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Governor Palin: Celebrate Presidents Serving With Pure Motives; UPDATE: In Honor of Presidents’ Day

Via Facebook:

Celebrate Presidents Serving With Pure Motives

We’re kind of consumed with rugged race competition today in our house, but the important thing to remember this morning is the significance of February 18. It should be considered an honor to celebrate Presidents’ Day, particularly with the understanding that President George Washington is at the heart of this patriotic observance. With every passing day, as we recognize the true state of our union, we can appreciate even more those, like President Washington, who have served with pure motives and a true sense of purpose, who loved this nation more than self and truly sacrificed for her future.

Take a minute today to reflect on those who came before us and laid the foundation that was to be the solid rock on which future generations were built, then be inspired to fight for the restoration of all that made America a shining light in the world! Our past demands it, our present desperately requires it, and the world’s future depends on it.

Presidents’ Day reminds us that we have been uniquely blessed by God. Be grateful for the rights He has given us, and please honor those who have given themselves for the preservation of those rights. Let us reject any attempt to fundamentally transform our nation because we want our children and their children to know the American exceptionalism we have enjoyed and to deem it worthy of protecting. Freedom isn’t free, be willing to fight for it.

Happy Presidents’ Day.

– Sarah Palin


UPDATE: Governor Palin posted the following Presidents’ Day update on Facebook:

In honor of Presidents’ Day… saying the "Pledge of Allegiance" next to the brick tombs of President and Mrs. Washington on the Mount Vernon estate.




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  • Mary Beth House

    President Washington, President Lincoln, President Coolidge, President Reagan… those are Presidents I honor for what I perceive as the right motivation and the right spirit of service to our Republic and our Constitution.

    • senator20526

      You would be remiss in not honoring President Harry S Truman also…although a democrat, Truman was a true servant, he refused any monetary help after he left office and he always spoke his mind…

  • friskyness

    So true, Gov. Palin……..thank you…………………..

  • Pete Petretich

    Holiday greetings.

    Our 20th President is buried a short walk from where I live. If you ever visit Cleveland, Ohio the final resting place of James A. Garfield and his wife is well worth a visit, especially when the weather is nice.

    John D. Rockefeller is buried about 50 feet away, Mark Hanna about a quarter-mile…

  • CBDenver

    posted in the wrong spot (sorry)

  • CharterOakie

    I shall celebrate with the pure motive of desiring that a Palin presidency will be remembered along with that of Washington, Lincoln and Reagan.

  • conservativemama

    If you have a chance, visit Mt. Vernon. It is beautiful and the additions of the last few years, the museum, are wonderful.

    • BermudaBob

      Bring significant $$$ if you want to buy from their gift shop. Great stuff, but highly priced.

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