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Understanding Governor Palin’s Enemies

I totally understand Governor Palin’s enemies, those infected with Palin Derangement Syndrome. Believe me, I get it. If I subscribed to their worldview and political philosophy, I might behave the same way they do. So who can blame them, these souls who have made it their life’s purpose to denigrate, devalue, and demonize Governor Palin and anyone associated with her? What else are they to do?

Often, I look to sports to teach life-lessons. Politics and sports have much in common. In fact, politics is often referred to as a sport of sorts–a blood sport, that is–and it gets bloodier and bloodier with each passing day. No one understands this better than Governor Palin, who has, metaphorically speaking, been mauled and manhandled since stepping onto the national court in 2008–and continues to emerge victorious.

Having been both a basketball player and coach, I know what it is to prepare to face a team that has a player whose skills run too deep to stop. Under these circumstances, the best one can hope for is to contain or limit this person. I know the relief that comes when this player goes to the bench for a breather. We, the opposing team, also breathe a little easier during that time, but we’re always mindful that this reprieve is but temporary. Players who demand such attention create desperation in the opposition. Even professional coaches have faced consequences and repercussions for ordering players to "take out" a star player, "hurt her," "make him pay," "leave a mark." Such "do whatever it takes" tactics are deplorable, but desperate people do desperate things. So it is with politics, and it is especially so with Governor Palin.

When she is quiet, they exult. Their delusion tells them she is done, gone for good, no longer a threat capable of dictating tempo. But like all players who recognize their role on the team, she always checks back in. And when she does, the haters are beside themselves and find the need to tell themselves–and everyone else–just how "irrelevant" she is. Mind you, they say so while tracking her every move, noting her every word, and studying her every pattern. While they repeatedly chirp that she’s irrelevant, their actions betray those words, like playing a box and one defense against a team that has no predominant offensive threat, or double-teaming an average player, in an effort to stop her. It just doesn’t make sense. Furthermore, Governor Palin, unlike anyone we have ever seen, cannot be stopped. She cannot even be contained. She operates on her own terms, and nothing gets to her.

Their most recent attempt came upon the revelation that she was not renewing her contract with FOX News. The problem with those who want to believe, despite all evidence to the contrary, that the Governor was dumped by the network, is they are in denial of a basic truth: FOX or no FOX, the Governor has a voice. When she uses that voice, everyone listens and then talks about what they heard. If she chooses to take a breather and speak very little, or not at all, for a time, she can do that. When she checks back in, they’re there. In fact, they’ve been looking over their shoulders all along, afraid she’ll reemerge at any time. You see, she remains on their minds even when not in their sight. When she does reemerge, they raise their level of attack. Their accusations become more acrimonious, their insults are more insidious, and their deeds even dirtier.

Nonetheless, she does not budge. Instead, she reminds us that she hasn’t even begun to fight. It is in this that she reveals herself to be head and shoulders above all others. She simply cannot be defeated.

And this is why they hate her so much more today than they did yesterday, more yesterday than the day before. They simply don’t understand how no matter the defense or offense they employ, no matter the tactics they attempt, she will not go away. She perseveres–and she does it her way. I understand that for the self-appointed Palin enemy, that has got to be maddening! Just look at their plight. Their entire game plan doesn’t work. Their lies don’t work. Their "IRRELEVANT" cries don’t work. Nothing they do works. Hatred is their only comfort object, and it’s not enough to pacify them–because she doesn’t care! Unfortunately for them, they are not smart enough to embrace the only thing that might help soothe their pain, the old adage, "If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em." Instead, they continue to try to beat her, and in so doing they continue to beat their own heads against the wall in this blood sport called politics.

Governor Palin loves this country and is not afraid to fight for it. She may not have every aspect planned out yet or know all that she’ll have to face in the battle, but I have no doubt she’ll outlast the opposition. To those who are inclined not to believe in the certainty of that triumphant endurance, I’ll let the Governor do the talking: "We delight in those who underestimate us."

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  • Guest

    Excellent post! Thank you Adrienne.

