Guns Issue in Illinois Race

In the special election to replace Jesse Jackson, Jr., the Democrats are stirring.

The next-in-line Democrat happens to be from a rural area and she has an A rating from the NRA.  Debbie Halvorson was thrown out of Congress by Adam Kinzinger back in 2010.  She was a vote "yes" for Obamacare.   Now that Illinois has been redistricted, she has the opportunity to make a comeback.

The problem is, being a big spender isn’t enough for today’s radical crowd.  Halvorson is actually a threat to liberals who want our Second Amendment rights curtailed.

In fact, it’s gotten so crucial that outside interests are jumping in to affect the race:

Chicago area voters went to the polls on Tuesday to choose a Democrat who will likely succeed indicted former U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr, in the first election clash on gun control since the Connecticut school massacre.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a champion of tighter U.S. gun controls, has poured more than $2 million from his political war chest into the contest in an effort to elect a candidate who favors tighter restrictions.

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