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The finals numbers on SarahPAC for the 2011-2012 cycle are $2.54 million raised from individuals in 2012, $2.41 million raised from individuals in 2011, $1.15 million cash-on-hand.


Update by Stacy: Over the past few weeks, C4P editors have been inundated with emails regarding the behavior of some people who post comments daily to our site. Many folks are complaining that they are being bullied on our site. They have stated that anything they post receives snarky and hostile comments in return, regardless of the content. We have been able to verify the numerous complaints.

Most who are responsible for this behavior have been able to get past the rules of the site by taking a more passive-aggressive approach to their attacks. They don’t directly violate the terms of the site but they still create conflict. We have recently lost many long-term readers on this site given this toxic environment, and I find that very disturbing.

Look, we don’t care about your personal or political disagreements with others on this site. We can all agree to disagree at times on certain issues, even though we all support Governor Palin. Steve, Mary Beth, and myself have asked the people who frequent this forum to "please be respectful of others here" countless times, all of which have gone ignored. Since our pleas have gone ignored, and since we are losing readers in this toxic environment, we are going to have to change the way we handle contentious posts.

If you don’t like another guest on the comment boards, ignore that person! Do not reply to them. Do not create friction here! C4P is not your personal forum to create factions and bully those you don’t like. We exist to help Governor Palin get her message out, correct the record as her corrupt detractors distort reality, provide a forum where like-minded conservatives can gather to discuss issues and even enjoy each others company. Nobody wants to get attacked for merely existing, and good people who frequent here and don’t comment, don’t want to hang out to witness it happening to others.

Those of you who are responsible for creating this friction know who you are. Consider yourselves on notice. We aren’t going to put up with it anymore. We will not allow you to come here and chase away readers any longer. You may think I’m only talking about certain posters that you have directly attacked, but I’m also referring to those who stood quietly in the background and have since left just because a toxic environment exists here. Please stop.

Thank you.


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