@AGUGrizzlies: 5 #DayOfResistance Phone Calls For Freedom

Yesterday American Grizzlies United posted a compilation of the many activities taking place across the country for the National #DayOfResistance on Feb 23:

@AGUGrizzlies – Will #DayOfResistance Activities Help @PiersMorgan Understand Muskets Were Assault Weapons?

AGU-WI State Coordinator Bill Lichter is working with some groups to help make congress aware that law abiding citizens will not tolerate any new regulations that infringe upon our Second Amendment rights.

One project to get involved in is the Make Five Phone Calls For Freedom project.

Here are details:

Fight Pending Attack by Anti-Gun Radicals

On Feb. 25 & 26: Make ‘Five Phone Calls for Freedom’


Make ‘Five Phone Calls for Freedom’
To fight back against the anti-freedom attack, we are asking millions of Second Amendment supporters represented by the Coalition and others to deliver a loud and clear message to Congress by making 5 phone calls on Monday and Tuesday (Feb. 25 & 26). Please note that we said CALL, not email. We want millions of voices to ring through the congressional switchboard, so please note that you might have to try several times to get through.

Specifically, we are asking you to call:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell at 202-224-2541

House Speaker John Boehner at 202-225-0600

Senator Richard Burr at 202-224-3154

Senator Kay Hagan at 202-224-6342

Your representative to the U.S. House. To identify your US House representative, go to: http://www.house.gov/representatives/ and then enter your zip code in the upper right corner of the page


Give congressional staff 3 simple talking points:

1) Nothing about the federal proposals is acceptable – not banning semi-automatic firearms and magazines, not expanding the list of people prohibited from owning guns, and not registering private gun sales via the National Instant Check System.

2) Compromise means losing freedom, you will not compromise on this issue, including any lite version of registering private sales through the National Instant Check System.

3) As a member of one of the organizations comprising the National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban, you will support coordinated Coalition action against any legislator who supports these ineffective measures that would affect millions of law abiding citizens while criminals would just side-step them.

As we said yesterday:

The second amendment is very clear. Free men do not ask for permission to bear arms. No permission is needed from Piers Morgan, the State of California, the corrupt complicit media, and absolutely no permission is needed from Barack Hussein Obama.

The disarming of innocent law abiding citizens, in no way protects innocent law abiding citizens or children. When a bad guy with a gun commits a crime, the crime will continue until the point when a good guy with a gun shows up and stops it.

Guns don’t kill people. Gun Control kills people.

American Grizzlies United

Our work continues…

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