Tom Keane | Time for Scott Brown to fire up his truck

Scott Brown is this state’s once and likely future Senator — the beneficiary, this holiday season, of some striking good fortune.

Brown undoubtedly had a gloomy Thanksgiving; he had, after all, just lost to Elizabeth Warren. But since then, things have brightened. With John Kerry now President Obama’s nominee for secretary of state, another Senate seat should soon be up for grabs. That by itself is good news for Brown. But it was hardly his only political gift this season.

On Christmas Eve came cheery news from Connecticut, residence of one Edward Moore Kennedy Jr., he of his late father’s looks and name. Despite the many Democrats pushing him to jump into the race, Ted Jr. demurred.

Kennedy would have been a field-clearing choice for the Democrats. And make no mistake: He may be untested and even a resident of another state, but if he had entered the race, Kennedy would have won. This is Massachusetts, after all.


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