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Alaska Dispatch Caught Lying About Governor Palin; Updated: More Nonsense at the Dispatch

Craig Medred of the Alaska Dispatch, is a well-documented hater of the Governor’s. His "reporting" would certainly never be considered accurate by anyone who isn’t a blind, Palin-hating ideologue and yesterday, he reinforced this fact by blatantly lying again to his readers while covering  the Iron Dog race. One would think that an adult could rise above their own personal politics while discussing sports, but Medred obviously never fully matured.

He wrote (emphasis):

Davis continues racing, his seven Iron Dog victories, tying him with the legendary John Faeo of Wasilla as the winningest racer in Iron Dog history.

But he is now also nationally recognized for his ties to present partner Todd Palin, a B-list celebrity from the TV show "Stars Earn Stripes" and the husband of A-list celebrity Sarah Palin of Wasilla, the former Alaska governor and failed Republican vice-presidential candidate, who has gone on to huge success as an author, reality-TV star, and Tea Party inspiration. Sarah was at the Big Lake start on Sunday to big her husband goodbye, but didn’t appear to leave the truck she drove that was parked on the ice.

For one, Todd Palin isn’t a "B-list celebrity," he co-starred on a show that was for the benefit of military charities. It was a televised event to give back to the brave warriors of this nation who have sacrificed so much. Medred downplays this and instead attempts to insult Todd. I’m guessing that Medred wouldn’t do that to the former First Gentleman’s face.

Secondly, and here’s where Medred tries to give Suzi Parker a run for her money, he states that Governor Palin:

"Didn’t appear to leave the truck she drove that was parked on the ice."

That’s funny, because C4P posted a picture of Governor Palin from Chuck Heath Jr. at the event yesterday, outside, apparently having a great time with her family and friends:

Gov Iron Dog 2013
This isn’t the biggest lie ever told about Governor Palin by a media organization, but it just goes to show you that these people cannot be trusted to tell the truth about the Governor, no matter what topic they’re covering.

Update by Doug: As is usually the case with anything Medred writes, there are too many errors to keep track of.  Examples, you ask? Near the beginning of his rant, Medred writes (emphasis mine):

Rounding out the bunch of early leaders were Scott Davis, the race’s only active seven-time champ from Soldotna, and partner Todd Palin, a five-time victor from Wasilla…

Then just a few sentences later, Medred writes (emphasis):

A four-time Iron Dog winner, Todd is known as a great teammate.

Does the Dispatch have editors? Apparently not, because immediately after this Medred claims that "chaos" following Governor Palin resignation as Alaska’s chief executive resulted in Todd Palin sitting out the 2010 Iron Dog:

The chaos that followed kept Todd out of the 2010 Iron Dog.

Except it didn’t. Via the Anchorage Daily News, here’s Scott Davis and Todd Palin leaving Big Lake on February 21, 2010 at the beginning of the 2010 Iron Dog:


Oops. While an injury to Scott Davis ultimately resulted in Team 22 having to pull out, clearly Todd wasn’t "kept out" of the Iron Dog race as Medred claims. This guy is truly pathetic. I’m sure there are plenty more factual errors and outright lies in his "piece", but life is too short. I don’t know how much the Alaska Dispatch is paying this fool, but I’m certain it’s too much.

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  • DocBarry1

    Another liar hits the dust!

  • Lennart Bilén

    Sarah Palin, the biggest lie – generator the world has ever seen.
    She speeks the truth, making powerful positive charges. Around her are a cloud of negative charges, lies.
    Then, suddenly, lightning occurs.
    The PDS crowd cannot help themselves. They are caught in their own blindess.
    Sarah must keep on speaking the truth. That is who she is.
    Sarah Palin 2016, if not before!!!

  • angeleno

    The front seat of that truck looks crowded.

  • William+Eaves

    Just wait until we get her to enter the big dance contest in 2016, it will take a full time team to disprove all the lies the establishment left, as well as right; will be spewing about that fine Patriot.

  • Mr.L

    I’d like to challenge this putz to come up with the photo of her siting in a truck the whole time. We have photos where’s his. Shameless hack ObamaMarmoset.

    • Lynda

      I have seen one picture of her in the truck talking to some one who looked like Track…and the sign that Piper is holding is seen in the front seat ..

    • blueniner

      Mr. L Medred is a punk, I have gone around with him through e-mails, he claims he knows the Palins and that he isnt a liberal, but he is a liar, he has a condecsending attitude. If you e-mail him at the Alaska Dispatch he will answer you unlike most of the other PDSer loons.

  • Dan C

    I hate the news media. They are pathological liars and are also corrupt to the core.

    • BlueGood

      Surely there’s been a typo….Isn’t this weenies’ real name Med~head??

      How many different drugs is he ingesting??

  • William+Eaves

    This is just a sample of the BS storm that will hit when we convince her to enter the big dance contest of 2016. She did not fail as the VP nominee in ’08, Juan McRino, like Mittenz, never wanted to be President to begin with. But they were the establushment’s pick

  • devitor

    Medred hates bloggers, but apparently somehow Gov. Palin was bigging her husband goodbye as opposed to bidding him goodbye. Supposed paid pro can’t even proofread his work, much less get facts straight.

  • John_Frank

    FYI – in the same article, Medred writes:

    "Three months later, Sarah quit her job halfway through her term as governor and the rest is history."

    As I wrote in a response comment to the article:

    "She did not quit.

    Governor Palin resigned for the good of the State. The reason? A campaign of false ethical complaints orchestrated by the Obama administration was brought against her.

    Dealing with the complaints was tying up her staff and making it difficult for
    her to perform her duties. The arising legal fees threatened to drive the Palins into bankruptcy."

    Steve, you may wish to update this article accordingly.

