Daniel Henninger | Obama’s laws are so big there are parts no one has ever seen

Who wouldn’t want to live in Washington? It’s a wonderful world, a place where every problem of life can be reduced to just two words. Gun control. Immigration reform. Climate control. The deficit, which of course can be solved in two words: a "balanced approach." Things so hard haven’t been so simple since Tinker Bell taught children to fly in "Peter Pan," also with two words—pixie dust.

Gun control stands out. After the Newtown killings in December, President  Obama channeled a national gun-control law through  Joe Biden. There was no surprise that he would do so. "If there’s just one life that can be saved," Mr. Obama said Monday in Minnesota, using standard Washington risk-benefit analysis, "then we have an obligation to try it."

And so the president will spread gun-control across the land. But consider the discrepancy between the Washington lawgivers and the nation receiving their unitary solutions. Congress has 535 members who work inside the Capitol Building, which you may notice is shaped like a bubble. The rest of the United States consists of 313.9 million individuals spread across a 50-state land mass of more than 9.6 million square miles.

No matter. Mr. Obama’s Washington will try to write a gun law that applies in the same way everywhere for each of the nearly 314 million Americans.


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