@AGUGrizzlies: Will #DayOfResistance Activities Help @PiersMorgan Understand Muskets Were Assault Weapons?

As the national Obama lecture on guns continues, we all need to be careful to not fall into the lefts trap. The trap of endless analysis, meaningless definitions, convenient statistics, and blatant emotionalism. These traps are designed to undermine, weaken, and attack the enemies (you) of the permanent political class and Obama’s ruling elite.

The second amendment is crystal clear. The second amendment absolutely guarantees the freedom of American citizens to keep and bear arms. Doublespeak definitions of various types of weapons are immaterial and beside the point.

There was a time when muskets, and even clubs made out of tree stumps, were state of the art assault weapons.

In fact, muskets were state of the art assault weapons that just happened to overthrow and triumph over the most colossal military force on the planet at the time!

When flaccid british men on CNN lecture American citizens about American laws and ask questions like "Why does anyone need a weapon that fires more than 10 shots" the simple and correct answer is "Because the second amendment says we can". Or better yet, let’s borrow former secretary Clinton’s new catchphrase: "What difference does it make?"

Constitutional Americans need to be very concerned and take a stand against Orwellian gun control legislation recklessly being designed in some states. Across the country Democrats are advancing anti gun bills that blatantly punish law abiding citizens.

With each new bill set forth by Democrats the intention becomes more and more clear. More government over reach, more government intrusion, and more government invasion into the lives of honest decent citizens. Simply put, the Democrats are hell bent on gun grabbing.

The Democrats of Missouri and California are attempting to shove new regulations down citizens throats that could lead to gun grabbing of semi automatic rifles.

Missouri: HERE

California: HERE

Unfortunately it gets much worse. The Democrat law makers of Washington State are now attempting to pass a bill authorizing police to inspect the homes of law abiding gun owners once a year. (Remember when Democrats screeched for 8 years that President Bush wanted a Police State?)

Washington: HERE

Democrats are now treating the majority of conscientious American citizens exercising our second amendment rights as suspects.

So what can we do about it?

First, we #PleadTheSecond by saying NO! We say NO very loudly and very proudly. Then we get involved. Now is the time to take a stand, all hands on deck. It is time to #WiseItUp and take a stand against the gun grabbing Democrats, The Hollywood Nerd Herd, and The Democrat Media Complex.

Here is a list compiled by AGU-NY State Coordinator Ron Devito that has some GRRREAT organizations who suggest ways you can #PleadTheSecond and take a stand for your second amendment rights:

NRA-ILA – Write Your Reps





Firearms Policy Coalition


Gun Owners of America – Write Your Reps / Take Action


Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms




Second Amendment Foundation


National Association for Gun Rights


5 Phone Calls For Freedom

AGU-WI State Coordinator Bill Lichter is working with some groups around the country to cast out any breaches on the gun rights of law abiding citizens. The coalition is coordinating FIVE PHONE CALLS FOR FREEDOM on Feb 25th and 26th.

Stay tuned for details, they will be announced in the next day or two.

Cincinnati, Ohio Day of Resistance


AGU-OH State Coordinator David Powell is helping out with the Ohio Day of Resistance in Cincinnati.

Do not be fooled by the corrupt Obama fawning media. We are not having a national discussion about gun control. We are having yet another national Obama lecture.

The second amendment is very clear. Free men do not ask for permission to bear arms. No permission is needed from Piers Morgan, the State of California, the corrupt complicit media, and absolutely no permission is needed from Barack Hussein Obama.

The disarming of innocent law abiding citizens, in no way protects innocent law abiding citizens or children. When a bad guy with a gun commits a crime, the crime will continue until the point when a good guy with a gun shows up and stops it.

Guns don’t kill people. Gun Control kills people.

Do you know of any pro second amendment rallies or activities?

Our work continues…

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