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Video: Ted Cruz destroys Chuck Hagel over his anti-Israel comments, among other things, at today’s Senate Hearings

This wasn’t even fair. Ted Cruz is wasting no time making his presence felt in the U.S. Senate. Today at the Hagel confirmation hearings, Cruz grilled Hagel on a range of subjects, and Hagel looked silly and completely out of his depth. Which he is. The highlight was when Cruz played audio of an interview Hagel conducted with Al Jazeera in 2009 in which he didn’t dispute Al Jazeera’s assertion that Israel committed war crimes when they defended themselves against terrorist attacks. Via The Dallas Morning News:

Sen. Ted Cruz grilled Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel this afternoon.

Cruz reprimanded the former Republican Nebraska senator for failing to submit to the Armed Services Committee speeches from the past five years. Cruz said Hagel submitted just four speeches, even though records showed he had been paid for 12 in the past year alone.

Playing snippets of a 2009 Al Jazeera interview with Hagel, Cruz launched into a series of questions challenging his views on Israel. When asked if he thought Israel had committed war crimes, Hagel said no and added that Cruz had taken his response in the interview out of context.

Cruz also took issue with Hagel’s 2006 characterization of Israel’s military campaign against the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah as “sickening slaughter.”

“Does one typically characterize defending yourself against terrorism as a sickening slaughter?” Cruz asked.

Hagel again said he’d want to look at the full context of that quote but wasn’t able to finish his sentence before Cruz jumped back to the 2009 interview, this time featuring a caller asking about the perception of the U.S. as “the world’s bully.” Hagel said that while he called the observation “a good one” and “relevant” during that interview, that didn’t mean he agreed with it.

Cruz, in turn, accused him of broadcasting propaganda to countries hostile to the U.S.

“To explicitly agree with the characterization of the United States as the ‘world’s bully,’ I would suggest is not the conduct one would expect of a Secretary of Defense,” Cruz said.

Indeed. Hagel tries to make the case that he’s being taken out of context, but Cruz refuses to let him get away with that nonsense. There’s plenty more Cruz packed into his brief Q&A with Hagel and the video below is a must see. Bottom line: Hagel is mumbling and grasping for straws and generally has no answers for Cruz. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did:

It’s not hard to understand why Governor Palin worked so hard to help Ted Cruz get elected. If we had a few more like him in the D.C. the Washington the cesspool would get cleaned up in short order. Via Hot Air, even Lindsey Graham brought his ‘A’ game today as he also went after Hagel very effectively for his past anti-Israel comments … specifically his repeated references to the evil "Jewish Lobby":

I agree with those who’ve suggested that Obama picked Hagel because Hagel is viscerally anti-military and will be a team player in Obama’s quest to eviscerate the one and only federal government entity that is good at what it’s supposed to do.

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  • palin45potus

    Oh man!

    Colin Powell won’t like this.  I wonder if Sarah loaned him her nightstick for this?

  • LLDub

    That’s my Texas dude that said that!

    • fb274

       My vote went for Ted Cruz!   Maybe he can inspire the noodle-spine cohorts in the Senate to follow his lead………he has already chastised the House so they might also get a wee bit of backbone.

      Teach the other Senators and Reps how to strengthen their backbones, Senator Cruz!

      • LLDub

         I have all the respect in the world for The Guv, and I’ll stand by my believe that she has no intentions of running for prez in 2016, simply because of the "horror" (no exaggeration) that would be perpetrated on her kids and family by the media in that race…I simply think her concern for family was one of the main reasons she didn’t run in 2012 and will be in 2016.   But I also believe that she could run for the senate in 2014.   Her and Cruz playing tag team would be something to see.

  • slpence

    I love my new Senator! Such a major improvement over Kay B-H!  Now if we could just do something about rino Cornyn. . . . .

    • LLDub

       Well, I don’t think Cornyn is any McCain, or Graham, or some of the others, but the point is taken.    I also think that Cruz’s influence may actually drive Cornyn to the right.   It seems to me that Cornyn should realize that he’s going to look awfully silly when Cruz leaves him in the dust as far as the base was concerned.   Cornyn had it easy when "compared" to Kay as he was clearly more conservative than her.  But not Cruz.  It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

  • jester2939

    OMG, I’m so proud of my senator!!!!! Thank you, Ted, for standing up for the U. S. and Israel. Thank you for promoting and advancing conservative principles. Thank you for not forgetting who sent you to Washington. Thank you for continuing to acknowledge Sarah and her supporters after your win.

    I am just so thrilled with how he handled himself – he’s so relaxed, comfortable and confident. I’m pleased to say he’s EXACTLY like that in person. What you see, is what you get. Just like Sarah. Boy, they will make an awesome team!!!!

  • John_Frank

    Doug, thanks for this post.

    Senator Cruz’s questions were devastating.

    The question remains, will Senate Republicans do what is necessary to stop Hagel’s nomination?

    It can be done. The question is do Senate Republicans have the required will?

  • socon

    That was painful to watch and I dislike Hagel!  Poor old flounder.  lol

    Where was Senator Cruz when Hitlery was lying through her teeth?

    • fb274

       I don’t recall Ted Cruz being a member of that particular committee who interviewed her.

      • socon

         Too bad.  Hitlery is lucky.

