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Chuck Heath Jr’s Letter to the Editor of Field & Stream

Chuck Heath Jr. wrote a wonderful letter to the Editor of Field & Stream in response to a hit piece published on their site. Via

February 13, 2013

Dear Editor,

As a fan of Field and Stream dating back to my childhood, it was very disheartening to read David Petzal’s hit piece on my father Chuck Heath, and my sister Sarah Palin’s caribou hunt in the TLC show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Why Mr. Petzal chose to write something like this nearly three years after the fact is perplexing…a cry for attention perhaps?

I shared the article with my parents and my mother responded by saying, “This is so ridiculous that it doesn’t even merit a response.”

Mom’s probably right but I guess I’m too stubborn to drop it that easily.

Petzal implying that Sarah has no experience with guns is akin to the bogus Washington Post story this week that said Sarah is going to work for Al Jazeera. Even a tiny bit of digging would have lead Mr. Petzal to a completely different conclusion.

So please allow me to set some facts straight:

First of all, I can’t recall the first time my sisters and I ever pulled the trigger on a rifle. We were too young to remember. Guns have been a part of my family for generations. My father and I recently wrote a book (Our Sarah: Made in Alaska) that chronicles some of our early hunting experiences.

So what are the facts? For one, Mr. Petzal leads the reader to believe that Sarah didn’t sight her gun in before the hunt. Totally untrue. The day before they set out after their prey, Sarah and Dad were consistently “driving tacks from 100 yards” (as Dad put it) with Sarah’s .225 Winchester. Those of you who watched the show in its entirety know that while walking across the tundra, Dad slipped and fell while carrying Sarah’s gun. He didn’t realize at the time that he had knocked the scope askew.

When it came time for Sarah to take her shot, she took aim, fired, and missed badly. Dad (or one of the nitwits as Petzal cruely refers to him) is visibly frustrated. After sixty-plus years of continual hunting and big game guiding, he has earned that right. Even at nearly 75 years old, I doubt Petzal could keep up with him. When it becomes obvious that Sarah’s scope is out of whack, she switches guns with Dad’s buddy, Becker. (By the way, Becker is not a guide as Petzal mentions in his piece, nor is he a nitwit).

As Sarah gets ready to fire Becker’s Remington 7mm Magnum, she asks if it has much of a kick. Why? Because her .225 doesn’t kick and she can keep her eye closer to the scope. My mom once had a nasty circle cut around her eye doing the same thing and Sarah never forgot that.

Once Sarah settled in with the 7mm, she dropped her caribou in one shot.

By the way, the day after the hunt, Dad set up some paper plates at fifty yards and couldn’t hit them with the .225. The scope was that far off.

If you doubt any of the things I’ve said perhaps you should talk to some of the people that were actually there. Here are a few of them:

-Stryker Overly – guide from Tok, Alaska
-Greg Jennen – owner of Alaska Glacier Mountain Outfitters in Two Rivers, Alaska
-John Pontz – bush pilot from Unalakleet, Alaska
-Mitch Tanen – Television Producer with Mark Burnett Productions
-Steve Becker – commercial fisherman and hunting buddy

Mitch Tanen in particular had this to say: “I’m sorry to hear that the magazine is calling into question the authenticity of the hunt we showed in that episode. I don’t know how to say it plain enough…the actual hunt and the story of all the events of that hunt as laid out in the episode are all true. There were always no less then ten people following Sarah, your father and Steve Becker during the four-day shoot. So in addition to your father and Steve Becker, an additional producer, at least two camera operators, two audio mixers, several PA’s, a coordinator, medical personnel, safety personnel and at least one of the two bush pilots we depended on to get us out into the bush from Kavik Camp, were there and had eyes on Sarah at the moment she shot the caribou. To suggest that somehow all of these individuals (including me) with our own differing political views would risk the professional reputations some of us have spent a life time building to make up something like that for the good of a television show is both ignorant and insulting.”

Petzal’s piece is full of gaping holes and tarnishes the reputation of everyone who was involved in that hunt.

As Sarah explains, “He’s the typical lying SOB-type that I’ve been dealing with since 2008. I’m very disappointed in Field & Stream for printing his garbage. This made-up fantasy of the columnist ranks right up there with yesterday’s report in the Washington Post that claims I’m working for Al Jazeera. My retort to that one was: ‘Uum, right… and tomorrow I’m having coffee with Elvis at the Mocha Moose in Wasilla.’ Really, these silly people need to get a life!”

Thank you,
Chuck Heath, Jr.

Please go here to view the original post with the full introduction.

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  • MarkRNY

    My God, even Field and Stream is Leftie–we’re completely overrun!