  • 56Survivor

    The MSM just make things up at will and no one calls them on it. They are out to bamboozle everyone and unfortunately they have been successful about 47% of the time.

  • Adrienne Ross

    As I recall, this same nonsense was said maybe 2 years ago at the Iron Dog, except then the story was that she didn’t even show up. That lie was exposed also. Haters have a hard time making up their minds anyway. If she had actually stayed in the truck, which is obviously a lie, they would criticize. If they had enough sense to notice she was out of the truck, they would say she was just trying to steal the show. It must be miserable being a Palin Derangement Syndrome sufferer. Oh, the prayer they need!

    • Lynda

      I sent him an e-mail stating that he took the time to look on the internet he would have seen pictures of her with family and friends…His return e-mail was "I do not know what you are talkin about". Lastweek in an Article he stated that Todd had only won 3 times..

      • generictrainee

        "Internet Craig, the tubes Al Gore invented!"

        • Lynda

          Not sure what you are saying about what Iposted

          • Steve_Flesher

            He’s being sarcastic. Making a funny about Al Gore’s claim to have invented the internet and suggesting that is what your reply should be. If you ask me, it’s pretty funny.

  • bernie12

    looks like Mr. Medred of the Alaska Dispatch… is the one who didn’t leave his truck.

  • c4pfan

    So what if she didn’t leave the truck? That’s the dumbest crap yet!

    • devitor

      It would make a very big difference. Why would a woman who has had five children – seven if you count two miscarriages – by the man she has been married to for over 24 years – sit in her truck as said husband goes off on a 2,000 mile journey, in which he is at risk of serious injury or death? That would be a callous, uncaring thing to do, wouldn’t it? And, why would she clear her calendar to be there – just to sit in a truck? Medred wanted to portray her as a callous, uncaring person. It doesn’t matter what the truth is. Medred’s readers will soak it up and even with pictorial evidence to the contrary, that will be the story moving forward for them.

      Sarah was at this race as Sarah, the wife of Todd Palin the Iron Dog racer. She was not there as Gov. Palin expounding on political policy and the burning issue of the day. Medred, however, had to get his swipe in at her.

      Sarah clearly did leave the truck. She was with her family and with race fans. Medred hates Sarah and hates her supporters. Sarah promised she would post pictures and she delivered on her promise. The angles of the shots she took cannot have been from her truck.

      Medred’s post is totally devoid of logic.

    • Lynda

      I do not know how to post it but I had sent him an e-mail … he did send me an answer you can see it on my group…and I sent him a picture of Sarah out of the truck…

      • blueniner

        What did he say ? Was he snarky? I have written several times and he answers back, and is usually thinskinned and defensive.

        • Lynda

          Something about Al Gore inventing the Internet . I was just not sure what he meant …

      • lanahi

        Just right click and "copy" the email reply, then come here and right click "Paste".

  • Guest
  • Guest

    Lynda Armstrong
    An answer to an e-mail I sent Craig M at Alaska Dispatch after finding not telling oh heck he was not telling the truth about Sarah and Todd

    • Lynda

      As i said I do not not know how to post it…just call me dumb

  • HuntingMoose

    the only thing this writing tells me how pathetic and little this idiot is.

    the only thing this writing tells me is that either the Alaska Dispatch is an useless fodder at the level of spam and junk mail you never look at and/or the editor did not do his/her job; And regarding this, may be we should conclude or submit to the ALaska Dispatch the following news story:

    ‘Editor of Alaska. Dispatch raped by serial rapist Craig. Medred ‘

    At time of this writing. it is not clear if it was consensual, or rape had occurred; The editor has been spotted near the police station and has been spotted in confused state. No information regarding Craig’s whereabouts currently available yet. Our prayers are with the editor and family."


    disclaimer: this message does not say that the crime occurred in Alaska, may actually be part of a fictitious story and how much ‘near’ exactly ‘near’ is . ‘Craig may live in Alaska but may be the one we refer to does not. And please note that both ‘Medred’ and ‘Dispatch’ are at the beginning of a new sentence and may contain a misspelling

  • Robert Wiles

    Once again, WHO do they always still attack. Why are we losing our Country, because the Right will not fully follow the one they fear >>> Sarah Palin

  • socon

    Geez, get a life. What a loser. lol

  • Founders1791

    With all this buzz on a local (AlaskaDipstash) and national (WashedupPost) level, coupled with her exit from Fox, and now CPAC, there is palpable fear in the opposition that a Momma Grizzly on the loose is cause for concern.

    The Media Matters / MoveOn Trolls have increased their "crowd sourcing" personnel to swamp Palin articles with their usual "conditioning propaganda".

    Luckily sites like C4P don’t allow such activity through their vigilance and control over disruptive pests however Breitbart blogs now suffer these "crowd sourcing" professional Trolls who succeed in diluting involvement from casual posters and leave the threads to the hardened partisans.

    The more stuff we see in disparate venues like Field & Stream, Iron Dog, WashP, etc the more I see a fearful reaction to Sarah’s unwillingness to renew with Ailes.

    • lanahi

      I think we should let the Breitbart site know we do not appreciate all the hate posts. They need to be moderated…only a few comments are reasonable, the rest are just hateful. They have a button for "tips" that can be used to comment on this.

  • MaMcGriz

    "Todd Palin, a B-list celebrity from the TV show “Stars Earn Stripes” and the husband of A-list celebrity Sarah Palin of Wasilla, the former Alaska governor.."

    (….and four time Iron Dog champion…and elite athlete…and greatly admired by people around the world…and major hunk of American man flesh…and pilot….)

    As compared to what? Mr. Medred, who is no doubt a Q-list celebrity at his local coffee shop?

    Poor jealous little cubicle dweller.

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