      • Freempg

        He isn’t. Too bad.

  • Guest

    Ouch!!   I so enjoyed that   :)     Great Job  Sen.Ted Cruz!!

  • daisy_mae

    ((((((SENATOR CRUZ))))))!!!!

  • AmazedOne1

    Thanks for posting that, Doug. Thrilling.

  • Jthom26837

    THATS RIGHT!!! Palin Power to the Max!!! Get ‘em Sen. Ted Cruz!!! Oh, man The LSM and the Elites (on both sides of the aisle) are definitely not going to like this at all.

    Palin Power comin’ right at you full boar.

  • Exgunman

    God, I wish we could get at least 70-99 more senators just like him………………………….

  • 01_Explorer_01

    Could you imagine if we had 50 more Ted Cruz like Representatives/Senators.

    • Founders1791

      I can imagine!  That gives me hope that if majorities in both houses were comprised of this caliber of representative, than along with a President Palin, we could stop the socialist cancer in it’s tracks then restore our countries natural immune system with heavy doses of foundational principles that have worked for 236 years.

  • $7566967

    Ted Cruz for president. I’d prefer Sarah, of course.

    • Freempg

      Ted was born in Canada and is not eligible.

  • AJ40


    Great for Ted Cruz.  Even John McCain did pretty well, if you can believe it.  Listening to Mark Levin today he ticked off 19 senators who didn’t vote for confirmation, most endorsed by Sarah Palin.  But as I understand it, confirmation has already happened.  This confirmation is bad, bad, bad, if I’m right about it. We’ve got to get Sarah out there not only to endorse CSC’s but to start commenting on this massive mistake so we can get rid of the rest of them thar less than RINOS.

  • Founders1791

    Spectacular performance by Senator Ted Cruz!  BRAVO!

    Senator Cruz has mastered the art of his own voice cadence and delivery to allow the brief silences that segue from his assertion, supporting evidence, then ending in his stinging rebuke of Hagel’s lack of propriety which exposed what a defective candidates record should never be tolerated in senior government officials in the United States Government.

  • Pete Petretich


    How about a trip down memory lane for people from my generation?

    "Constitution Preamble – Schoolhouse Rock"

    ICYMI, Senator Cruz memorized the entire US Constitution when he was an undergraduate…

    h/t Some old gal on Twitter

    • Founders1791

      A real blast from the past!  Thanks!

      The democrats would try to ban it because; a Turkey had it’s feather viciously plucked to sign the Constitution, no depictions of Hispanics, insensitive depiction of guns, and no disclaimer that we "stole that land" from the Indians :)

  • Hap_Mis

    Hey all — remember that Sarah Palin played a significant role in getting Ted Cruz to the Senate.  I know.  I was there.

    • Founders1791

      Don’t worry, we’ll never forget!

      Senator Ted Cruz "gives credit to.."  …decisive win over Rove/Bush pick!

      "…Rice University political scientist Mark Jones said Palin performed an indispensable service for Cruz. In mid-May, after a pro-Dewhurst super PAC ran TV ads claiming Cruz was against property tax cuts in 2005 and was soft on Chinese ripoffs of U.S. intellectual property, Palin appeared in ads vouching for Cruz’s conservatism. “She helped inoculate him,” Jones said.

      • Hap_Mis

        I live two blocks south of Rice!  To tell you the truth, I first started disliking Dewhurst on account of some very negative adds he played, which to me, as I’ve been around the block a few times, were blatantly stupid.  The Good Guv then sealed the deal for me and I actually went up to the rally in The Woodlands to see her.  (She followed Cruz and Jim Demint, and they were both quite good, but there was no doubt that she was the headliner — just saying!)

        • Ratified1791

          Nice story. I didn’t have the pleasure of attending any of her events here in SW Fla back in ’08 and have been kicking myself ever since.

        • jester2939

          The crowd stood for her entire speech; people started standing for Cruz and Demint, but sat down not long after they began to speak. The energy and excitement level definitely went up when the Governor came out, and it stayed up!

          • Hap_Mis

            It was darn hot too.  And The Woodlands keeps whopping on my daughter’s middle school girls Lacrosse team!  Despite all of that, I had a great time!  (We’re getting better at Lacrosse, too.)

      • alien4palin

         Thanks for posting these links. Great articles!!!

        • Founders1791

           You are welcome!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    God bless Senator Ted Cruz!!

    If only more people had listened to and heeded our Sarah, we might now have Senator Sarah Steelman too!!

    • Hap_Mis

      It’s amazing what can be achieved when no one cares who gets the credit (to paraphrase).

      • BrianusBerkleianus


    • blackbird

       So true.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, Blackbird!!

      • conservativemama

        Yes, when I saw that old corrupt crone McCaskill on TV it just reminded me of what could have been, should have been.

    • HuntingMoose

      Support her next time around as well…

  • Ceejay

    Ted was great !!! Way to go, Hagel squirmed, it was a site to behold!

  • Whitney Pitcher

    I can’t find a clip, but Deb Fischer, whom the Governor endorsed, also seemed to take Hagel to task too:

    Hagel, a former Republican Nebraskan Senator, endorsed her Democratic opponent in the Senate race. 

    • jester2939

      Good! I was wondering what she was doing. Thanks.

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