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Governor Palin: ‘You Have More Sense and Discernment Than Most Politicians’

A friend of the Governor’s shared a photo with her.  In turn, she was kind enough to share it with us.  She posted it on her Facebook wall tonight and it shows how many Americans took the initiative to organize a memorable scene as they said their last goodbye’s to an American hero, Chris Kyle.  She said the following:

A friend sent this photo of one of the many crowds that gathered in Texas on Monday to pay their respects to Chris Kyle. While too many of our “leaders” were oblivious, these ordinary Americans organized themselves to show respect for a great hero. Patriotic ordinary Americans like the people in this photo are the heart and hope of this country. The lesson here, as in so many things lately, is don’t wait for or rely on government to do anything for you. You have more sense and discernment than most politicians.


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  • Alameda Republican

    Reading her Tweets during the SOTU address and her latest Facebook posts two words come to mind – PRESIDENTIAL LEADERSHIP! I believe that she is setting up to work hard in 2014 getting good people elected like only she can. In 2016, I believe she will become our next president.

    We need to do our part and donate all we can to SarahPAC. Dig deep and give what you can. No other organization can do more to get common sense conservatives elected.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, Alameda!!

      • HuntingMoose

        "You have more sense and discernment than most politicians."

        and "you" with common sense can be found everywhere, not just in red-states but also in the wacko-marxist Berkeley, alameda and san fransicko.

        When you look at the map , we are everywhere and never forget, in a room with 9 people, 5 people voted against and of those voting in favor, 2 were ignorant fools and one voted twice

        We are the suppressed majority.

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    AMEN, Governor; thank you, Steve!!

  • blackbird

    Politicians = a bunch of blood sucking ticks, they ain’t worth a damn!

    I am with you Governor, time to Move…

    • suedixon

       time to contact the gop leadership 202-222-3121 and say no to karo rove.
      mccarthy (office where meeting with rove took place,

      • blackbird

        Thanks for the number Sue.

      • JApost

        what happened in the meeting with tokyo rove in mccarthy’s office?

  • CharterOakie


  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    "You have more sense and discernment than most politicians."

    The governor is absolutely right. You have to be an absolutely clueless nitwit to squander the wealth of the richest country in the world, trash the most productive economic model in history, deliberately undermine the most successful political system ever devised by the mind of man, and drive it all to the brink of bankruptcy in the name of progress. I mean, really, that’s what they are doing.

    There is not a single solitary soul who follows this thread who is that preternaturally stupid. And I can’t help but notice that the majority of those nitwits have Ivy League degrees. They all would have done better if they had graduated from Idaho State. The governor is living proof of that.

    • conservativemama

      Testify Laddie!!!

    • stevethird

      We’ve had 26 yrs. (and counting) of Harvard and Yale and where are we now?? I rest my (and your) case. That should be a big part of her campaign ads. We must value common sense over Liberalism infused book learnin" out of books written by the effete elites. RSR!!!

  • section9

    This just shows an astonishing sense of the popular mood. Well done, Sarah!

    • n4cerinc

      Absolutely! All of her postings of late have had that popular feel to it. 

  • conservativemama

    When Hurricane Katrina hit, and all those people were left standing on the roofs of their submerged homes, waiting for help, we had news media people apoplectic over it all.

    And all I thought was how, in this country, do you become so incapable of running your own life that you end up on a roof waiting to be saved.  Hurricanes come with days notice.  And still, they were in no way prepared.  Of course I felt for them, but I remember thinking, I cannot imagine being in that position, not being able to save myself and my family.  So completely and utterly dependent.

    • Laddie_Blah_Blah

      I also remember Ray Nagin, the mayor, screaming into the TV cameras "Where are the buses?" Of course, New Orleans’ own evacuation plan called for the city to use its inventory of school and transit buses for the city’s evacuation. 

      The only one that was actually used was started by a guy who must have been one of the bus drivers. He was at the Superdome, I believe. In any event, he simply walked to the city bus depot, about a mile from where he was at, and either jump-started one of the buses, or perhaps he had an ignition key. He drove the bus back to the Superdome and his entire family, as well as a few other lucky people, hopped on board and he drove them all out of town.

      If Nagin had any sense, or was even aware of the resources right at hand, they could have evacuated everyone at the Superdome in less than a day using the city’s own fleet of buses.

