Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | The great guns debate: Grabbers rise anew

Post-Sandy Hook, the great debate over  guns has sunken to new levels of deceit and misrepresentation, all in the name  of unconstitutional gun-grabbing. Consider legislation being proposed by Sen.  Dianne Feinstein.

The California Democrat seeks to dishonestly  redefine “assault weapons” — heretofore machine-gun-type weaponry banned nearly  30 years ago — to be just about any weapon that liberals think looks especially  menacing or they simply don‘t like. She proposes measures clearly in violation  of the Second Amendment.

Under Ms. Feinstein‘s nomenclature, millions of  quite common and quite popular semiautomatic handguns, shotguns and rifles (the  latter two simply because they have a pistol-like grip) would be banned.  Outlawed, too, generally, would be magazines, fixed or detachable, capable of  holding 10 or more rounds. (As if a six-round magazine makes a difference, given  the mere seconds it takes to change one.)

According to one analysis, not one handgun could  survive the legislation.


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