The Right Scoop | Colin Powell sounding more and more like Chris Matthews

This is amazing. Colin Powell actually accuses former governors Sarah Palin and John Sununu of representing a ‘dark vein’ in the Republican Party, saying they ‘look down on minorities’ because of terms they’ve used like ‘shuck and jive’ and ‘lazy’ when referring to Obama.

Colin Powell sounds exactly like Chris Matthews who sees a racist around every corner…

Well, here’s a tip for Colin ‘blow’ Powell. Obama has been shuckin’ and jivin’ with the American people from the day he started campaigning for his first term. He’s a liar and has an agenda that apparently even Powell can’t see because he’s apparently blinded by his own skin color. Either that or he can see it because he’s really a far left socialist type. I mean, Powell voted for a man who added almost 6 trillion to the debt in his first 4 years. And he wants us to take him seriously? Hey Colin, did you miss the ‘math’ part of your education? Have you forgotten what reasonable debt looks like?


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