      Nagin lost his bid for re-election, as did Louisiana’s governor, who had the state police blockade the only remaining bridge into New Orleans to prevent the Red Cross from delivering food and water to the stranded citizens of New Orleans. 

      Why? She had given an order to evacuate, and many citizens had defiantly stayed put. She felt that if they got no food and no water, then they would finally agree to be evacuated as originally ordered. And, of course, Nagin was also screaming into the TV cameras that his constituents had no food and no water, not knowing that it was his own governor who was preventing the delivery of supplies that were waiting just outside the city’s limits.

      I am not making any of this up. Both the former mayor and the former governor were liberal Democrats.

      • conservativemama

        I remember all of that.  But we never got the truth because the narrative had to be that it was Bush’s fault and it was because the people affected were black.

        Meanwhile, in Mississippi they quietly went about the business of taking care of themselves.

        We never, ever get the truth anymore because there’s always some false narrative that must be pushed to serve some stupid agenda………………………and the end point is always the same.  Washington ends up with more power and more of our money and we’re left poorer, wth less freedom.

        • Laddie_Blah_Blah

          "Meanwhile, in Mississippi they quietly went about the business of taking care of themselves."

          Yup. And it was Mississippi, not New Orleans, that took the direct hit.

    • stevethird

      Right, c-mama. I was watching some dude towing his 400 lb mother around thru 4 ft of sewage on a floating tupperware barge, hearing the Starspangled Banner in my head and crying for my country from the sheer degradation of it all.

  • misterlogic0013

    Bravo to that .. 

  • Lennart Bilén

    Chris Kyle laid to rest down in Texas.

    A hero, his death does perplex us.

    Obama’s discernment

    Ignores his internment.

    Get with it, Obama, you vex us!

  • n4cerinc

    Patriotic ordinary Americans like the people in this photo are the heart and hope of this country. – no one connects to the average Americans like Gov. Palin.

    • DocBarry1

      American are not ordinary or average – some may hold titles and some may be in positions of power, but each American has unique and wonderful qualities – there is no such person as an ordinary American

      • angeleno

        Great point, Doc. Above all, honest, patriotic, productive Americans–almost all conservatives–are free individuals, with their own talents and thoughts and their own lives to live. The Lying Left claims they are all old white people clomping around tiny towns wearing bonnets and ear muffs and clutching muskets. What stupid buffoons Democrats are. All little slaves of Emperor Obama, wetting their pants when he speaks his communist horse manure. There are more doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, business people, computer experts, writers, artists, engineers, entertainers and honest journalists in one audience of Tea Party adherents than there are in the entire Democrat Party.

        • DocBarry1

          Perfectly shared thanks

        • ProudAmerican247

          Well said, angeleno. Made me chuckle too.

      • ProudAmerican247

        I know Sarah means well when she uses the word "ordinary", she has said as much. But I would prefer she use "everyday" Americans instead. Just sounds better.

        • DocBarry1

          I know that she does as well – I just wanted to clarify and to suggest that she stops using Ordinary -

  • DocBarry1

    fab pic and great insight – Gov we need you to run in 2016 Please

  • angeleno

    Palin 2016

    God Bless Sarah Palin and all patriotic Americans. in the 2014 election, let’s get rid of the pod people who spread Obama’s disease, and in 2016 elect an honest , American President and get rid of the all the communist fakes like Clinton, Kerry, Gore. And let’s push our great conservative minorities to the fore–Cruz, Rubio, Tim Scott, many others–to put the lie to Obama’s criminal slander.

    PALIN 2016


  • MaMcGriz

    "You have more sense and discernment than most politicians.

    And we have you, Governor Palin.

    Together, with G-d’s Help, we will prevail.

    • Emily Baxter

      I thought you left. But you came back. My heart is warm. :)

      • MaMcGriz


        Thank you.

        You’re one of the reasons I’m here, b.g.

  • indemind


  • AJ40


         Is that Alameda, East Bay?  That’s my home area.

         Gol ding it, I hope you’re right…..about Sarah.


    If Sarah doesn’t announce a POTUS run before 2014  midterms her effect will be small in mids,4-5 reps,0 senators elected(not counting late front runner endorsements).

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