    Way to go Mr Heath. Take them apart. Glad you’re using IQ Deprived Suzie Parker’s now "infamous" story as an example! Rub their noses in it! This further immunizes Sarah against the media. Their own hatred has made her stronger and weakened them–another club to beat them into the ground with–she wins/they lose!

    • Emily Baxter

      Don’t lose heart. We can’t afford to. :)

    • cbenoistd

      The standard of journalism in Field & Stream has cratered. It now feeds bottom with The New Yorker.

      • MarkRNY

        We’re up aginst a Leftist monolith. FOX is done as far as the Conservative Movement’s concerned. It’s Roveville. When it comes to the media, I’ll borrow the 60s Leftist, hippie/yippie motto–Bring it all down baby!

    • Britt L. Smith

      Sarah still gets under the thin-skin of the ObamaNation like no one else.

      • Yvonne Weston

        No she doesn’t…….Liberals laugh at her….they can’t believe anyone is "stupid" enough to take her seriuosly.  But you keep dreaming.

        • Elispirit

          Yet they must keep following everything she does

          • Stephen Ramsdell

            Just like you reading and commenting on this story?

        • Kevin Stafford

          Sounds like the only dreaming is on your part.  By the way, I’m laughing at you for your apparent stupidity.

          • Thom*

            At max, its a 6th grade education in Chicago. That is if they don’t get shot first.

        • MarkRNY

          Lol–now YOU are a Leftie lemming Yvonne. You’re too damned brainwashed and dumb (sorry), "Dum" to realize that your presence here flys in the face of your comment. You and Suzie P should be a team! …you guys dating?? You should be…maybe you can hook up on the unemployment line.

        • Thom*

          Seriously? Did you say seriously? Your not serious are you boy, seriously? And hey! next time you get your picture taken, Smile, that way we will know that your not just a shadow on the wall.

        • daeghrefn

          She scares the crap out of you.

        • alien4palin

          Yvonne, seriously… do have to stop feeding yourself these childish school yard’s fantasies and fairy tales. If you have paid someone for your lessons, you should ask for full refund or compensation. 

        • Controse

          If you believe what you say why do you place the word stupid in quotes? Looks to me that you are stupid to use "stupid" instead of stupid. See how much more effective it is, stupid.

        • socon

          You’re welcome for your ObamaPhone.

    • ZH100

       ‘Why Have Some Hunters Declared Open Season on Sarah Palin?’ (December ,2010)

      From the article:

      "As we learned near the end of the episode, Chuck’s scope was indeed way off. But give Palin credit here – while her conviction that the scope was off-target was vindicated, she never made a big deal out of it. Scopes take a beating and many things, including bouncing around in the cargo bay of a small plane, can skew their accuracy. It would have been nice to have an explanation, but in the end, who knows? And, really, who cares?

      Some also objected to the way Chuck Palin worked the bolt after each shot taken by his daughter, interpreting it as a sure sign of her incompetence. Well, Palin’s obvious, basic familiarity with the rifle, and her decent form handling it, were sufficient to make me think that was nothing more than a typical “daddy knows best” moment. Hunters, guides, parents – we all get excited at the moment of reckoning. And only someone who’s never handled a rifle would suspect that Palin doesn’t know how to work a bolt. It isn’t rocket science, trust me on that.

      But it’s depressing to have to parse the video episode this way. What, is Sarah Palin on trial here? The critics mostly demonstrate how woefully little they know about hunting, firearms, and the natural world in general, despite the “green” vows they’ve taken.

      I’m a hunter, and to me Palin’s show was Emmy-worthy for its honesty, modesty, and it’s effective portrayal and celebration of the hunting experience."

    • Thom*

      With the liberals if it isn’t about hunting, its about taking a drink of water. How can anyone take crackpots like that serious?

  • Jthom26837

     That was a great episode the libs are trying to belittle. It’s a good thing I don’t read ‘Field And Stream.’ Lyin’ crap weasles.

  • FredHeadBill

    Love  Chuck’s response. Elvis would had love to meet the first woman President.

    • blkbear1

      Hi Fred, been an Elvis fan my whole life, and agree on Elvis would have love to meet Sarah! Elvis was very Patriotic!

  • blueniner

    If these A-Holes cant find a story, they make one up. If Sarah Palin sneezes that becomes a story, the media obsession still goes on with Sarah Palin, she lives rent free in these ghouls heads.

    • alien4palin

      24/7/365!!! lol…….they are programmed to hate Sarah but they also desperately crave whatever drips of Sarah Palin’s antidote to keep them alive and relevant. Making up lies and spewing their hate to poke at the Barracuda whilst suffering withdrawal symptoms.

      It is all inside their heads, keep our fingers crossed that the disease is acute and triggers the self destruct button.

