Tim Carmody | Why Amazon is an unstoppable monster

It’s a dangerous proposition to mark any company as an inevitable juggernaut, especially in still-fluctuating fields like digital media, public cloud services, or e-commerce in new global markets. It’s even more dangerous when the company in question is showing profit numbers reminiscent of the old dot-com boom and bust, which Amazon survived. And if you don’t have any money in the market, you just want to read the books and watch the movies you like without having to worry about your service’s web hosting going down, you may be asking why any of this should matter to you in the first place.

It matters because with support from the markets like this, Amazon is free to invest in all of the things you enjoy. E-reader growth slowing down? No problem. The R&D group wants to try to make a smartphone or a television box? If it works out, Amazon can undercut the entire market. Need to rebuild an east coast data center? The money’s available. Competition in Japan looks robust? Amazon will wait. Netflix morphs from a competitor into a choice takeover target? A stock swap gets it done.


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