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Guns Issue in Illinois Race

In the special election to replace Jesse Jackson, Jr., the Democrats are stirring.

The next-in-line Democrat happens to be from a rural area and she has an A rating from the NRA.  Debbie Halvorson was thrown out of Congress by Adam Kinzinger back in 2010.  She was a vote "yes" for Obamacare.   Now that Illinois has been redistricted, she has the opportunity to make a comeback.

The problem is, being a big spender isn’t enough for today’s radical crowd.  Halvorson is actually a threat to liberals who want our Second Amendment rights curtailed.

In fact, it’s gotten so crucial that outside interests are jumping in to affect the race:

Chicago area voters went to the polls on Tuesday to choose a Democrat who will likely succeed indicted former U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr, in the first election clash on gun control since the Connecticut school massacre.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a champion of tighter U.S. gun controls, has poured more than $2 million from his political war chest into the contest in an effort to elect a candidate who favors tighter restrictions.

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  • joseph agibinik

    House Bill 69 passed in Alaska! Yes! Thank-you all and have a good day.

  • MaMcGriz

    Thanks for posting this, Steve. I hope this election favors Halvorson, although it feels just a mite odd to think of our 2nd Amendment rights being championed by a democrat from Chicago. It’s hard to imagine obama’s machine won’t chew her up and spit her out. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

    On a more positive note, I’m happy to find the delete feature now appears in the little dropdown menu. This is great. And what can I say about the Grizzly Lounge?? I mean really, you guys shouldn’t have. It’s really too kind. How sweet of you! ;) I’ll really enjoy spending time there. And it looks gooood!

    Things are ginning up at c4p.That FB post by Sarah rocked some worlds. It feels like a low rumble at this late hour, but by day the noise will increase, I think. lol Sarah brings out the nightstick and there’s a bigger badder c4p warming up. There will be gnashing of teeth, spinning of heads and telling of lies in many places tomorrow. Sarah Palin speaks truth, hysteria and chaos ensue.

    She’s called him out. Big time. No one stands up to him the way she does. No one.

    We’re living through an incredible time in history.

  • Christopher H Fromme

    Former state Rep. Robin Kelly won the Democratic primary Tuesday night in the race to replace the disgraced Jesse Jackson Jr. in Congress, helped by2.2 million of dollars in pro-gun control ads from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s political fund. It was not close 30,799 to 14,525

    On the Republican side Paul McKinley won by 23 votes and the top 3 all total got less than 2700 votes

    • joseph agibinik

      Wow! I’m surprised reps got more than a thousand! I didn’t think there were that many republicans in the whole city of Chicago. Sure glad I live in Alaska. Thank-you.

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