Steve McCann | I Will Not Be Intimidated

As  a young boy I was shot by a man whose clear intent was to kill me as I had  deliberately, by throwing broken bricks at him, interrupted his attempt to rape  a young teen-aged girl, allowing her to escape. To this day I can still see the  evil in his face and the sun glistening off the barrel of the pistol he aimed in  my direction. As I turned and began to run away he fired hitting me in back. The  bullet entering my chest felt as if someone had hit me with baseball bat  followed immediately by an excruciating burning sensation as I fell to the  ground from the impact.   Perhaps it was the adrenaline, but I was  able scramble to my feet and run as far as I could until finally passing out  from the shock and loss of blood.   Fortunately, someone came to my  rescue and took me to a military hospital and the first  step on my journey to the United  States.

According  to the current incarnation of the American left, who traffic constantly in  victimhood and noble intentions, I should be in the vanguard of the mandatory  gun control and confiscation movement.  That somehow it was the inanimate  object this soldier was holding and not him that was responsible for the attempt  on my life or to ignore the fact that his mindset was such he would have used  any weapon at hand to accomplish the same goal.

On  the contrary, I own a handgun today because of the experience of coming face to  face with the evil that permeates some men’s souls. I and the girl I rescued  were defenseless.  There were no police  or armed citizens around and the death of another homeless and unknown boy and  girl, buried in an unmarked mass grave, would have been just another easily  ignored casualty of the post-War period.  I was determined that I would  never again face a similar circumstance. I have had in my possession firearms  for virtually my entire life, as I have been fortunate to live in the one nation  on earth that has embedded in its founding document the right to bear  arms.


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