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Governor Palin: Please Help #SaveSaeed

Governor Palin tweeted out this link to Bristol’s blog today, to help bring awareness to the plight of Saeed Abedini:


Abedini is currently being held and tortured by the Iranian regime for his Christian beliefs. Bristol wrote:

A few weeks ago my mom tweeted about an American pastor named Saeed Abedini being held and tortured by the radical Iranian regime.  He’s been sentenced to eight years in Iran’s most brutal prison simply because of his Christian faith.

This pastor and father has shown enormous courage, but now Iranians are lying to him in prison — telling him that Americans have forgotten about him.

Yesterday was Save Saeed day, and Christian and country musicians across the U.S., including Toby Mac, Ricky Skaggs, Steven Curtis Chapman, Mercy Me, and many others tweeted for him and signed a petition for his freedom.  (In fact, #SaveSaeed was trending on Twitter yesterday!  Let’s keep it up!) The American Center for Law and Justice represents his family and is organizing a petition on his behalf.  Please consider signing and telling this American pastor that he will never be forgotten.

We should never leave an American behind.

How you can help:

1.  Sign the petition.

2. Tweet using: #SaveSaeed.

3. Pray for Pastor Saeed, his family in Iran, and his wife and children here in the United States.

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  • MaMcGriz

    We support the ACLJ and its efforts on this pastor’s behalf. He couldn’t have better people working to get him released.

    Along with our prayers for his safety and well being, I pray G-d will let him somehow feel the outpouring of love and support from Christians and people of faith in America and around the world, and that it will comfort and strengthen him through this horrible ordeal of injustice.

  • Adrienne Ross

    I’m continuing to pray for God to intervene and bring deliverance to this man–in Jesus’ name. I’m grateful Governor Palin and Bristol are bringing attention to this.

  • c4pfan

    Thanks for posting!  I hope they get the 300,000 signature goal!

  • John_Frank

    Thank you Governor Palin for helping to keep this issue in the forefront of the minds of people.

  • c4pfan

    Social media ways to spread the word!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Thank you, Governor; thank you, Stacy!!

  • cudaforever

    Prayers for Saeed and Family !! Thanks Sarah and Bristol for highlighting this and thanks to ACLJ for keeping this issue in the forefront !! God Bless them all !!

  • nkthgreek

    If he were a Muslim in America, this wouldn’t be politically correct.  

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