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WaPo | Obama: Say, armed guards in schools may not be such a bad idea

The Obama administration is considering funding many more police officers in public schools to secure campuses, a leading Democratic senator said, part of a broad gun violence agendathat is likely to include a ban on high-capacity ammunition clips and universal background checks.

The school safety initiative, one of several under consideration, would make federal dollars available to schools that want to hire police officers and install surveillance equipment, although it is not nearly as far-ranging as the National Rifle Association’s proposal for armed guards in every U.S. school.

The idea is gaining currency among some Democratic lawmakers, who see it as a potential area of common ground with Republicans who otherwise oppose stricter restrictions on firearms. Sen. Barbara Boxer, a liberal Democrat from California, said she presented the plan to Vice President Biden and that he was “very, very interested” and may include it in the policy recommendations he makes to President Obama.


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  • hrandym

    No, no, no and no again!  We don’t want the tentacles of the Federal Government in our schools, especially armed.  This would grow to be another "Homeland Security" fiasco.  Security in our schools is a local responsibility by local citizens who really care for the children, not some detached Federal agent or beholding to some federal grant.  The funding idea is as well a bad ideal because it also allows Federal tentacles in, and anything Federal has a history of turning out to be a monstrosity.  Look at Homeland Security,  Fanny and Freddie, etc.

  • hrandym

    Just another grab for power.

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