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The Governor is officially no longer a contributor for Fox News. She will remain "focused on broadening her message of common-sense conservatism across the country and will be expanding her voice in the national discussion." You can read more here.

You don’t have to be a Palin supporter to believe the accounts provided by sources close to the Governor. Fox News and Rogers Ailes have never hesitated to slam former contributors on-or-off the record (e.g., Newt Gingrich). Fox News and Roger Ailes would never let Palin sources claim that the Governor was the one who walked away without an aggressive response…..unless what the Palin sources are claiming is true.

In any event, what’s your reaction to this news? There was a time when her leaving Fox News would have set off a celebration from Barrow, Alaska to Miami, Florida because it would have meant that another event was soon to occur. It’s not so clear now what’s the next chapter as we’re over a year and a half away from the 2014 midterms and over three and a half years away from 2016. We now await the Governor’s PAC numbers from the final month and a half of 2012 as the next piece of news. So who’s going to be the Governor’s first interviewer of 2013?


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  • ZH100

    Good morning all.

    ‘Boomtown’ Special Assails D.C. for ‘Extracting’ Wealth from Taxpayers

    From the article:

    "In a blockbuster one-hour investigative special that aired on Fox News’ "Hannity" on Friday, Peter Schweizer, Steve Bannon, and Sean Hannity exposed how Washington, D.C. has extracted power and money from the United States into a centralized location to become the country’s greatest "boomtown," despite not creating anything.
    Schweizer, the president of the nonpartisan Government Accountability Institute, highlighted how the permanent political class that relies on lobbying and influence peddling makes more money by "growing the size of government," which leaves no incentive on either side of the aisle to limit government.

    As a result, he noted the three richest counties and seven of the top ten wealthiest counties in the nation are in the Washington, D.C. region. The District also consumes the most fine wine in the nation. He asserted the business in Washington is now "not politics" but "money."

    Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart News, said the best and the brightest now come to Washington because they see Washington as a Tammany Hall that will allow them to get rich off of influence peddling. He noted that Washington D.C. runs the equivalent of a $4 trillion private equity fund every year and essentially doles out 25% of the country’s wealth to those who are connected.

    "Nobody has ever turned a camera on them," Bannon said, indicating he intends to change that in the future. "This is a permanent political class that has now formed an aristocracy. That’s why nothing has changed in Washington."

    Bannon explained people arrive in Washington as country lawyers and then decide to "turn the business of government into a family business" by having their wives and kids work in lobbying.

    "And this is how they become a permanent political class," he concluded.

    Hannity mentioned that Washington politicians "kick money back to family, friends, or people that hire them when they retire."

    And Schweizer concurred. He claimed the permanent political class is bipartisan and those who are a part of this permanent aristocracy either marry or are born into it.

    Schweizer noted former Mississippi Senator Trent Lott, a Republican, and former Louisiana Senator John Breaux, a Democrat, partnering up to lobby after they left Congress. He cited Republican Rep. Bill Young of Florida whose daughter-in-law does defense lobbying while he sits on one of the most powerful subcommittees dealing with defense issues.

    Schweizer also pointed out that Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) has two sons who have also lobbied for projects in which their father was involved.

    According to Schweizer, this type of bipartisan nepotism that would not be tolerated in corporations is why "political debates are like professional wrestling, it’s not always what it appears to be."

    "It’s a massive cultural problem in Washington, D.C.," he lamented, adding that the problem is going to get worse.

    Bannon said if one follows the money, it is clear there is no incentive for the permanent political class to cut spending. And because there is not an incentive to cut spending, Bannon said, Americans are stuck with a party of "big government" and a junior partner that is the party of "little big government." Unfortunately, Bannon said the country lacks a party that is truly focused on limited government.

    "There is no pressure on them to cut. Washington controls the money. They have an industrial logic to the business model," he explained. "The permanent political class of both political parties are benefiting from it."

    Hannity promised more segments in the future with Bannon and Schweizer as they make Americans more aware of the rampant crony capitalism Washington’s permanent political class tries its best hide."

    • ZH100

      ‘Meet Washington, D.C.’s new aristocracy: the lobbyists Advertisement

      America may be divided between red and blue states, but ‘BoomTown’ is distinctly green’

    • wodiej

      thanks ZH.  I recorded the special but haven’t watched it yet.  Perhaps God’s next stop for Gov. Palin will be dealing w this problem.  She’s got some good people on her side.  

      • ZH100

        You are welcome, wodiej

      • john norton

        The best,people She’s got on Her side,birds of a feather,U betcha… ! Sarah Unleashed,finally…

    • CBDenver

      Excellent summary.  Thanks for posting.

      • ZH100

        You are welcome, CBDenver

    • John_Frank

      The Governor’s speech at Indianola in Iowa was seminal.

      She put the issue of cronyism and the permanent political class squarely before the people.

      Sadly, the Republican nominee failed to take up the case; and call for true reform.

