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James Pethokoukis | Is Rubio really about to ruin the Republican Party?

Some high-profile conservatives, including Ann Coulter and the editors of National Review, think Senator Marco Rubio is making a big mistake in his push for immigration reform.

Embedded in many of these critiques — sometimes subtly, sometimes not — is the worry that a naive Rubio is inadvertently handing Democrats a permanent political majority. Not only would millions of currently illegal immigrants from Mexico and other Latin American nations eventually become citizens and reliably vote Democratic, but this de facto amnesty would lure millions more into crossing the southern border.

Bad for Republicans? Sure. But also bad news, so goes the theory, for anyone in favor of pro-market economic policies since Latinos in general seem to favor bigger government and higher taxes. So we’re talking not just a permanent Democratic majority but a permanent Big Government majority.


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  • dave kenny

    Rubio is a naive sell out to the immigration cause
    Does he seriously believe the most lawless president in history will keep any word he gives on border security?
    Like everyone else in this damm party his own career is more important to him then the country.
    Bakers being harrassed for beliefs, 20 million illegals in the country and a muslim communist in the chair
    Keeping our firearms is the only hope we have of even attempting to reverse course
    God has turned His face from decadent America 
    And we church going citizens allowed it to happen
    Until the country becomes pro God, is pro life and stays pro gun, nothing changes except for the worse
    Get a garden and prepare for this controlled depression to become uncontroled

    • Joe Winpisinger

      Totally agree…

  • Joe Winpisinger

    He lost my vote…

  • blueniner

    Rooobio is fooling the folks and cashing in a losing cause and using his Hispanicness to try and cash in….Fraud!

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