      • Yvonne Weston

        Give me a break….Liberals laugh at her and "word salad" attempt at English.  They’re not desperateely craving her "foolishness".  She’s DONE….Romney didn’t even want her at his Convention and Faux News "dumped" her because she’s irrelevant to the future.  Just Obama this and Obama that all day for her 30 pieces of silver.  She’s a NATIONAL JOKE.

        • daeghrefn

          And Romney lost. Anyway, If Sarah Palin’s so "done", why do we have these dorks reminding us compulsively how "done" she is? It’s amazing.

        • alien4palin

          Yvonne, you don’t need a break from anyone. You need to cease & desist living in La La Land to prevent yourself getting full blown PDS and clean out the program/s between your ears ASAP.

          Whether you are fed by others or voluntarily feeding yourself these "fairy tales" as a Staple Diet for a few pieces of silver……the sticky wicky ending is the same.

          The only known Cure for PDS is Truth and Nothing but the Truth.

        • socon

          Why are you here if Sarah is irrelevant? lol

          Romney is the one who is irrelevant.

  • 1776er

    PDS syndrome.  There is only one known cure.  The Truth.  Dispense liberally until the rash goes away.  

  • colint

    Two thoughts. If any C4P subscribes to Field and Stream they might write asking that Chuck’s letter be published. Is there any way the NRA in its publication comment on this article and chuck’s letter. Did not the NRA honor Sarah by presenting her with a rifle.

    • ZH100

      Perhaps someone with a account can post the letter in the comment section of "Field and Stream".

  • Dontab

    PALIN 2016 enough said!

    • Yvonne Weston

      Sure is enough said.  Palin couldn’t get elected Dog Catcher.

      • Thom*

        that would be a promotion for you boy.

      • socon

        Why are you so afraid of Sarah Palin? lol

  • SusanWo4p

    The timing of this article tells us everything we need to know.

    Obama is photographed skeet shooting to prove he wasn’t lying about being a shooter….

    In response the blogosphere taunts His Royal Highness by comparing to Sarah and daring him to go up against her in a shooting competition.

    The thin-skinned liberal media WILL SIMPLY NOT TOLERATE THEIR LITTLE PWECIOUS OBAMA BEING MOCKED, so they send someone out to post an article rehashing something that took place almost two years ago.

    Sarah still gets under the thin-skin of the ObamaNation like no one else. 

    • n4cerinc

      Very good observation, Susan.

    • alien4palin

      "Obama is photographed skeet shooting to prove he wasn’t lying about being a shooter…."

      I am more inclined to view it as propaganda for the consumption of left numpties, the unsure group and naive pro-gun folks. See, I am a shooter myself, Nobody or I….trying to take away your 2nd Amendment Rights.

      Political agenda at play…..Gun Control and trampling on the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment Rights is part of their mandate.

    • Ceejay

      Sarah/Obama :Bring it on!  Skeet shoot!

      • fb274

         I am not so certain it would be a real kool idea to let obama have a gun with real bullets–even if it is only for skeet. (no photoshopped smoke)  He might shoot off his _____________(fill in whatever strikes your fancy.)

        • grayjohn

           It wasn’t smoke, it was an aerosol powder propelled by Co2. The way he had that gun shouldered it would have knocked his dick stiff if it was a real shotgun shell.

    • Yvonne Weston

      Obama is NOT thinking about that "Idiot" Pailin…and Liberals LOVE to laugh at her.  The Right Wing alternate universe of reality is pathetic.  She doesn’t get under Liberals skin…she’s a washed up "has been JOKE" to Progressives.

      • Preston Lowe

        Wow, she is deep under your skin. Every third post is you ranting about how irrelevant she is. Yet relevant enough you spend an entire day on this forum? I’m laughing, but it isn’t at Sarah.

      • James Decker

        Yvonne, Did you steal your computer? Get off the food stamps and get a job. I bet if you have kids they are as ugly as you. feed them some dog food and take a sponge bath

        • socon


      • Thom*

        Liberals? Progressives? Socialist? Are all  made up names for Communism

      • socon

         You’re welcome for your ObamaPhone.  Now crawl back under your rock, parasite.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, Susan!!

  • patnatasha

    I think PDS is a real medical condition and these people need medical help for.

    • alien4palin

      Ditto!!! For some of them, this mental health condition might be beyond medical help. Especially the ones who had their brain messed around & rewired at an early age to react only to a specific set of stimuli. It is a Form of Cult Mentality, even those who can be help are too cowardly to admit to it with the major concern of losing their share of largess, segregation and ostracization. 
      The wiring in their brain is so messed up, the inevitable is self destruction.

