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GOP Governors ‘Going Wobbly?’

Apparently, the MSM thinks so:

Many Republican governors who worked to thwart much of President Barack Obama’s first-term agenda are shifting gears and softening their rhetoric now that his run was extended for four more years and they’re facing their own re-election.

These state leaders are offering greater cooperation on health care and skipping the tough talk on immigration, taking a cue from voters who in last November’s election expressed their opposition to partisan gridlock in Washington.

More here.

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  • Christopher H Fromme

    In Pennsylvania our calls to Governor Corbett have gotten the desired results. No state exchange or expanding Medicaid. He is doing this to appeal to the base. and balance the budget.

  • 56Survivor

    My Governor said "no" to the exchanges and the Medicaid expansion. I am keeping an eye on her to make sure she holds strong. She is one of the govs Sarah endorsed and did ads for in 2010.

  • MaMcGriz

    It’s interesting here. The new AG and Governor are both dems who claim the feds are screwing the state royally.

    Qien sabe?

  • Mary Beth House

    My Governor amazingly said no to expanding Tennessee’s care. I was stunned. But I’ll give him props this once since it is deserved.

  • joseph agibinik

    I hope and pray Alaska does not take any of this…..I say hope, after all, the unions and democrates (who vote democrate) elected rino mercowski.

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