      The problem persists and so the door remains open.

  • Dagobomb

    I hope it is heavy involvement getting conservatives to increase House seats and take the Senate in 2014 and build a support base for 2016.

    • john norton

      If 2010 was jst a sample of Palin Power on display,jst imagine what 2014 will be like…!

  • Jean_A

    Good morning, C4P!

    I think the funny part is Foxnews talking up Rove.  Rove the man that spent over 100 million dollars during the election and got 0 return for it.   Rove the man that on election night told Foxnews they were wrong to call Ohio for Obama and to take it back.  Rove the man that said Romney was going to win in a landslide.   Rove gave Foxnews 4 more years of Obama and Foxnews gave Rove 4 more years of Foxnews.  You can’t make this stuff up.

    I stand with Sarah Palin.

  • wodiej

    "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."  Galatians 6:9

    • TexS2012

      So true wodiej, sometimes we get in our own way worrying whether we can do this thing or the other and miss an opportunity given by God that we will later regret. You should start us all off with this verse everyday.

  • wodiej

    Gov. Palin speaking at Leadership Forum in March

  • qtdb7

    About attracting voters (men, women, Asians, Hispanics, etc.):
    If you tell the TRUTH, they will come.

    The TRUTH hurts. The TRUTH will set you free.
    The TRUTH will defeat Obama/democrats/liberals and RINOs.

    A lot of presidential candidates (Romney, Ryan, …)
    and other Republican politicians MISUSED the word CONSERVATIVE.
    Their records CONTRADICT their CONSERVATIVE messages.

    2016 will belong to us (Gov. Palin and We the People).

    It’s our time now.

  • Jade

    I think this is a great move by Sarah Palin. Now she needs to branch out in her own brand of common sense conservatism without Fox limiting her.  I hope she doesn’t just attache herself to another conservative blow hard out there but rather start her own social media portal with her brand.

    • HuntingMoose

      Join ….

      • CharterOakie

        Clearly she has friends there…

  • ZH100
  • ZH100

    Chuck Heath,


    "Mom made it through her surgery! Her hip was in worse shape than they initially thought so she was in the OR twice as long as expected. The doctor said they cleaned up what they could and she should be good to go in a couple of months.

    I showed Mom all the nice messages you guys left her. She was embarrassed but very touched.

    Thanks again for the thoughts and prayers."


  • wodiej
  • Pete Petretich

    I hope she starts sitting in with both Levin and Rush on a regular basis…

    • HuntingMoose

      I cannot wait. My sanity medicine cabinet is running low and i really need some more of her common sense logic to make me see the end of the tunnel and where that end is.

  • Jthom26837

     Good Morning Fellow Palinistas,

    I’m in a good mood this morning since Sarah Palin has parted ways with FOX. News. I know I’m repeating myself, but I have to say, by distancing herself from Roger Ailes and his cast of two-faced idiots, Sarah Palin can now fully perform Law 16 out of the book ‘The 48 Laws Of Power.’ By Robert Greene: ‘Use Absence To Increase Respect And Honor.’
     Now, I have a question for all of you Fellow Palinistas: Should Sarah Palin make a special appearence on TruTV’s ‘Full Throttle Saloon’ with Ted Nugent? I mean, since she co-hosted NBC’s ‘The Today Show’ last year letting that sleaze bucket Matt Lauer drooling over her, I thought it would be a much friendlier venue this time around. Don’t take this the wrong way now, please.

    I Stand with Sarah Palin!!

  • wodiej

    Scottie pups drinking goat milk

  • wodiej

    Want a Third Party?

    Constitutional Freedom Party

    • TexS2012

      Wodiej, I went to the website of The Constitutional Freedom Party. I read why the party was started and I liked everthing written there, but so far no indication of who this person is. Do you know?

      The person owning the website says he is a Canadian born American.

      This is the Party Platform of "The Constitutional Freedom Party."

  • wodiej

    "Aim for the moon.  If you miss-you may hit the stars."  W. Clemont Stone

  • wodiej
  • colliemum

    Good morning, dear friends!

    What a way to start the day: Sarah Palin out of FOX!

    Here’s what I wrote on the thread about this:

    "Why oh why oh why  do the really earth-shaking things always happen when I’m in bed over here!!!

    At least it means waking up to some brilliant news.

    Well, to me it looks as if she’s just thrown over the chessboards, kicked over the table, and it’s going to be a totally new game from now on – one played to her rules.

    The BAU GOPe must be running for cover already.

    Can’t wait for what she’ll do next — more earthquakes, I bet!"

    Huge smile on my face right now!

    • cudaforever

      Good morning Colliemum, Yeah me too :) I can’t wait for the next chapter to unfold !!

      • colliemum

        Top of the morning to you – now that this is sinking in a bit, I think this is what is called a game-changer. 
        OK – this may be a bit of wishful thinking on my part, but I can’t help it: I think we just saw the beginning of her 2016 campaign.