  • uksarahfan

    Excellent Chuck Jr. Will Field and Stream be honest enough to print your letter and by doing so concede that Petzal’s piece was nothing more than lying garbage? The level of hate and fear from certain quarters about Sarah remains staggering.

    BTW that’s still my fav pic of the Governor.

    • Budvarakbar

       I’ll take the one where she is holding up a salmon with both hands in her rain gear — first seen by me in summer 2008 in article mentioning she was being considered for VP.

  • PhilipJames

    Just go to their site, register and log in and make a comment. Then go to their contact page and send emails to their company expressing your displeasure. Simple.  I did.

    • Exgunman

      Saw your comment——————-Way to go…………….:>)

      • PhilipJames

         I usually do not bother, but I have finally come to the point where I will not let the bastards get away with this crap and I will not be polite when I let them know either…. no more being reasonable…  the only thing those dolts understand is a whack across the head with a 2×4… more than once. My attitude has now become SCREW THEM.

        • alien4palin

          PJ, way to go!!! I love and applause your spirit & action. That is what we all need to do vigorously.

          Funny, my spouse & I often use the term when one have the misfortune of encountering numpties that they badly need a 2×4.

  • alien4palin

    Mr.Chuck Heath Jr, excellent letter….Lesson 101 in Truth Telling and Facts Checking for numpties!!!

  • fb274

    This is the type rebuttal needed.   If we could get Congress (both sides) to get some backbone with which Chuck Jr., Gov. Palin, their parents,  Ted Cruz and a miniscule amount of others have, then we could have a restoration of what used to be the good old U. S. of A. we used to know.

    Excellent rebuttal, Chuck, Jr.

  • bri

    Sometimes Sarah must feel the whole world is against her.

    • alien4palin

      Somehow, I doubt it. I am positively sure she knew common sense, good, decent folks in the USA and around the world is on her side.

      • Bogdan51

        Absolutely. This guy, here is her most enthusiastic supporter in Australia and Poland with the combined population of 60 million.

        Greetings from Aussie

        • alien4palin

          Greetings Bd51!!! This assault conducted in the USA by the leftists and their enablers doesn’t stop at the US borders…. de facto on a global scale.

    • Budvarakbar

      Couldn’t give you a like on your comment — THAT is what the ‘rat
      media is trying to make everyone else think — and attempt to demoralize
      Sarah — and undermine her support.

      They are not even "slow learners" — they are in fact NO learners.

      • alien4palin

        "They are not even "slow learners" — they are in fact NO learners"

        My family and I commonly refer to them as brain donors.

    • MaMcGriz

       Brian, Sarah Palin is blessed, coming and going.

      There is a promise that we’ve seen fulfilled again and again in her life, which assures that when people sling something evil at her it will not only rebound on them, but will assure her a double blessing. It never fails.

      Yes, it’s stinky nasty stuff they do, but then again so is fertilizer.

      That said, although I deeply wish the crazy-SOB-tyes (I think that’s how she put it) would shut their pie holes and leave her alone, I’m one hundred per cent confidant she knows the ‘real’ world is in truth very much FOR her.

      She will prevail.

    • n4cerinc

      not with statements like, “May we always be happy, and may our enemies always know it.

  • DocBarry1

    way to go  another person looks for his day by going after Gov Palin with falsehoods – her brother was right to send this letter – May God continue to Bless the entire Palin family

  • Budvarakbar

    Self deleted comment — reposted up thread

  • GrmaTX

    Way to go, Chuck!

  • c4pfan

    Ugh!  I don’t know how the Palins/Heaths deal with this crap! 

    • alien4palin

      Natural instinctive survivors who live and face extreme brutal harsh conditions that Mother Nature can throw at them. The quiet amazing beauty of their environment that give them the advantage of Truth & Clarity of mind to dispel and dismiss the crap.

      I am sure it hurts to have to face these non-stop onslaughts of hate & wickedness directed at them. What doesn’t break them, makes them even stronger. 

      The Palins/Heaths are unique Warriors of our time.

  • excopconservative

     The movie "Network" comes to mind. "I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!"

  • John_Frank

    Thank you Chuck Heath Jr for taking the time to write your letter to the Editor of Field & Stream rebutting the obvious lies written Mr. Petzal and published by Field & Stream.

    I encourage everyone to write to the editors of Field & Stream.

    Include in your email the full text of Mr. Heath Jr’s letter, along with the link to Mr. Heath Jr’s website.

    I suggest people call upon them to withdraw Mr. Petzal’s article from their website and issue an apology in light of the rebuttal written by Mr. Heath Jr.; and to publish Mr. Heath Jr’s letter in the next offline issue of Field & Stream, along with a full and complete apology.

    Here is the contact information for the offline publication:

    – and –

    Here is the contact information for the online publication:

    We can make this happen if enough people take action.

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