Forbes | If GOP bends on sequester, they don’t deserve our support

I was frustrated by William Kristol’s Don’t Be Seduced by the Sequester. Kristol argues Republicans must be the grown-up party. The sequester cuts will delay the deployment of two battle ships at a crucial time. Per Kristol: Republicans should negotiate a more measured (and smaller) reduction with the President even if means delays in spending cuts. Bad advice! Believe me: The sequestered funds will be the only cuts in discretionary spending we will get over the next four years. Any Republican who walks away from the sequester for a future “compromise” with Obama does not deserve our votes, contributions, or volunteer efforts.

Tea Party, prepare to write down names.

An experienced political writer like William Kristol has fallen for the oldest of political tricks. In Washington, proposed spending cuts routinely elicit screams of bloody murder about the essential services that will be lost. The military can no longer be combat ready; we’ll all get sick because the Center for Disease Control cannot provide flu vaccine; cops must be withdrawn from the streets; and so on ad nauseum.

Even the smallest cuts will have drastic repercussions, we are told. Remember, the sequester cuts amount to eight percent of discretionary spending and 2.5 percent of total spending. Tell that to American households whose median incomes fell by eight percent and their net worth by 40 percent since 2008.

Do not believe the horror stories spun by Washington bureaucrats. Even with across-the-board cuts, agencies can surely find enough fat not to cut the things they really need. Their moans and groans are grandstanding to pressure legislators.


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