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Daniel Halper | Biden: ‘Buy a Shotgun! Buy a Shotgun!’


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  • TeaPartyBarbie

    A 12 guage shot gun? Really? Assuming I could find one with a Junior stock or a pistol grip (since I am a WOMAN with arms much shorter arms and bigger chest than a man and I need a modified stock)…. Gosh, Joe Biden makes it sound like I live in a borax commercial or something… (Remember from Death Valley Days?).

    I am quite certain it would propel me off the balcony! For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction, and a 12 guage would destroy my shoulder or hip from the recoil, and I would probably fly off the balcony… unless it was a rather large balcony. So, assuming I was still conscience after flying off the balcony and a broke collar bone,I’d have to recover the weapon and hope that I was still in good enough shape to get off another shot.

    I’d much rather a hand gun such as a Glock, a Springfield XD, or say.. a 1911… at least I would still be on the balcony. I guess older woman are not entitled to self defense… and only young hotties with long arms and legs are worthy eh?

    The Dem war on women continues….

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