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Video: CBS wonders if Obamacare is bad for business

Via Real Clear Politics, I can’t believe CBS actually ran this story. The CBS reporter — I have no idea who he is since I rarely watch network news anymore — asks the following, brilliant (I’m sure in his mind) question:

Reporter: Do you think it will affect the number of people you hire?

The busines owner, John Rigos, responded thusly:

"It’ll likely affect the number of people we can hire," Rigos said… "It’ll probably have to reduce the staff to some degree, and again, focus on building smaller stronger team rather than being as aggressive in opening up new stores and creating new jobs," Rigos said.

Gee, ya think? The reporter appears incredulous that employers will be forced to cut payroll and slow expansion plans in order to comply with all the taxes and mandates being foisted upon them to pay for Obama’s massive new entitlement boondoggle. Moreover, thanks to Obama, many of those employers can also look forward to paying higher income taxes as well. Naturally, as part of their story, CBS is compelled to ask Ezekiel Emanuel, Rahm’s bother, who’s most famous for his infamous "complete lives system" rationing theory, what he thinks about the exploding health care costs Obamacare is responsible for. His response:

"Near term, we’re going to see some blip in some costs, but I think actually when we rearrange costs and make it more efficient, we’re actually going to see, I think, costs moderate.

Great news. I’ll certainly sleep easier tonight knowing that the 55 – 85% insurance premium increases in my state caused by Obamacare are just a "blip" which will soon be "moderated" by Obamacare. This is exactly what we’d expect to hear from a guy who’s never run a business and has no idea how and why costs are allocated. The government’s going to "rearrange costs" to make them less efficient now and more efficient later. Of course. There must be dozens of examples of government entities he can cite which are shining models of efficiency: the Post Office, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, the Social Security Administration, FEMA, Steven Chu’s Department of Energy, Congress — the examples are endless.

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  • 01_Explorer_01

    CBS wonders if Obamacare is bad for business?   Does a bear crap in the woods?

  • Betsey_Ross

    Well, DUH!!

  • John_Frank

    Gee, who would have guessed that Obamacare was bad for business? Hello, anyone home?

    Doug, thanks for bringing this video to people’s attention.

  • Mary Beth House

    Gosh this sure sounds familiar.

    Governor Palin, among many MANY others, have been screaming about this very thing for ages.

  • friskyness

    Liberals are so delusional!

  • Lemuel Vargas

    And he only realized it now??? Well, as they say, karma is a biatch. It would be such a pleasure to see those who voted for Obama squirm and try to give rationalizations why they voted for a president who foisted the Biggest Lie of all which is the Obamacare.

  • MarkRNY

    He wonders if it’s bad for business! This approaches shear genius in Punditryville.

    I wonder if the pope is Catholic? I wonder if the media’s Leftist? I wonder if Pelosi’s psychotic? I wonder if Obama’s got flappy ears and sleeps in bunny pajamas?

    This is the best and boldest in negative digit IQ, Leftist lemming media land. Give him a white wine spritzer! 

  • nkthgreek

    CBS:  Continually Broadcasting Stupidity.

  • Lipstick

    We have moved into the new phase here. The media knows full well what ObamaCare will and will not do to businesses.

    They are adding "it is bad for business" to the soon to be louder "it will not work, to expensive" meme to begin the drive to what they have wanted all along…….Single Payer System.

    • Nicholas

      Exactly. That way, people actually ask for a system they’d never have asked for otherwise.

  • Patriot41

    For all intensive purposes, the economic uncertainty that has prevailed over the last four years, will now become even more critical for the citizens of this country.  For those who are looking for a way to politically correct this situation, it behooves them to make note of all of the weaknesses in the radical agenda that is in full swing.  There is going to be a major awakening for many citizens in the next few years, that will be equivalent to the one that took place at the start of World War II.  At that time, it was an attack by a foreign power on Hawaii, threatening the peace of the entire world.  This time, it is an attack by the U.S. government on it’s own people and threatening their very individual freedom as well as their personal safety.

    Obamacare is but one of the many threats that the citizens of this nation face from this current administration, but it is going to be a major eye opener for starters.  Already we are witnessing the loss of professional doctors who are either leaving their profession or moving to other countries, where they can freely practice and receive proper recompense for their work.  Hospitals are replacing those doctors with physician assistants, who do not possess the same experience or capabilities.  Hospitals are also moving to a policy, of hiring Hospitalist who are physicians who will make rounds in place of personal physicians, thereby eliminating doctor/patient relationships.  More importantly, medical decisions will be made by administrators and doctors, who know very little about the individual needs of their patients.  Their treatment decisions, will be made by bureaucrats in charge of Medicare and Medicaid, who are only concerned with costs effectiveness of the system and not that of the individual patients.  If one does not believe that will be an eye opener of major proportions to citizens who have become used to the best medical system in the world, one is not thinking clearly.

    Next up, is the confiscation of all guns from the citizens of this country.  Procedures have already been put in place for this move, prior to legislation even being put to a vote.  DHS has already identified areas in each State across this country, to establish concentration camps for those who refuse to give up their weapons.  I have personally seen requests from DHS, for contractors who will take on the responsibility of building and securing these sites, barbed wire and all.  Rapid approval of drones, has been approved for law enforcement use, to assist in identifying potential resistance from our citizens.  We have also seen govt., agencies arming themselves with automatic assault weapons and ammunition, to use against the citizens who put up resistance. 

    These efforts are not being carried out to stop terrorists or even the criminals on the street, but to make law abiding citizens into criminals, because they wish to arm themselves for personal protection.  Patriots or not, they see the fact that States can no longer provide the necessary protection or security, from the current criminal element that walks the streets day and night in this country.  One can easily envision the nightmare that is to come, when law abiding citizens are left helpless to the criminals on the street and a govt., that is seeking total control over it’s citizens.  Daily, one sees warning from citizens in other nations who were forced to give up their weapons, advising U.S. citizens not to do so.  These warnings come from citizens of Europe, Australia and even Russia.  All have been exposed to even more violence and corruption within their own governments.

    Most of our citizens are already aware of the severe political division that exists within our country.  This situation will continue to fester, until this socialist movement is brought to an end or until it prevails.  If it does prevail, those citizens that have sold out their souls for all of the gifts this govt., has offered, are then going to come to the realization that the party is over.  Why?  Because by then, there will be few workers that can afford to support the freebie generation and the country will be in bankruptcy. 

    In the meantime, a hell of a lot of citizens in this country are going to suffer immensely.  There is already plenty of talk in this administration, to take retirement accounts from the citizens who have worked hard all of their lives for that security, and place their hard earned money into govt., treasury notes, to pay for the outrageous govt., spending that has taken place over the last quarter century.  Along with that, will be the continuing demands for increased taxes on income and personal property.
    That problem will be further aggravated, by the lack of employment necessary to meet the tax demands of both State and Federal governments.

    All of the above is rapidly coming to past and will happen, if the slumbering giant does not awaken soon and put an end to it.  Those who wish to preserve their American heritage had best get active now and educate their neighbors, because the storm is rapidly descending upon the whole of our Republic.

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