Alaska Dispatch Caught Lying About Governor Palin; Updated: More Nonsense at the Dispatch

Craig Medred of the Alaska Dispatch, is a well-documented hater of the Governor’s. His “reporting” would certainly never be considered accurate by anyone who isn’t a blind, Palin-hating ideologue and yesterday, he reinforced this fact by blatantly lying again to his readers while covering  the Iron Dog race. One would think that an adult could rise above their own personal politics while discussing sports, but Medred obviously never fully matured.

He wrote (emphasis):

Davis continues racing, his seven Iron Dog victories, tying him with the legendary John Faeo of Wasilla as the winningest racer in Iron Dog history.

But he is now also nationally recognized for his ties to present partner Todd Palin, a B-list celebrity from the TV show “Stars Earn Stripes” and the husband of A-list celebrity Sarah Palin of Wasilla, the former Alaska governor and failed Republican vice-presidential candidate, who has gone on to huge success as an author, reality-TV star, and Tea Party inspiration. Sarah was at the Big Lake start on Sunday to big her husband goodbye, but didn’t appear to leave the truck she drove that was parked on the ice.

For one, Todd Palin isn’t a “B-list celebrity,” he co-starred on a show that was for the benefit of military charities. It was a televised event to give back to the brave warriors of this nation who have sacrificed so much. Medred downplays this and instead attempts to insult Todd. I’m guessing that Medred wouldn’t do that to the former First Gentleman’s face.

Secondly, and here’s where Medred tries to give Suzi Parker a run for her money, he states that Governor Palin:

“Didn’t appear to leave the truck she drove that was parked on the ice.”

That’s funny, because C4P posted a picture of Governor Palin from Chuck Heath Jr. at the event yesterday, outside, apparently having a great time with her family and friends:

Gov Iron Dog 2013
This isn’t the biggest lie ever told about Governor Palin by a media organization, but it just goes to show you that these people cannot be trusted to tell the truth about the Governor, no matter what topic they’re covering.

Update by Doug: As is usually the case with anything Medred writes, there are too many errors to keep track of.  Examples, you ask? Near the beginning of his rant, Medred writes (emphasis mine):

Rounding out the bunch of early leaders were Scott Davis, the race’s only active seven-time champ from Soldotna, and partner Todd Palin, a five-time victor from Wasilla…

Then just a few sentences later, Medred writes (emphasis):

A four-time Iron Dog winner, Todd is known as a great teammate.

Does the Dispatch have editors? Apparently not, because immediately after this Medred claims that “chaos” following Governor Palin resignation as Alaska’s chief executive resulted in Todd Palin sitting out the 2010 Iron Dog:

The chaos that followed kept Todd out of the 2010 Iron Dog.

Except it didn’t. Via the Anchorage Daily News, here’s Scott Davis and Todd Palin leaving Big Lake on February 21, 2010 at the beginning of the 2010 Iron Dog:


Oops. While an injury to Scott Davis ultimately resulted in Team 22 having to pull out, clearly Todd wasn’t “kept out” of the Iron Dog race as Medred claims. This guy is truly pathetic. I’m sure there are plenty more factual errors and outright lies in his “piece”, but life is too short. I don’t know how much the Alaska Dispatch is paying this fool, but I’m certain it’s too much.

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