  • CWLsun

    Thanks, Adrienne.  I really appreciate your post about Gov. Palin.  She is a good role model…and a great leader.

  • sarahhasmyvote

    The truth about Sarah is so easy to uncover from the foul mess of MSM lies. It continues to amaze me that the Left’s vitriol isn’t laughed off, and that obama’s subterfuge is so easily fallen for… it just amazes me.
    Thank you Adrienne for your continuing posts. C4P ebbs and flows, but I love how it continues to Stand with Sarah. 
    I would so love to see her as our Country’s elected leader right now. 

    May Common Sense find it’s way back.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Basketball analogies are always so apt for the Governor. The media probably don’t realize it, but all of these stories claiming her irrelevancy are nothing more than "bulletin board material" for the Governor.

    • Adrienne Ross

      Nothing like locker room fodder!


      LOL!  I would be willing to bet $$ that Sarah and her beautiful family actually sit around the dinner table LAUGHING at what desperate lies the enemedia and haters will come up with next.  The Palins are doing exactly the right thing by ignoring such hateful rage, giving it the non-attention it deserves.  Nothing makes them madder by Sarah refusing to engage them down in the cesspool of their level.

      Sarah/her family knows what’s true and what’s not, God is pleased with her and will protect His faithful servant.  Meanwhile she sits back, kills them with kindness, and lets the irrelevant left hang themselves with more and more voters.  Brilliant! 

      Unfortunately for us however, that’s also why Democrats have to resort to stealing elections — twice in a row now.  Sarah will never be president until and unless SEIU is no longer rigging vote machines, or Soros’ company in Spain is "counting" the ballots

  • palin45potus

    I think I have liked almost everything that you have ever written, Adrienne.

    This is quite the analogy.

    As Mister L pointed out just tonight on his commentary, the left suddenly gets over it’s hatreds of the Karl Roves and Colin Powells when they can use them to attack Sarah Palin.  It shows who the true superstar is.

    It also says an awful lot about those two, and so many others who should be her team-mates, but who seem consumed by jealousy and are willing to do the dirty work of the left.

  • happymullah

    Because her haters are themselves unhappy they hate to see anyone especially a conservative happy.

    "May we always be happy and may our enemies know it."   Sarah loves twisting the knife which is why the liberals are so angry.


  • Freempg

    "Governor Palin loves this country and is not afraid to fight for it."

    That’s the essence of it, Adrienne, she fights. We can not spare her.

    This echoes Lincoln, who the left is desperately trying to remake as their own with their Hollywood propaganda while simaltaneously defaming the good name of Governor Palin with Game Change.

  • Reynolds88

    I love your persepctive w/r to having been a BBall coach and player.  When you’ve got it you know it and its only time that can keep you back. 

    It’s so great to have a star on your team and we DO have Sarah Palin on our team.  That is the difference.  She is a team player and a winner.  You, Ms. Adrienne Ross are a winner too!  This is what we know and one of the mottos I go by, Stick with the Winners! 

    As Sarah Palin says (from R.Reagan) "There is no limit to the accomplishments possible when people are working together rather than trying to claim credit for themselves" (something like that…)

    I am invigorated with Sarah Palin’s move from FOX since something good will come of it, I know.  (For one thing, Mark Levin is "coming out of the shadows" to join Hannity more often) And thanks again, Adrienne for your straight-arrow commentary.

    • Adrienne Ross

      Thank you, Reynolds!

  • Roy Harley

    Politics it seems to me more like war than sports, the only way to Win against your enemies destroy them, we have been loosing far too long,

  • Ratified1791


  • Founders1791

    LOVE the article Adrienne!

    I’m modifying how I engage our enemy too, with more thorough analysis of their propaganda techniques and psychological motives. I sincerely believe the vast majority of democrat soldiers who engage in most of the hate and invective are people that are emotionally unstable and malleable. Once the onion of their avarice is peeled open then love has a chance at conversion.

    The tea party is losing a few of its revelers by Dana Milbank

    Poor Dana,

    You guys just can’t help yourselves in proving daily what tabloid propagandist reporters of political advocacy do versus objective journalism.

