Governor Palin: ‘You Have More Sense and Discernment Than Most Politicians’

A friend of the Governor’s shared a photo with her.  In turn, she was kind enough to share it with us.  She posted it on her Facebook wall tonight and it shows how many Americans took the initiative to organize a memorable scene as they said their last goodbye’s to an American hero, Chris Kyle.  She said the following:

A friend sent this photo of one of the many crowds that gathered in Texas on Monday to pay their respects to Chris Kyle. While too many of our “leaders” were oblivious, these ordinary Americans organized themselves to show respect for a great hero. Patriotic ordinary Americans like the people in this photo are the heart and hope of this country. The lesson here, as in so many things lately, is don’t wait for or rely on government to do anything for you. You have more sense and discernment than most politicians.


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