TWS | Obama official paid $162,702 to estimate cost of a "death star"

The Associated Press reports that President Barack Obama opposes the "Death Star":

A "Death Star" won’t be a part of the U.S. military’s arsenal any time soon.

More than 34,000 people have signed an online petition calling on the Obama administration to build the "Star Wars" inspired super-weapon to spur job growth and bolster national defense.

But in a posting Friday on the White House website, Paul Shawcross, an administration adviser on science and space, says a Death Star would cost too much to build – an estimated $850 quadrillion – at a time the White House is working to reduce the federal budget.

Here’s the full "Death Star" memo, written by Shawcross, who in 2011 (the last available year for which there is data), a senior executive in the federal government, was paid $162,702:


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