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@AGUGrizzlies: Palin Supporters To #Obama: Learn To Shoot Like A Girl

NOTE: The post below was written by AGU-NY State Coordinator Ron Devito and originally published on US4Palin: today reported that numerous Palinistas said Obama should take a few pointers from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in handling a shotgun when skeet shooting.


Obama’s form is horrifically wrong and the photo shows a smoke plume coming from the right side of the gun too far back from the muzzle. No over/under sporting shotgun has a muzzle brake, and even if it did, the brake would not port gases as far back as depicted in this White House photo which purports Obama to be skeet shooting. Further, a muzzle brake would port to both the left and the right.

A Tweet from Michael Joseph Sheppard, who publishes Palin for President 2016 was featured at the top of’s report. "Photo of Palin with gun=unmitigated evil. Photo of Obama with gun today=exemplary person," Sheppard Tweeted pointing out the hypocrisy of Obama and other leftist politicians who claim to own guns and "shoot all the time," but want to outlaw so-called "assault weapons."


"Sarah Palin with proper skeet shooting form. Note to Obama, you do NOT fire gun at this level," JMOKC Tweeted, adding a photo of Gov. Palin shooting an over/under to illustrate the point.

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