        • cudaforever

          As Brian would says: DEO VOLENTE !!!

    • jester2939

      Hi Colliemum! It’s good to see you again.

      I love waking up to great news!!!

      • colliemum

        Isn’t it just!

        And once again, our Sarah has shown impeccable timing.

        Just as the GOP have finished their mutual adoration feast, re-elected Priebus, had Jindal lecturing them, and gone home contented: BAM!

        Can we say to them: be afraid – be very afraid!

        • jester2939

          BAM!! Or "BOOM! Taste my nightstick!!" ?

  • wisetrog

    Ian is glum. Don’t be my friend. Light is around the corner.

  • technopeasant

    The 10 ideas that conservatives need to attack the Left on imho in the political arena of ideas:

    1) Man (woman) is much more than a "biological being" as those who live and die by Darwin’s Theory of Evolution propound, that unlike animals who have the instinct to live, man has no such innate instinct to live and therefore must make the definite choice to live based on ethical values and one’s own desire to fulfill a definite goal or purpose.

    Show me a man or woman with passion towards achieving a grand purpose in his or her life and I will show you a man or woman who probably will not commit suicide.

    2) Secular humanism is as much a religion as any mainstream religion but it is more insidious and calculating before it does not purport to be a religion but operates under the guise of government-sponsored modern humanitarianism. 

    3) The Second Amendment specifically uses the phrase "keep and bear arms" and therefore clearly outlines Americans have a right to own firearms because if you don’t own something you can’t keep it. If you borrow something or do not have absolute rights to something (renting) then it can be taken away from you. The only legal way any government can take property away from anyone is to expropriate it. And imho the only way to expropriate guns from anyone is to pass a constitutional amendment on the matter. In other words without a constitutional amendment, the government has no legal authority to take your guns away from you, assuming you own them and therefore mean to "keep" them.

    In addition as I have pointed out a couple of days ago one only has to resort to rules of grammar to conclude the clause referring to a militia is a subordinate clause (which by definition cannot stand alone) and the clause referring to the right to keep and bear arms is the main clause which by definition can stand alone. In other words those who try to make the case that the second amendment only applies to the National Guard or a similar group and not to the people are clearly deficient in the how grammar works or intend to manipulate the use of the rules of grammar to serve their own purposes.

    By the way in 2008 and 2010 according to Wikipedia the SC ruled that the Second Amendement protects an individual right to possess and carry firearms, unconnected to service in a militia.

    4) Poll after poll poll show liberals only making up 20% of the electorate, yet we allow their friends in the media and their overall agenda to dominate 80% of the political landscape. Pareto’s law in reverse. The Left has a right to make its case for its agenda to be accepted by all America but as conservatives we owe it to ourselves and to our children to make the case that a conservative agenda is the best course for America to pursue. Why are we abdicating that responsbility? Main reason: Intimidation, subtle and otherwise.

    5) Republicans were the party that held back the passage of Civil Rights legislation in 1964. History tells us Democrats also did their part to keep it from happening as well. The Democrats were definitely not lily-white in this area.

    6) The Left’s belief in CRONY CAPITALISM is the main reason for bans on offshore drilling and other measures to stop oil drilling. Stifling the productive ability and capacity of its opponents to further the interests of their friends (wind/solar power industries etc).

    7) For the Left, no one deserves to be happy unless the collective is happy. For conservatives, you have a God-given right not only to pursue your own happiness but to enjoy it.

    8) As conservatives we reject the premise that we are responsible for the sins of our fathers and we should feel an individual or collective guilt as a result. Yet, we also realize there are lessons to be learned from the past that will help us not to make the same mistakes in the present and the future.

    9) Politics is all about intensity and passion. The Left has it and we don’t. Part of it is because the Left and the media has convinced us it is unseemly or not in our best interests to have it. As conservatives we reject that premise and herewith declare we will approach politics with super enthusiasm and with fervor dedicate ourselves to maximizing the advancement of conservatism and conservative principles. We will no longer hide our light under a bushel.

    10) The Left sees the problems of the world in the context of government negligence and its remedy of more government intervention while conservatives see the problems of the world primarily caused by too much government interference, intrusion and intervention and the remedy in terms of government simply unleashing the individuals to pursue their own happiness and destiny, success or failure being based on one’s initiative, creativity, ability, talent, choices, decisions etc and not on who you know in government or in high places. A level playing field for all where the referees don’t interfere with the how the game is being played.

  • $10089747

    I will miss her on Fox, but now she is free to say what really needs to be said, as this admin. is driving the nation into bankruptcy and not to mention the corruption in DC. I know that she will be preparing and doing bigger and more meaningful things for the country.  WE NEED A LOT OF HELP SARAH, GOOD LUCK IN ALL OF YOUR ENDEAVERS GOING FORWARD.

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