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Jack Kelly | Remember the Democrats’ Outrage Over Waterboarding?

Remember how outraged liberals said they were when they learned that three al-Qaida bigwigs were waterboarded? If so, you may wonder why liberals haven’t been more vocal about the vague criteria the Obama administration uses to justify killing American citizens suspected of terrorism.

Waterboarding is an "enhanced interrogation technique" in which the prisoner is strapped to a board, his feet above his head. After the prisoner’s face is covered with cellophane or a towel, water is poured onto it. Water doesn’t actually enter the prisoner’s mouth or nose, but the prisoner feels as if he is drowning.

Waterboarding creates so much panic that few can resist it. CIA officers and military personnel waterboarded as part of their training break, on average, in just 14 seconds.

After they were waterboarded, the al-Qaida big shots disclosed information that prevented attacks on LosAngeles and London, according to intelligence officials. A scene in the movie "Zero Dark Thirty" indicates that Osama bin Laden’s hideout was located in part by information obtained from waterboarding.

No matter, say outraged liberals. Waterboarding is torture. When we use their techniques, the terrorists win. Our reputation is besmirched; our civil liberties endangered.


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