    First, the purpose of this piece, and the author, is to promote basic propaganda

    "…Propaganda is the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person…"

    Second, he uses "Proof by Assertion" of unsubstantiated claim

    "…The tea party is going cold…"

    Third, he uses "Testimonial, Transfer, & Red Herring" of completely unrelated events.

    "..stupid party.." Jindal, "..redistricting.." Virginia

    Fourth, back to "Proof by Assertion" of unsubstantiated claim

    "..Palin, whose following had shriveled.."

    Fifth, back to "Testimonial, Transfer, Red Herring"

    "…hard heads…, "…McCain for immigration reform (again)…", "…Limbaugh vs Rubio…"

    Eight paragraphs later does a 180 degree flip after "stacking the deck" desperately trying to manufacture a desired conclusion.

    "..too early to call a requiem for the Tea Party…"

    Sixth, uses "Name Calling & Assertion" again

    "…puritanical primary process…", "..sensible partygoers..", "..that keep pace…"

    Seventh, back to  "Blatant Lies & Assertion"

    "..Fox apparently decided?..", " longer worth?.."

    Governor Palin is the #1 Television Pundits in the United States by a very wide margin. The number one draft pick "left them" reeling and since a democrat never met a payday they didn’t like simply can’t fathom anyone doing so "willingly" .

    http://www.mediaite com/power-grid/person/?q=sarah+palin

    On and on it goes the bias, advocacy, and propaganda earns the Palin coined term….
    The Lame Stream Media………………

    • blueniner

      This Dana Milbank is a "piece of" work. This the guy who has had an obsession for Sarah Palin for many years, just as Adreinne writes about. Remember he once had a boycott of Sarah Palin? Anyone named Dana probably had a tough time growing up. Dana said Sarah Palins audience has shriveled, no not true, but I know some one else who has shriveled. Then he takes a parting shot at Sarah Palin at the end of his piece. Sarah Palin is living rent free in his head much?

      • alien4palin


    • papersonusa

       Wasn’t he the one that claimed someone shouted "Kill Obama" at a McCain/Palin rally? The Secret Service investigated the claim, and found no one, NO ONE, to have heard it. He really is a POS, while writing for the WashPost.

  • Steve_Flesher

    BRILLIANT! The last time I felt this good was after reading Governor Palin’s post on life.

  • Ceejay

    Adrienne, thank you for the post above, great!

  • lyndaaquarius

    What a great piece. I loved the line "a threat capable of dictating tempo". And that’s what she’s done all along dictate the tempo. She’s the one in control, she’s not being controlled. She keeps her own counsel, as they say. A most remarkable leader for the times we are in. She completely models integrity and inspires others to up their game. She’s got "the right stuff". Of course she’ll outlast the opposition and prevail. thank you for this wonderful piece. You nailed it,I feel.

  • blueniner

    Very good piece Adrienne, you hit the nail on the head. Sarah Palin "Inspires".

  • sodakhic

    More, Adrienne, more!!!!!

    • Adrienne Ross

      I shall try, sodakhic. :-)

  • onparade

    bill oreilley tonight said sarah was a performer performing for her crew…..they also said the same thing about reagan…..some performer…..some president……

    • socon

       O’Rudelly is a skunk.

    • Infinite_Indeterminism

       A slightly relevant quote:

      "Some chicken, some neck!"…


  • alien4palin

    Adrienne, excellent insightful post!!! Thank you.

    Sarah’s Mission is to reform and restore America to exceptionalism as she once was. In order to achieve that, the Status Quo has to go. The enemies’ mission is to discredit and destroy her to retain their Status Quo at all cost.

    What differentiate Sarah from them is that she fights with chivalry, great courage and grace.They fight cowardly with dirty, evil underhanded thuggery.

  • FrankinOhio

    J’ai attrapé le nom de l’auteur avant de lire l’article.  Aimez votre écriture !

  • royroyo

    GOD Please Watch over Our Little Lady

    GOD Bless You

    Sarah Palin

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