Jim DeMint | Cheers for Ted Cruz

Imagine a new senator who ran a campaign of “no more business as usual.” No  more special interest politics, no more backroom deals — and he won. He came to  Washington, and he delivered. He didn’t stay quiet, he spoke passionately for  what he believed in, and he made it clear he planned to shake up the status  quo.

How would the media react to a senator like that? Nothing but praise for  standing his ground, right? Surely editorials lauding his boldness, his vision,  his courage would be his reward. He would be held up as an example for others.  Finally, a true leader who keeps his promises!

Unless, of course, your name is Ted Cruz, and you have the  audacity to defend the Constitution and buck inside the Beltway politics, all  while espousing a perfectly reasonable and sane governing philosophy usually  absent from partisan political debate. Then it’s a different matter entirely.  Then your only duty — according to the media and their parrots inside Congress — is to sit down and shut up.

Is such bald-faced hypocrisy possible? It’s not only possible, it’s  happening. Cruz has become a lightning rod, and all because he’s daring to do  what he promised during his campaign for the Senate. That simple act of  integrity has set him apart from the pack. Most politicians know what to say to  get elected but then arrive in Washington with no real spine — or in many cases,  no intention of ever doing what they promised.


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