes and others have pointed out FDR’s "socialist" policies during the 1930’s actually lengthened the duration of the Depression, citing other countries coming out of it much sooner.
    4) The passing of Civil Rights legislation in 1964.
    The facts are many Democrats opposed this legislation. In 2012 it is made to appear it was the GOP who was the only stumbling block.
    5) The executions of the Rosenburgs in the 1950’s was unjust and the accusations leveled towards the Hollywood creative community was unfounded.
    First to the Rosenbergs:
    They were executed in 1953 for being Soviet spies.
    In 2008, co-defendant Marton Sobell, then 91, admiited that he and Julius Rosenberg were Soviet spies. How much coverage did this get from the Leftist media then or since?
    As to "the Hollywood witch hunt" or blacklist the Left’s criticism of it is not based that those accused were falsely accused, but that the government had no right to penalize them for their prior associations or sympathies.
    According to Wikipedia regarding the famous "Hollywood Ten":
    a) Ronald Reagan and Walt Disney testified before the Un-American Activities committee in 1947 that the threat of Communists in the film industry was a real one.
    b) Each of the Hollywood Ten refused to answer the question of whether they had been or are now a member of the Communist Party. Wikipedia writes, "In fact, each had at one or another been a member…"
    Yes I believe a valid argument can be made the government had no right to pry into the political leanings of many fine producers, directors, writers and directors but by the same token to argue they were lily-white and completely innocent of the charges they were Hard Leftists is completely ludicrous.
    In other words there was a lot of meat on the bone.
    6) Sarah Palin cost John McCain the 2008 presidential election.
    I admit with the re-election of President Obama, the Left is not as interested in this narrative as much now as the Left or moderate wing of the Republican Party but six of one, half a dozen of the other.
    The facts lie in the 2008 CNN exit polls:
    60% of voters in that election said they were swayed one way or another by the Palin VP selection who to vote for and it broke down to 56% said they voted for McCain because of Palin and 43% said they voted for Obama because of the Palin selection.
    But of the 33% of voters who claimed Palin had NO effect on their vote over 60% voted for Obama and 33% voted for McCain.
    By the way also via the exit poll: 60% of American voters had already made up their mind who to vote for before Palin was truly unveiled at the GOP convention in early September in 2008.
    7) The USA was wrong to drop the atomic bomb on Japan in 1945.
    The projections at the time were the dropping of the bomb which essentially ended the war against Japan saved about 1 million American lives which would have been lost in an invasion of Japan.
    8) To the Left the history of the American west is all about how the white man stole the land from the Indians and committed genocide.
    What they don’t tell you Indian tribes fought other Indian tribes and lost braves as a consequence.
    And that Indian wars are only a small part of the history of the West. That the lives of pioneers who moved West and established settlements and their own homes and prevailed under great adversity should be the central point of any history focused on the American West (west of the Mississippi).
    In addition when it comes to aboriginal claims, why aren’t American Leftists more concerned about what happened in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada to their aboriginal populations? Leftists always make it sound this situation is unique to America, which it isn’t.
    9) The Left is fixated on the separation of church and state but nowhere in the Constitution does it say that. Instead the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and the establishment of any religion and that a religious test shall not be administered to receive a govt post.
    But the Left focuses in on the case of Everson vs Board of Education (Wikipedia) in which Justice Hugo Black wrote: "In the words of Thomas Jefferson, the clause against the establishment or religion by law (state religion as the Anglican church is the state church of Britain) was intended to erect a wall of separatin between church and state.
    And the Left promotes the idea to promote its own "religion" of SECULAR HUMANISM.
    But from Thomas Jefferson himself read the letter to the Danbury Baptists in 1802:
    Jefferson claims there must be a wall of separation between church and state but nowhere does he tout the idea that the government goal’s should be to become completely secular. Instead Jefferson’s letter is focused the idea that a man’s religion is between him and his God and states " the legislative powers of government can deal with actions alone, not the opinions of man.
    In other words it is up to the individual to worship God for himself; government has no power to force them to do so, nor do they have the power to tell them who or what to believe in. For Jefferson the First Amendment’s wall of separation between Church and State is there to stop the State from infringing on the rights of the church and individual worshippers and does not mean that the Church can have nothing to do with the State, nor does this mean that religious principles cannot influence government policies. In other words the letter is focused solely on religious people and the practice of their religion and not meant to be a comment on how the government should function except to how it deals with upholding the First Amendment.
    Complete perversion by the Left of Jefferson’s letter.
    10) The Second Amendment only applies to folks who are part of an organized militia and does not apply to Americans who are not.
    But clearly if you understand any thing about grammar, the Second Amendment is stated in terms of the idea of the militia being a subordinate clause as distinct from the main clause.

    "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state" is the subordinate clause which by definition cannot stand alone while "The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed" is the main clause which by definition can stand alone.

    The Left would have you break all the rules of grammar for this one entry into the Constitution, that is they want to make you believe not only the militia section of the amendment is the main clause but that it also makes null and void the accompanying section which refers to the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Absolutely ridiculous and bordering on lunacy.

    Imho, the focus is too much on the idea of "bearing arms". The most important word is "keep". Look up the word "keep" in the dictionary. It is crystal-clear that it means to possess or to maintain in one’s possession.

    • Audrey_I

      A technical correction, The United States paid Mexico much more than the 18.2 million in today’s inflated dollars.  An ounce of gold in the 1850’s was worth less than twenty dollars per ounce.  Today an ounce of gold is worth around seventeen hundred dollars an ounce.  Multiplying 18.2 million by 85 gives 1.54 billion which is nearly four times larger than the cited figure of 490 million.

      We must not let those on the Left revise history.  Leftist historians at our colleges and universities are very good revisionists. 

    • jester2939

      I had an excellent history professor at SMU, Dr. David Weber, who is a leading authority on Spain and Mexico and their involvement in North America. He went to a state college and was snubbed by his peers when he taught at Harvard for a semester because he didn’t go to an ivy league school – never mind he was recognized by the king and queen of Spain and published more books and articles than they did. So, he spent his spare time at the Harvard libraries researching and writing another book. Go Dr. Weber!!

      ANYWAY, in my senior seminar research class with him, we studied Mexico and its frontier in the early 19th century. We read the letters between the government officials in Mexico city and the local representatives on the frontier. I specifically recall the officials in Texas complaining about the lack of support and supplies from the authorities in Mexico City. They resented being ingnored, as the majority of resources and tax money were used to build up Mexico City.

      As a result, the settlers on the frontier (Mexican citizents) had to trade with Americans in order to survive, and they began to forge relationships with them. Soon after, the settlers in Texas decided to pull away from Mexico. I remember thinking, this isn’t like anything I heard before! Thank goodness for a great professor who always promoted research and facts, and climbed on our cases if we didn’t use enough primary sources.

  • c4pfan

    Isn’t Hilary supposed to testify about Benghazi tomorrow?

    • nkra

      I think she caught a cold as a result of her concussion, is suffering ongoing/unpredictable bouts of amnesia and will not be appearing.  And if she does, her testimony will be severely compromised…  we just can’t take the chance of putting her through this stress.  

      When will she appear with The Oprah? is my question!!!

    • Pete Petretich

      If she does appear it will be buried in headlines about the cold weather and about Obama’s next cabinet.

  • c4pfan

    Chuc Heath Jr put up a little something about MLK Jr Day on has facebook, so most likely on his site too!

  • c4pfan

    James, I hope you have a good time learning from the experience! 

  • NoMoreMeh

    Please choose to value and cherish and nurture LIFE, today and every day.

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    Madison Rising – The Star Spangled Banner

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    Thank you Sarah.

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