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@AGUGrizzlies: Palin Supporters To #Obama: Learn To Shoot Like A Girl

NOTE: The post below was written by AGU-NY State Coordinator Ron Devito and originally published on US4Palin: today reported that numerous Palinistas said Obama should take a few pointers from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in handling a shotgun when skeet shooting.


Obama’s form is horrifically wrong and the photo shows a smoke plume coming from the right side of the gun too far back from the muzzle. No over/under sporting shotgun has a muzzle brake, and even if it did, the brake would not port gases as far back as depicted in this White House photo which purports Obama to be skeet shooting. Further, a muzzle brake would port to both the left and the right.

A Tweet from Michael Joseph Sheppard, who publishes Palin for President 2016 was featured at the top of’s report. "Photo of Palin with gun=unmitigated evil. Photo of Obama with gun today=exemplary person," Sheppard Tweeted pointing out the hypocrisy of Obama and other leftist politicians who claim to own guns and "shoot all the time," but want to outlaw so-called "assault weapons."


"Sarah Palin with proper skeet shooting form. Note to Obama, you do NOT fire gun at this level," JMOKC Tweeted, adding a photo of Gov. Palin shooting an over/under to illustrate the point.

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  • John_Frank

    Thomas, thanks for this post.

    P.S. I wanted to slap the Twitchy people when they spoke of "fans."

  • Lennart Bilén

    Skeet-shooters united, behold:
    Who claims to be part of the fold?
    Is Obama for Real?
    I am getting the feel
    He’s not, but Ms. Palin is Gold.

    Funny, I used the same pictures yesterday, placed left and right. It is easy to see who has the better aim.

    • lanahi

      Obama looks like he was afraid of the gun, and he probably was.  With good reason, the way he was holding it.

  • LLDub

    Well, actually, I’m not sure I agree with the "muzzle brake" part of this.   On a shotgun, it’s simply called porting.   Go to any shotgunning website, vendor, gunsmithing site, and it’s always called "porting".   The gun is a new Browning 725 Sporter, which comes standard with factory porting.  I almost bought one about a month ago, but decided to stay with my full race Winchester Super X that I’ve been shooting the last 20 years.  The porting would vent gases as shown in the picture, except as noted there is a problem with the gases expelling from the right side of the gun, but not the left, apparently.  So someone could have photo shopped it to make it look like it’s being shot.

    Otherwise, the comments are right on.  Obama’s form and gun holding technique, if you could call it that, looks like someone who’s never held a shotgun before.    NO one shoots a shotgun in a totally "vertical" position, except those who don’t know what they’re doing.   His waist is straight up…he should be tilted forward at them so he can get "in" the gun.  With tilted hips, his neck would be extended slightly forward and his chin would be higher to compensate.  This sort of locks his upper body down on the gun to combat recoil.   I suspect if the pic was taken a second later, he could be on the ground sitting on his butt, because not being in the gun means recoil would push him back.  

    By not being in the gun, and being upright, he’s having to lift the buttstock to his cheek while in a totally vertical stance, so he can see down the rib of the barrel.  Being in the gun places the buttstock in a "pocket" of the shoulder which is below the collar bone.   In his kind of stance, he’s literally having to lift the gun to his face which pulls the gun totally out of the pocket and places the heel of the stock (the top of the buttstock end; the bottom end is called the toe) above the collar bone and in fact about half of the stock is not even making contact with his shoulder.   Now, The Guv’s pic sort of looks like this, except in the video she was shooting "rabbit" targets (rolling along the ground).  Hussein is apparently pointing with a rise, where The Guv is shooting at a target on the ground.  This shifts the barrel to a downward point and can lift the buttstock slightly, so she get’s a pass.  Shooting rabbit targets is tough, and not what I would have recommend for more inexperience shotgunners.  Note to Willow…..lead and elevation. 

    All things considered, Hussein really sucks.  Wish I could shoot a round with him…say $100 a clay?

    Hey Hussein, this is how it’s done (to try to see the 2nd target, you’ll need full screen in HD…it’s about 50 yards away):

  • James A. Tyler

    I KNEW something was up. And I here I was giddy at the prospect that – all these years – our President was a "closet clinger" haha

  • TeflonWarrior

    …and what a sweet work it is!

  • 1776er

    Wesley Pruden has a pretty good take on this in today’s Washington Times.

    Who was the dufus in the White House who got the great idea of releasing this photo?  Pruden thinks it was David Plouffe. It is the game of the week in Washington. Whose idea was it?

    "Whoever it was, he or she made it worse by accompanying the photograph with
    the stern warning that “this [photograph] may not be manipulated in any way.”
    This was similar to telling a 4-year-old that he should “never try to put a pea
    up your nose.”

    Everybody in America who knows how to photoshop with the computer has taken a crack at ignoring this White House dictat.  

    My favorite so far:  Did you see the one with the teleprompter with the word PULL! in the background?

  • blueniner

    Why do you steal a Robert Johnson song for your moniker?  Happy Trails as well for a Avatar.

  • Freempg

    Clearly you haven’t shot anything but your mouth off.

  • John_Frank

    More falsehoods.

    The telescopic sight on the rifle was nudged ajar.

    When that was realized, and the Governor changed rifles, the Governor had no problem shooting the Caribou.

  • blueniner

    There is another caribou I wish Sarah would shoot………LOL…. just joking…

  • LLDub

     Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t.   "Real" is in the eye of the beholder.   She may not be as experience as you, but she’s not the cur fraud that Hussein is.    The joke stops there.

  • LLDub

     The only fraud here is you.  This is a support site.   We can disagree with this and that, but you’re not doing that.  You’re attacking.  There’s a difference.   Frankly, I doubt your description.   You’re probably actually a 100 lb 5 ft dweeb sitting in his shorts in front of his computer drooling over teen porn sites.    Come down to Elm Fork in Dallas with your gun (other than the snubnose you carry in your shorts) sometime and we’ll see what you can do.

  • John_Frank

    Oh please. Talk about PDS.

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