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IBD | Delay Of ObamaCare’s Launch More Likely

Now that ObamaCare appears unstoppable, the question is can it be delayed?  Thanks to bureaucratic bumbling combined with the law’s massive complexity,  delay appears to be increasingly inevitable.

On Thursday, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus told HHS to cough  up details on how it plans to get ObamaCare "exchanges" ready in time in dozens  of states.

Baucus’ demand came after the Health and Human Services official in charge of  implementing the law, Gary Cohen, issued the same bland assurances he has been  for months that everything is on track for Oct. 1, when the exchanges are  supposed to open for business.

But no one is buying it, especially since HHS has been late with everything  else and has been secretive about progress on building the massively complex  exchanges with just over seven months to go.

Sen. Orrin Hatch, ranking Republican on the committee, said, "I have a hard  time understanding how the administration expects to have exchanges up and  running by Oct. 1, especially when we have no details on how the exchanges will  work in more than half the states."


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