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Vanessa Riddle’s proud father, Chris Riddle visits The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla as SarahNET Radio goes international! The inspirational Vanessa gained worldwide attention when her wish to add new twitter followers rallied people all over the globe including Sarah Palin. All the way from Scotland, Chris updates Kevin on Vanessa’s fight against a rare form of childhood cancer. Find out what the Riddles think of Governor Palin’s efforts to help Vanessa and hear all about how a social media campaign took on a life of its own. Also, Governor Palin addresses her departure from Fox News with Breitbart News and some words of wisdom from Palin are highlighted. Plus, Steel Resolve, our weekly commentary with Sarah Steelman is featured. Obama is finally kept in check by the other branches of government.

Gov. Palin: The Voice of Those Who Have no Voice

On November 27, 2012, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin urged readers of her Facebook Page to follow Vanessa Riddle on Twitter. In her Facebook Status post headlined, Gov. Palin wrote,

Sweet angel Vanessa! We’re praying for you – for your health and happiness. You’re going to reach that ‘followers’ goal, by the way. Lots of people are rooting for you and will follow you on Twitter (@vanessariddle) and Facebook, so have fun with it!


Sarah Palin & family

Riddle, 12 had a goal to reach 100,000 Twitter followers, which was achieved. Thanks to Gov. Palin, Riddle is rapidly approaching 200,000 followers.

Since 2009, Riddle has been fighting high-risk Stage Four Neuroblastoma, a rare form of childhood cancer for which treatment options are limited in the United Kingdom. Her journey to 100,000 followers was "a long slog," said Chris Riddle, her father. Things started to pick up when Jessie J, a UK singer started following her. But, he described Gov. Palin’s support and the results it generated as "very phenomenal." Riddle generally goes to Germany for treatment and will be going there this month. She has been responding very well to the treatments which have been ongoing for over three and one half years.

Though the Riddles followed American politics from their native Scotland, it did not directly affect them, so their interest in Gov. Palin was limited. But, after Gov. Palin’s Facebook appeal, Riddle said what she did was "phenomenal" and he thanked her for helping out. He said Gov. Palin made his daughter very happy.

The idea behind the Twitter followers is to get people to hear Riddle’s story and get help for her treatment.

Steel Resolve: Obama Checkmated by Checks and Balances

"Finally, last week the overreach of the executive branch of government and the consistent disregard of the Constitution was called out by a Court of Appeals decision overturning President Obama’s so-called recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board, saying what he did was unconstitutional. Thank goodness for the third branch of government, the judicial system, Keeping Obama in check," Sarah Steelman said as she opened her Steel Resolve segment. She continued, "Unfortunately, there is little respect for the law in Obama’s administration. According to news reports, NRLB Chairman Mark Gaston Pearce said that the board, which now consists of three members including two of the disputed recess appointees will continue to operate as usual. Apparently, they will continue to issue decisions even though a court of law said they were not legitimate appointments. It also means the tax payers continue to pay their salaries."

But, checks and balances work again. Steelman concluded, "well, thank goodness for the legislative branch of government. Sen. Blunt from my home state of Missouri and Ted Cruz filed a bill cutting the salaries of the two board members who were illegally appointed. I say ‘good for them for holding Obama’s feet to the fire and protecting taxpayer dollars.’ Once again, I am grateful for the genius of our founding fathers for designing checks and balances between the three equal branches of government. It may be the only thing that protects our nation from the [usurping] of power by the Obama administration."

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