Carrie Lukas | Women shouldn’t fall for Obama’s big government promises

Forget the roses and the jewelry this year.

President Obama’s State of the Union address, set two days before Valentine’s Day, will be full of gifts intended to further seduce American women — a giant national heart-shaped Whitman’s Sampler of policies, so to speak. That round one on the left? A delicious caramel with an equal pay center. The pink one with nuts? Coated in "free" health care. And that lovely fat chocolaty one in the middle? Sprinkled with new spending programs guaranteed to boost the economy and help struggling American families. All gain, no pain!

American women shouldn’t fall for it: politicians have been making these kinds of enticing claims about how more and more spending will pay off this time for sure, but sadly, they’ve always disappointed. We’ve seen the regrettable results in our growing national debt and still-floundering economy, both of which erode the government’s ability to deal with actual emergencies. For women in particular, who too often have bought into the Washington myth of "more is always better," it’s time to recognize we’re in a relationship with Uncle Sam that just isn’t working out.

In each of the previous four years, the federal government has added more than trillion dollars to our national debt. The rationale was turning the economy around.


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