Hugh Hewitt | Obama surrogate Politico puts John Kasich in crosshairs

Ohio’ John Kasich is a popular and effective governor, and headed towards re-election.

So Politico decides to try and stir up problems with his base so it elevates a story about Kasich’s decision to accept Obamacare’ Medicaid expansion.

The issue is a close one.  Some GOP governors have said yes to the expansion, some no.  The conservative case for expansion is to get more federal dollars to use locally.  The conservative case against expansion is that it adds more people to the statewide Medicaid rolls.

The real conservative issue about Obamacare is whether states establish Obamacare "exchanges."  Governor Kasich refused to do this because these exchanges represent a loss of control by the state and, even worse, mask that loss of control from voters thus making the arrival of federal power in the state a hidden thing.

But Politico is looking to wound a Republican with a one-sided hit job, so it rounds up some critics –surprise, a Cato Institute talking head thinks its terrible, and over here is a Tea Party person– but cannot find conservatives who want to make the argument for the expansion.  The shoddy reporting doesn’t even give a list of where all the other GOP governors –there are 30– have gone, letting us know that Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal have said no and Jan Brewer has said yes.  Real reporting would have come up with a list of all the 30 and their decisions, naming names and providing facts.


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