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IBD | F-16s To Egypt, But Not To Taiwan?

Unlike the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which faces no existential threat,  our Asian ally faces an increasingly belligerent and well-armed China. Yet only  one gets the latest weaponry and the question is why.

On Jan. 30, a Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer in the East China  Sea near the disputed Senkaku Islands just north of Taiwan was "painted" by fire  control-radar from two People’s Liberation Army warships, believed to be the  Chinese frigates Linyungang and Wenzhou.

This was just the latest provocation by a China flexing its deep water naval  muscle as it asserts itself in the East and South China Seas and pursues  long-held territorial ambitions. One of those ambitions is the absorption into  the People’s Republic of its alleged long-lost province of Taiwan.

China continues to add missiles targeted on Taiwan, adds naval capability  including an aircraft carrier, expands its amphibious capabilities, as well as  developing its own stealth fighter said to be roughly equivalent to our  now-canceled F-22 Raptor.


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